Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chopping the tree

We went up north to chop down our Christmas tree today! I've never cut down my own tree before, so I think we started a yearly tradition today. We went with Brett's parents and scoured the fields for the perfect tree. Thank goodness I wore my rain boots because it was so muddy! This would have been a lot prettier in the snow, but.. no complaints yet. The snow will come eventually and I'll end complaining about it after a few days anyway. Hehe. The place we went to get our tree was perfect!

I think I found one..!
Let's chop it down!

...and the finished product!
I love it! We bought all new lights, bulbs, beads and a skirt for it this year. The past two Christmases, we've used our hand-me-downs and decided this year to go all out. We went with the red look, obviously. I love it! So classy. It's nice getting further into marriage because we're finally getting all of our own stuff. Plus, I got a very nice bonus this year for Christmas and so we're able to do a bit more for the holidays! We're going all out for the holiday party too that's coming up! I'm super excited. I love this time of year.

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Second Skin said...

Awe! So fun! We were GOING to get our tree today too, but my whole family is sick so we decided to postpone it till next weekend. Your tree looks just perfect though! It is nice having your own things finally. Are you just recently married? Its so cute that you have gifts under the tree already!

Leah said...

That's so much fun, cutting your own tree and having a real tree for Christmas. I have to be contented with using artificial trees as we don't have real trees here in the Philippines. But I know nothing compares to the scent that comes from a real tree in your living room. I guess I just have to be happy with my room spray, I bought some green pine scent. Hahaha!

andrea k said...

aw that looks like so much fun and the tree looks sweet. That's the perfect place to put it too. everyone who drives by can see the tree in the windows!

junebabie said...

I'm super excited for the holidays too! the bf and I were just planning our decorations today. unfortunately we won't have a real tree for our apartment, but we do have a little pop-up one. it's cute.

alice said...

awesome! we are planning to chop down our own tree for the first time as well... looks like fun!

katemaggie said...

I love your tree:) I am so glad that you had fun picking one out and cutting it down! x

Delightfully Tacky said...

My favorite thing is to poach a tree. I love when they are scraggly and look like the reject tree. Yours is very nice.

Oh, and congrats on front page of Chictopia! So cool!

A. said...

You're making me be happy it's the holidays again-- black friday ALMOST ruined it for me. But I love your tree and can't wait to get mine now.

Thanks for the comment you left me-- it made my day :)


Flashes of Style said...

Aww i love christmas! Looks like such fun :)

secondskins said...

ahhh that looks like so much fun. i love the end result :) what a gorgeous tree!

- jen

ashley said...

im jealous, you seem to have a storybook life!