Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's see what happens

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway through the week already. Life flies, honestly. The weeks go by like minutes. I feel like it's all flashing before my eyes. It doesn't help that I'm so busy though. I've had some pretty crazy life changes lately and outlooks on it all. All I know is that I'm so content with the future right now. No matter what, I will have a very comfortable lifestyle after graduation and I couldn't be more blessed, not to mention I get to stay in my home state. Once I hear more about it all in a week or so, I'll announce more news.

Today was a beautiful autumn day, I had a great time in my classes, and I got to see Jen for a little while today, which was perfect. I adore her. I really hope I get to see more of her tomorrow night, and hopefully some on Friday night too. I'm seriously Jen-selfish, but I just love her to death and I want to take every minute I can get!

(skirt - american apparel | tights - target | shoes - sam & libby
top - silence and noise at urban | scarf - urban outfitters)

After class, Brett and I went to his parent's church so Brett could be a pirate in a skit they were putting on. We got a couple slices of pizza, some cupcakes and Brett played his pirate part. His mom wanted him to play it because he has tattoos and "nose-balls"! Haha! (his septum piercing), isn't that hilarious? Noseballs. ps; Did you know I have a septum piercing too? :)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Found Glory

It didn't rain today! Alert the masses! I've been in love with using scarves as shawls instead of cardigans just recently. I've run out of cardigans and needed something else to spice up my closet. It keeps my arms warm, and it opens up lots of possibilities for autumn! Come winter, I'll definitely have to start investing in some more cardigans but for now I'm content! We snapped a few shots in downtown GR before heading over to the show.

(black v-neck - express | tights - target | scarf - target
flats - sam & libby | skirt - forever 21)

We got dinner at The Grand Coney (it's been forever!) and then went over to The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids for the mini NFG tour before they hit their real big tour with Dashboard Confessional. Our really good friends, Kaline, opened up for them. They did such a great job. They are such a great band; definitely the best pop punk in GR! After that, Fallen from the Sky and Title Fight played (very good!) and then New Found Glory headlined the show, which was awesome. They played a really unique set where they didn't write up a set-list, but instead took requests from the audience and they played over 20 songs! I loved seeing lots of friends in one place for a super great show. It was our friend, Tim's, birthday. Happy 22nd, Tim!

(tim and brett)
Adored seeing Brenna, per usual. She's the sweetest friend.
I'm pretty sure Jordan is looking right at me for this one.
I put together a little playlist of my favorite NFG songs. If you haven't heard them before, check them out. I've adored this band since I was fourteen years old. 9 years ago! Holy cow, I'm getting to be an old lady.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Go away, rain!

Go away, rain!
And don't come back another day.
I can't tell you how annoyed I am with the mass amounts of rain we've been getting here lately. They're awful for taking photos outside! I don't like my indoor shots either. We tried some tonight. I'm super picky about lighting in our apartment, so everything is super dim and cozy and so it's really hard to get nice indoor pictures. Brett and I were like, okay, we'll get them quickly! And I end up making faces like this, hahaha! Oh well, that's life. Bad fashion shots. ;)

(skirt - f21 | tights - anne klein | shoes - steve madden
cardigan - bdg at urban | scarf - ragstock)

I worked all day today missing out on class but gaining on cash! It's very rare I can grab some extra hours, so I wanted to do that while I could. It was a good day, busy, but good. I'm tired of going outside into the dreary, cold rain. Yuck. What an autumn so far. We've had like 3 beautiful autumn days and that's about it. I really hope this weekend isn't so terrible for Halloween. We're running out of October days! Can you believe it? This is our last week of October! My favorite month. Ugh, what a total and complete bummer!

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Jen visits!

My best friend, Jen, is visiting from Denver, Colorado! Eeeeee! We had this whole day planned for forever, I swear, and it finally came, and was one of the greatest days ever. I loved seeing her and it was like she never left. We picked right up where we left off. I picked her up and we drove out to Grand Rapids to visit Robinette's. We walked in and out because there were way too many people! We walked around in the apple orchards for a few minutes, got a few pictures by the corn maze area. Love the way they turned out. ♥

We drove downtown so Jen could see the remnants of Art Prize! Nessie was still up and so were the table and chairs. I'm just really glad she got to see Nessie; definitely my favorite. She loved it too, obviously. (We're seriously the same exact person! I knew she'd love it!)

We walked everywhere, which was so great! She got to see a lot of stuff new in Grand Rapids and see a lot of the old stuff too, of course. We even got yummy autumn drinks at Biggby (a Michigan favorite!) We took the back roads back to Grand Haven to see the colors. We got into Grand Haven and I was finally able to show her my apartment! We walked downtown Grand Haven, down to the pier and back. That is a super long walk and it didn't even feel that long because we had so much catching up to do. We just talked the entire way. We got dinner at Pavilion Wharf and walked back to the apartment to watch a movie and our favorite TV show, Desperate Housewives!

(us on the end of the pier on lake michigan!)
Loved it, love her. I miss her dearly. We've been such good friends for such a long time. It's no surprise to me that we've stayed such good friends even with her living 1,160 miles away. We just have that kind of friendship that'll never end and I adore that. Even though I wish we lived 5 minutes away still, she's an amazing art teacher in an amazing state, and I admire her so so much. What an amazing friend. What a wonderful day.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

An October day

I thought it would be fun to do a blog post each month where I took a typical day in the month and take one photo every hour. It would just be fun to look back on and see a normal day, in a certain time period in my life and the things I saw and did. So every month, I want to do something like this! Preferably on a normal day where I do something that defines the season. It was very hard to keep track of every hour to take a photo, so these are approximately one hour increments. ;) So, enjoy!

11:17 am - wake up, fiber one bar
12:25 - heat up leftover pizza for lunch
1:57 - halloween usa to look around
3:30 - green acres to buy pumpkins and caramel apples
4:20 - told brett to sweep the kitty litter up in the laundry room
5:30 - vacuumed and cleaned the stairwell
6:22 - made this sign for our hallway
7:30 - carve pumpkins in the kitchen
8:17 - finished carving pumpkins!
9:00 - waiting for the seeds to dry
9:17 - eat my caramel apple
9:45 - finished pumpkin seeds!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall rain

I've decided I'm going to stop complaining about the weather and instead just live in the moment, whether it's rain, sleet, sunshine or hail. Michigan's weather is just so completely unpredictable! I never know what to wear. That's why layers are lovely and I can just pile them on in the mornings, take some off after work and pile more on in the evenings. Today was warm and wonderful when I got out of work. Obviously, it was raining, but it was kind of amazing. Warm rain, what a thought. We've had so much rain this autumn.

(skirt - f21 tank-top! | jacket - h&m | tights - jcrew
rain boots - unknown | scarf - ragstock | white tee - f21)

Tonight, Brett and I got pizza for carryout and rented movies. I walked out of the video store with an arm full of movies, popcorn, candy and sodas. I'm stuffed on pizza and Jujyfruits. I kept having Brett take them away from me because I couldn't stop eating them! Now we're home, watching Addams Family Values on ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween. I adore ABC Family's annual holiday events. I love watching movies like Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, The Addams Family Values, Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Haunted Mansion, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (a must!), Halloweentown/Halloweentown 2 and Monsterhouse. I just adore little kid's Halloween movies around this season. Love autumn, leaves, Halloween, pumpkins, apples. What a perfect time of year, I love immersing myself in the seasons.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Colder days are coming

I'm figuring out which trends I want to try this upcoming winter. I'm loving the whole "over the knee" boots style because not only is it super stylish, I also won't even risk getting wet socks this year. Obviously, I must go with the leather choice because in Michigan, if you go suede in the snow, you'll get white stains from the salt. So I'll be ordering the middle pair of boots as soon as possible. They're flats (perfect for walking downtown), leather (wipe clean), simple, black and perfect. They're exactly what I need and affordable!

(boots: sm luxe suede over the knee boot $129.95 | chinese laundry
turbo leather over the knee boot $79.97 | dollhouse studded
over the knee boot $79.95)

As for hats? As much as I loved my berets last winter, I'm going for the beanies this year with the slouchy look to the back. I copied my husband on this look, actually. I bought a black one in Chicago from the Army Surplus store for $11.00. But here are a few examples of the slouchy beanie. Super hipster in Michigan ;)

(beanies: bdg at urban ribbed slouched beanie $28 | bdg at urban
slouchy beanie $18 | forever 21 crochet beanie $7.80)

I definitely need a few more cardigans for colder days! They're perfect to mix and match and play with belts and everything else. The left one is such a fun pattern and I just see so many possibilities there, but the solid color ones are always perfect for mixing. I love the zipper effect on the middle one, perfect simple element.

(cardigans: topshop knitted fair isle coatigan $110 | topshop
knitted zip long cardigan $80 | bdg shaker stitch cardigan $58)

And last, but not least, I need a big, chunky, knit scarf. I'm thinking h&m on these, because I've seen so many Chictopians with amazing scarfs from h&m, but obviously you cannot find any of their product online, so I chose a few from different stores for inspiration and ideas.

(scarves: topshop space dye knit scarf $36 | f21 rainbow yarn
scarf $10.80 | f21 smocked striped scarf $8.80)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sixty-eight degrees

I cut out of class early today (sneakily!) because I just had to. Kendall was empty today, it felt like, because the weather was just too gorgeous to sit inside a classroom. The news said that this is probably our last fall day in the upper 60's; which is sad. I love and adore warm autumn weather. 68 degrees and breezy. I took the back roads home again, enjoyed the lovely colors and the new Tegan and Sara album I'm currently in total love with.

I think I went a little crazy today with colors, which isn't like me. But I felt the need to mix colors and patterns while I still can. I just bought these tights and adore them; and the golden cardigan felt so fall. I'm also still toying with the scarves under belts. I'm currently loving it and plan to work this into a lot more outfits. I really need a huge chunky h&m scarf and more thin belts.

(tights - betsey johnson | flats - urban outfitters | belt - f21
cardigan - bdg at urban | scarf - thrifted | skirt - american apparel)

I'm also very inspired by Miu Miu's spring 2010 collection's braids. Hence, my messy mane. My hair isn't as long, but their braids are a little bit dramatic, so I think it works out quite well for my hair!

Tonight, Brett and I went to go see Whip It. We both loved it. It was such a great movie. I always get so inspired from movies to do something really great with my life. Not like I'm going to go join a roller derby, but I just want to do something great. I felt the same way after walking out of Julie & Julia. Not to cook, but to do something that others look up to and that inspire others. I feel like I'd love to accomplish that with blogging, but I know every other girl in the world is blogging and it's so hard to stand out in the internet crowd. But to be honest? My favorite thing is to sit and read these old blog posts, and to read other girl's blog posts no matter the number of readers. So even if I inspire just one of you, I've accomplished a giant feat.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glamazon Hair Shoot

Last weekend, I was a hair model for Blake at Glamazon Salon, located in downtown Muskegon. He wanted to go for the messy, wild, untamed look. We thought the animal print scarf matched that thought. Andrea got some great photographs, see them at her flickr! I don't look this pretty in real life, this is all Andrea's doing.

I'm currently in the process up figuring out my spring 2010 schedule; and I'm going nuts. I need to replace classes, work less hours, and get tons of approvals from my program chair in order to do this, and I'll be at 18 credits (studio credits) which are 6 hours a week, so that will total 36 hours a week of classes alone, and then I'll be working my typical 24-25 hours at work. I'm going to be busy from 6:30 AM - 10:30 PM Mon thru Thurs with work, class, driving and it'll be tough, but I did it last semester and I had to lose 35 pounds on top of that, so I'm sure I'll do fine. Plus, when I'm done, I'll be graduated, and I won't have to take summer classes after graduation. So! Life will suck, but it will be well worth it. The future looks so exciting and yet so terrifying. I'm so nervous to find a real career, because then I'll officially be a grown up. But money would be lovely ;)

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Feathers of an arrow

Happy Monday! Today was a decently warm day! It was in the low 60's, very comfortable in the mitten! I left class early; Brett and I snapped a quick few shots right downtown. I feel like I don't even live in my own city because I'm always in Grand Rapids, and if I'm in Grand Haven, I'm just sitting in my apartment. I need to start going out more in my own town and experiencing it! We got dinner, had to get my wedding rings resized (again) and now we're home watching Goosebumps on television! This outfit was definitely inspired by all the fashionistas who own their polka dot tights that I absolutely adore. Andrea spotted these and picked them up for me; could I have a better girlfriend?! Aren't they just wonderful?

(shorts - f21 | blazer - thrifted | polka dot tights - j crew
heels - wanted | striped top - thrifted)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apple cinnamon

Happy autumn! Today was a beautiful day in Michigan. Sunshine, cooler weather, gorgeous colors, love it all so much. I had a very exciting day, but I'll wait to tell you about it later, when I get some photographs back from Andrea! This evening, Brett and I went to Rosy Mound Park, and it is just beautiful there. It is also where I got my "red tree" photographs at. I definitely plan on going back there to get most of my photos this autumn. It's gorgeous. We haven't had the time yet to do a corn maze, pumpkin patch, cider haus, haunted house, etc, but we will. I don't have a whole ton of plans left for October, so we have plenty of time. I feel like time is passing way too quickly. Life, slow down, please?!

(jeans - ae | boots - target | jacket - f21
scarf - target | pink tank - f21)

I still just cannot stress enough how much this is my favorite season. It's just so beautiful and perfect and wonderful all into one. I never want this season to end. Brett and I went grocery shopping today; got some "autumny" groceries. I know most of you don't have a Meijer grocery store, but if you do, you should definitely pick up some of these Baked Apple Cinnamon multigrain crisps. Not only are they healthy, they are so good. We also got to fill up a bag of apples for $1.49! Mmm. Delicious are my favorite; macintosh are Brett's. We also picked up some pumpkin cookies.

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(this song gives me goosebumps it's so good)