Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Says Boutique Giveaway!

Closed Thursday, February 25 at 9 PM!

Baby Says Boutique is offering one of my lucky readers this
Anabelle Spring Florals dress (in size small only)
(measurements: length 34 in, bust 18 in, sleeve length 27 in)

To enter, visit their shop and leave a comment below with:
1) your favorite item in their shop
2) your name
3) an email address (or way for me to get a hold of you!)

This giveaway is open to US and international readers!

BSB only stocks 5 of each modern item in their shop.

Entries will be accepted until 9 PM EST on Thursday, February 25.
A winner will be chosen at random and announced here!
Good luck!


sachiiiii said...

Darn, I'm too much of a fatty for this giveaway! I'll go drown my sorrows in some Oreos.
Awesome dress, though. Maybe I'll drown my sorrows in celery instead so I can get something from there one day.

Lauren said...

Hey there. Love the white prairie sleeveless dress! Dig your blog!!

Lauren Bachorski

Mindy said...

1) Meadows Spring Dress (blue)
2) Mindy

Olive Jane said...

This dress is amazing! I have been looking for the perfect floral print dress for a long time, too!

1. My favorite thing in the shop would have to be these boots, though: Distressed Worker Boot
2. My name is Mallory :)
3. My email is

Jenny said...

1) I love the white prairie dress the best!
2) Jenny
3) You can reach me at Fashion for Writers

Jessica said...

1) Vintage white & black tea dress
2) Jessica G.
3) Would rather not publish my email address, but I check your blog every day, so if by some small chance I win just post and I'll see it. :)

chris said...

1. i love the polka floral ruffle dress!
2. chris

Shelby Alexa said...

Tieka- I absolutely adore your blog! I've become a loyal follower in the span of about a week! :)

1) Love the studded lace up worker boot, they're awesome

Shelley said...

1. Love the lace point shoulder top...and the dress! I love florals!
2. Shelley
3. I'll check back tonight to see if I won!

Laura said...

i love all their spring dresses! the florals are so pretty. my favorite is the Meadows Spring Dress.


Andrea said...

1. The meadows spring dress is gorgeous!
2. Andrea

Emily said...

Ahh! i love that dress!

1. The honey faux fur coat is pretty amazing.
2. emily

Jessica said...

1 - I like the Polka Red T-shirt!
2 - Jessica
3 -

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

It is lovely!

I like the Military Black & Gold Mesh Body the most!

Charlene Dy

grace said...

1. the pointed shoulder lace top!!!can't believe its only 7 pounds!
2. grace
3. my email address should be linked to my blogger account.

thanks tieka!!!

idée_géniale said...

K, I'm going to cheat and actually, instead of my fave item in the store, i just have to say that the model with the red hair is my hairstyle icon right now. I'm planning on bringing in her picture (when I get the courage) to the hairsalon and get some awesome locks just like hers.
Love this shop already!

meowsk said...

Oooh! I can't decide between the White & Black Tea Dress and the Grey Florals Dress. I guess good thing they are both sold out? What a cute little shop with great prices. Bookmarked.

Rosie said...

Great shop, but I would have to choose the Anabelle Spring Floral Dress that is featured in the giveaway! I'd love to add this pretty little thing to my wardrobe!

Hat said...

oh I love Baby says...

My friend does photography for them! They have great clothes :)

wiley said...

the white prairie sleeveless dress is adorable! i can totally picture a number of ways to rock that one.

awesome give away tieka!

i can be reached at my blog:

KB said...

I like the polka red shirt a lot! But the dress is even better.

Kate at katebahn(at)gmail(dot)com

Sondra said...

1.I actually like the giveaway dress best! Yay for spring florals!

Ebony said...

Small only? Bah that won't fit me. I wish they had offered up something for 'bigger' girls - I mean I'm an AU Size 10/12 simply because I'm so tall and have a booty :p

Good luck to all those small girls :) There shop looks fabulous. I just wish they'd offered up their dress to more than one size girl.

Ebony said...

Small only? Bah that won't fit me. I wish they had offered up something for 'bigger' girls - I mean I'm an AU Size 10/12 simply because I'm so tall and have a booty :p

Good luck to all those small girls :) There shop looks fabulous. I just wish they'd offered up their dress to more than one size girl.

N o r a * said...

h e y Tieka ♥


-I like the Polka Floral Ruffle Dress too.

-My name is Nora

Adam and Britney said...

I LOVE the polka floral ruffle dress!



litelwonderland said...

1) I love the Polka Floral Ruffle Dress!!
2) Natasha

Love your blog!

mandi said...

i love love love the polka floral ruffle dress.
and because i can never pick something i love without also picking shoes-- i am really loving the distressed worker boot.

(does picking two items disqualify me?) :)

LOVE your blog, by the way!

Sara Judy said...

The Purple Roses Bodycon Dress is exactly my style.


Anonymous said...

1) i'm dying little by little over quite a few things in the shop. the white prairie dress has me squirming! but i want to pair it with the studded lace up worker boots! or with the lace point shoulder top! GAH! okay, but for my favorite it has to be the prairie dress. too pretty.
2) Cameron! :)
3) i'm iffy about putting my email address out there (since it's my school's college address, so it has almost my full name in it...eek) so if i was lucky enough to win could i just email your or do it that way? pretty please?

Mike and Joni said...

Hey! Love the giveaways, so fun.

1. Favorite item is: White and Black Tea Dress

2.My name is: Joni Morgan

3.My email is:

Thanks so much!

Linds said...

I'm surprised you're not keeping this for yourself!

love both the studded lace-up worker boots (which would go great with the give-away) and the white prairie sleeveless dress.

Maggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Sunshine Diaries said...

I love the Nude Lace Insert Dress, it's my favorite!

LPT said...

1) Love the Meadows Spring Dress and the Black and White Tea Dress.
2) Lauren
3) laurenpt AT gmail DOT com

Megan V said...

1.) My fave item is the studded workboot in black!! Mmmm!! Although, they'd be even more of a favorite when paired with this floral dress! amazing combination.

2.) Megan

3.)meganvansipe at

Jess said...

Love that black lace top in the modern section!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

That dress is so pretty! My favorite item in their shop is the White & Black Tea Dress!


Brittany said...

*I love, love the grey florals dress!
*weeks.brittany at

Sarah said...

Such a cute dress!

I also love the (unfortunately already sold) vintage White Black Tea Dress - it would be amazing for summer or winter!


Sally said...

I loveeee the Homage Letter Casual T-shirt, too bad it sold. & the distressed workers boots as well.


Great giveaway Tieka!

Accidental Musings said...

1. i lovelovelove the Polka Floral Ruffle Dress

2. my name is rebekah.

3. and my odd email is:


Sidewalk Chalk said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! What a beautiful dress.

1) I really like the White & Black tea dress from the shop.
2) JoAnn

Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

1. I l<3ve the Meadows Spring Dress (pink!)
2. Julie

erin :) said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
1) It's so hard to choose a favorite, but I really like the Polka Floral Ruffle Dress. I love the mix in patterns and colors.
2) Erin

Thanks again. :)

vchunggg said...

it was so hard to choose, but i love the white prairie sleeveless dress!


Charlotte said...

I hope this dress would fit me :]]]

1. Nude Lace Insert Dress. I would definitely wear that with opaque tights and my nude jacket :]]
2. Charlotte
3. :]]]


Greta said...

This Chicago girl needs a taste of that white and black tea dress! So adorbs! My name is Greta: Pick me!!!

Dip-tea said...

The studded worker boots are cool. I would love to have them. Pick me please. Pick me.


princesspolitico said...

what a fantastic giveaway! i truly appreciate all of the items in this collection but have luckily narrowed it down...

1. "ella nude shoulder dress" -
...i'm partial to the grecian look of this gorgeous dress... plus it will be perfect for springtime!

2. "C" from

3. my email is:

hope you have a wonderful day :)


Beth said...

1)Coincidentally enough I'm loving the Annabelle Spring Florals Dress.
2)Beth Burgin

Beth said...

1)Coincidentally enough I'm loving the Annabelle Spring Florals Dress.
2)Beth Burgin

Meghan said...

Hmm, I actually love the Annabelle Spring Florals Dress or the V-Neck Bead T-shirt.
Great Giveaway!

The Daily Fashionista said...

I really liked the leaf neck tee shirt. Simple enough, but super cute.

aliciahickey said...

1: My favorite piece is the White Prairie Sleeveless Dress
2: My name is Alicia
3: is how to reach me!


shannon said...

I looove the White Prairie Sleeveless Dress! It's so precious.

Thanks, Tieka!

Sara said...

white prairie sleeveless dress is my favorite, besides the flowerdress :D

Yuri-gene said...

So many cute things!
1. I love the Nude Lace Insert Dress-would be great for layering.
2. Patti :)


Anonymous said...

the mia floaty dress is super cute!

Jennifer S.

Anonymous said...

1) That would have to be the Distressed Worker Boot.
2) Lene

Diana said...

OMG..I looooove the shop. And this floral dress really is one of my favourites :)
Think I like the Forever Chain Hat most, so unique and chic.


DelusionsOfGrandeur said...

My favorite item is the Anabelle Spring Florals Dress!!! I also liked the Nude Lace Dress but I need some florals in my life.

Love Love!
1. Sarah B.

Sonya said...

When I saw the small picture of this dress in my blog feed I immediately though how much I love the pattern, it is so gorgeous! So I actually think this dress is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

1) This dress (Annabell Spring Florals Dress)!
2) Sara

::HARUNA:: said...

1) honestly, this anabelle dress is my fav!!

me said...

- I love the lace pointed shoulder top!
- Sarah

karlee said...

That white prairie sleeveless dress has got to be mine!:) Love your blog, by the way!

from your fellow west michigan girl:)

karlee said...

oops, my email is

Fifth Sparrow said...

Ooo awesome dresses! My favorite is the Ella Nude Shoulder Dress, my name is Louise Turner and my e-mail is

Anonymous said...

'Ello Tieka! I love your blog...

1.) The Military Black & Gold Mesh top is gorgeous!
2.) My name is Justine...
3.) justineneubarth(AT)yahoo(DOT)com


futurelint said...

I actually really love the dress they are giving away, but my second choice would be the white prairie sleeveless dress... it would be so lovely on those hot summer days!


TheBirdsBeek said...

Hello, Im ashley this online boutique has beautiful things. i love the sleeveless prarire dress.

Hana said...

I would buy the Nude Lace Insert Dress, perfect for springtime & the south Florida climate!

Hana S.

Anonymous said...

The white and black tea dress (even though it was already sold)

Christina said...

I love love love the Polka Floral Ruffle Dress. Polkadot and floral together? Perfect!


Lauren said...

i LOVE the spring florals dress - i've been looking for one just like it all over!

lauren @

pauline said...

my favorite item is the ella nude shoulder dress, my name is pauline, and my email is

rebecca said...

the polka floral ruffle dress is so fun!

rebecca said...

i really love the polka floral ruffle dress!!

Brittany -- said...

Great contest! They have some really cute stuff! :))) Well I like the 'Midnight One Shoulder Dress' [] but since there's only 1 left (& I have a feeling someone else might want it...) than I like the 'Ella Nude Shoulder Dress' [] :P My email is: & congrats to whoever the winner is!!!!!! :P


Megan said...

I love the studded lace up work boots... I also love the white prairie sleeveless dress.


P.S. I am totally in love with your blog and can spend hours on it!!!

Abby said...

Midnight one shoulder dress, for sure. Gorgeous stuff!

Abby, ablaufer(at)vassar(dot)edu

Anna said...

1. Mia Floaty Dress is most def. my favorite--has a really feminine yet modern look
2. Anna :)

Lara said...

1. The Gracie Lace and Florals Dress!
2. Lara
3. larushkali[at]gmail[dot]com

kelseybeth said...

I love the Ella Nude Shoulder Dress & I love your blog!

-Kelsey Ryan

Dana said...

I adore this black and white tea dress! I wish it weren't already sold!
<3 Dana

Emma said...

1. Evie Black Lace Long Sleeved Top
2. Emma

Penny said...

1. The antler pin brooch; it's so unique!
2. Penny

J E S S I C A said...

1. I like the dress too, but this is nice: fairy-like!

2. Jessica


Jessica said...

I love the worker boots!
The antler brooch is adorable too.

Django et Coco said...

Oh! la la! This giveaway is amazing!!! that dress... so prettyyyy.. It is my favorite items from their store!

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

ourpapermoon (at) hotmail (dot) com

shannon said...

I love the mia floaty dress.
Shannon Merenstein

sefei said...

1) I am in love with the Studded Lace Up Worker Boots. They looks so rocker esque. I have been looking for great black boots and I think I might purchase these!
2) Seema Shafei

Caroline said...

i like the white sleeveless dress and the mia floaty dress! My name is Caroline and my e-mail is Thanks for the opportunity!

Mrs.Zeus said...

I want in!

1) I love the Ella Nude Shoulder Dress, it looks dainty and yet seductive!
2) Anne Agtarap

flattery said...

How exciting!

1) White Prairie Sleeveless Dress
2) Breanne Sewards

evelyn said...

i like floral a lot :) aww

1)Evie Black Lace Long Sleeved Top was my favorite item

hopefully after so many giveaways ive entered i get to win this one :o

eltiberi said...

I loove the studded worker boots, and the nude lace insert dress. My name is erica and my email is yay!

Dana said...

I love this lace insert dress:

I can never get enough of lace! My name is Dana, and you can just contact me on my blog :)

kelsealaurel said...

What an amazing giveaway!!!

I think my favorite item in the shop (besides the floral dress because it is truly lovely) is this white sleeveless number:

I'm always looking for the perfect light flow-y white spring dress!

~Kelsea Laurel

lesley said...

mmmmm, love the ella nude shoulder dress (and this one of course)!


steph jay said...

Wow, all their clothes are amazing.

1. ella nude shoulder dress
2. steph

cadencesmama said...

the white prairie sleeveless dress is amazing! would be so cute with brown boots and a belt! -jessica

Kristi said...

This one's my favorite in the whole shop!


maggie said...

besides this dress - love the homage letter casual tee ! maggievoss (at) gmail (dot) com

Aria Kai. said...

I actually really like the Mia Floaty Dress - the color is so vibrant. <3

xo Aria Kai.

Meg said...

I actually love this dress a LOT, but if I had to pick another piece, I'd go with the sleeveless prairie dress. So pretty~ @


Dani G. said...

I really love the long-sleeved black lace top and the forever chain link hat! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Suze S. said...

I love the Midnight One Shoulder dress and forever chain link hat!

This shop is going down in my bookmarks!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh the Annabel Dress is actually my favorite, but I also love the Ella Nude Shoulder Dress.

Name: Jen
Email is:

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Ella Nude Shoulder Dress! Annie.

Carolyn Johnson said...

OBSESSED with Ella Nude Shoulder Dress
Carolyn Johnson


Jesslyn said...

Oh man, there is so much awesome stuff to choose from!

I'd have to say my two favorite things are the black lace bodysuit and the white lace top. Gaaah so cute!

That floral dress is absolutely amazing- I hope I win! :)

Your blog is seriously great, and you are such a fashion inspiration to me! Have a great weekend!


Marie said...

My favourite would have to be the white and black tea dress, as well as the floral dress that's part of this giveaway.

Thanks for holding this giveaway!
-Marie (

magpie said...

1) i LOVEE the ella nude shoulder dresss...i kind of want to buy it for prom :)
2) Maggie Mattinson

i LOVEEE you teikaa :):)
you inspired me to start my chictopia and it has changed my lifee!!!:)

Kate said...

1. Vintage White & Black Tea Dress!
2. Kate

Candice said...

I fell in love with the White Prairie Sleeveless Dress as soon as I saw it!


Anonymous said...

My fav is the white prarie sleeveless dress :)


Melanie said...

I love the vintage honey fur coat!


Leighanne said...

Love your blog!

The dress for the giveway would be awesome to add to my closet :)

1) Leighanne
2)i really love the distressed worker boots!

Glitter Scrubs said...

Oooh! I like the Midnight one shoulder dress :) Thanks for all the inspiration Tieka!


Nathalie said...

I love the distressed worker boots. They seem like a good price too!

upatreecupatea said...

love the distressed brown worker boots! this dress is definitely my favorite item though :)

- Jo

Gussie said...

1. Evie Black Lace Long Sleeved Top
2. Gussie Larkin

Thank you =)
Your blog always inspires me xx

Anonymous said...

1) Loveeee the Nude Lace Insert Dress!
2) Stacey

Mich said...

I loooove the worker boots!!

Jen said...

oh my god, that dress is everything i've been looking for for the last few months!!! it's so perfect and it's definitely my favorite item from the store. my second favorite would be the ella nude shoulder dress though, it's so simple and stunning :) ahh i want everything!

(jen hsieh,

youcantsilencemylove said...

hey, my name is mary :)
i totally dig the coral glitz tshirt!
you can email me at

luminousmk said...

loving pretty much everything - eek!
- the Ava Gold Mix bodysuit is just too gorgeous

- Makosha

Ingeli said...

Hi, Lovely giveaway...!

My favourite item from Baby Says must be the Polka Floral Ruffle Dress! Love the blue colour with the bright pink.

Love from the Netherlands, Ingeli

blondie said...


1_I absolutely love the Ella Nude Shoulder Dress and the White Prairie Sleeveless Dress they are so romantic and soft...
2_i'm Paola
3_this is my

June Paski said...

1. I love the No8 slouch tee, it's very perfect for my style :)

2. my name is june


Eva said...

Ella Nude Shoulder Dress

sparkle motion said...

1- forever chain link hat
2- samantha

that dress is lovely!

Carly said...

this floral dress is my fav!

Becca said...

1. I LOVE the white sleeveless prairie dress. Beautiful!
2. My name is Becca

Thanks, Tieka! I can't wait for this giveaway!

Elle said...

The "Mia Floaty Dress" is to die for!!!


bri said...

OOOOH it's so hard to pick one that is my favorite! I love all of the pieces.

1. The Anabelle dress might be my favorite. too many to decide.
2. Bri
3. email should link to blogger, otherwise

thank you tieka! you are so sweet!

bri said...

OOOOH it's so hard to pick one that is my favorite! I love all of the pieces.

1. The Anabelle dress might be my favorite. too many to decide.
2. Bri
3. email should link to blogger, otherwise

thank you tieka! you are so sweet!

sibila said...

wow! great shop!and at incredible prices! would be so lucky to win! my favourite is though Ella Nude Shoulder Dress ;))

bonija said...

1. My favorite is white prairie sleeveless dress, love it.
2. Kristine

Lexie said...

i'd have to say this dress is my favorite! i'm a sucker for florals!

frenslea at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

1) I love the Olivia White Lace Dress!
2) I'm Rachel

Your blog makes me happy!

Sarah said...

1)I love this Annabelle floral dress - would be great with leggings & my shrunken jean jacket!
2) Sarah

Love your blog & your style! Have a great weekend!

Nina said...

this is a lovely giveaway, Im a flower lover & would love fave on the site is the Olivia white lace dress, but so many pretty pieces!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

1. The Ada Blue Floral Dress is cute!
2. Midnight Cowgirl
3. akaleistar (at) gmail (dot) com

Dian said...

The giveaway dress is my favorite. I am on the pursuit for a great floral dress, and this dress is perfect for me :D including the size too!! Cross my finger for this :D

Anonymous said...

I love everything! My favorite item is the Olivia White Lace Dress.

Thank you! <3


Angy said...

1. Isla Lace Sleeve Body love this!!
2. Angy (girlwithpaper)


LyddieGal said...

1. I love the Ilsa lace sleeve top, but really, ANY of the lace tops!
2. Lydia
3. Kittycat [at] snet [dot] net

3tips said...

I really like the following dresses:
1. Olivia white lace
2. Esteph

Great giveaway!

Tall&Small said...

Aaw cool giveaway!

1. Ada Blue Floral Dress
2. Karla


Marisa said...

what a lovely dress!

1.) my favorite item is the "mia floaty dress"
2.) my name is marisa
3.) my email address is

Clare said...

Ooh, I just love the Mia Floaty Dress.


clarebld at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

1)I really love the studded lace-up worker boots. If only I had the cash!

Aly Vander Hayden said...

I love the Ella Nude Shoulder Dress! It's so classy and adorable!
Aly Vander Hayden

Simran said...

the honey faux fur coat!
we dont really do cold winters in sydney but it has such a luxe european vibe that i love it anyway :)

I'm Simran, and you can contact me at

cheers tieka!

carlyn said...

Ella nude shoulder dress is amazing. Love love love the floral dress.


alya said...

1. I'd love the lace-up boots! I've been looking for something like that for ages.

2. Alya


Teri said...

That black and white Tea Dress would be wonderful!

AnneKMc said...

I love their Olivia Lace Dress, but I really can't wait for their distressed worker boots that are in pre-order.

It's Anne M., I think you know how to get a hold of me :)

ejessop said...

What a great giveaway! I really like their Olivia Lace pretty!

My name is Elly, email ejessop at gmail dot com...

Katie said...

Olivia Lace Dress for sure. Although it's all pretty!
katie (dot) monroe (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm Katie M. Love your blog...

Auburn Not Red said...

I'm really into dresses for this coming Spring so my fave. from Baby Say's is the Olivia White Lace Dress.

Taylor B.

Shannon said...

1. Ada Blue Floral Dress

2. Shannon



JBalloon said...

1. Olivia White Lace Dress
2. Jaclyn
3. floatingpie32 (at) shaw (dot) ca

Veronika said...

beautiful dress! and a giveaways just as I've stumbled into your blog which I like a lot! great day! :) the Annabelle dress is actually my fave from the shop but i also liked the Ella nude shoulder dress!
horvath.vero (at)

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Very cute!'

Loving the Mia Floral Dress/Tunic

ReyBeltane said...

I love the dress in your giveaway the most, but white Olivia dress is also amazing!

ReyBeltane said...

I love the dress in your giveaway the most, but white Olivia dress is also amazing!

Stephanie said...

1. Distressed Worker Boot
2. Stephanie P.

Tara said...

Oh gosh, I love them all! But the Ada blue floral dress, the Annabelle spring floral dress and the distressed worker books are just lovely.



2) Rachel Gagliardi

campbell said...

I'm tempted to say the Annabelle Spring Floral dress, actually, because I had a dress exactly like it when I was a little girl. But in case that's cheating, I'm also in love with the Olivia White Lace Dress, because it looks so '60s to me.


Abigail said...

I think I am late BUT...I think the Olivia White Lace Dress is just stunning. Very romantic but mod/60s at the same time. Would like so gorgeous with little vintage heels. Cute! Love that this is an international giveaway as well :D

Abby -

jenny maria said...

My faveourite item is olivia white lace dress. It's so beautiful!

My name is Jenny Maria :) /