Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of January

Where has the time gone?! I cannot believe I'll wake up to a new month in February. I'm (shh!) kind of glad that January is over. I always complain the time goes too fast, but I'm definitely ready for spring and the end of the semester to arrive because that means it'll be nice and warm out, I'll be graduating and making a full-time income! But for right now, let's live in the moment. February is going to be an amazing month filled with a ton of exciting things!

Today, Brett let me sleep until noon. I'm terrible! Then, we headed to Holland to grab breakfast/lunch and to head to downtown to peruse the shops and what not. We stopped to Lemonjello's for drinks and then headed downtown to realize that every single shop was closed. I totally didn't realize that the entire city basically shut down on Sundays! So our shopping trip was cut short! Darn, because I love walking around downtown Holland! We did go to the antique mall on the way back in Grand Haven. I got a gorgeous vintage paper umbrella that I cannot wait to debut in some upcoming photo shoot! I also spent way too much time flipping through old Michigan postcards. Got some great ideas for our "Michigan trips"! We also went thrifting and I got some boots, a new purse and two new belts! All for $9!

I got this amazing skirt from Brittany from Finders Keepers! We are doing clothing swaps and I sent her off a bunch of my stuff and got some really great items from her. I love this skirt.. which of course, I turned into a dress. I've done this once and twice before! I love the result always, but I think this time is my favorite. I'm all about mixing brown and black lately. I have so many black pieces but am on a brown obsession so I've been mixing them (although I was always taught you can't) but I'm breaking the rules!

(dress - skirt from finders keepers | tights - courtesy of modcloth | belt - urban outfitters
jacket - h&m | circle scarf - tj maxx | boots - target | cardigan - bdg at urban outfitters)

I didn't update yesterday about mine and Andrea's shopping expedition, but just let me say.. I love Somerset. It's the best mall! We got so many great things! UO was having a 50% off all sale items and I walked out with 8 or 9 things for about $113.00. That's pretty crazy especially when it was including new lace-up boots (originally $148 and I got for $20!), a purse, a cardigan, a zip-up tank, gloves and two new rompers! I cannot wait to wear everything! I think I'm going to wait on a few new items for the Chictopia 10 conference. Andrea and I were cracking up at each other trying to figure out what to wear. We were talking it over and realized we just needed to be ourselves. I was like.. we just had a revelation! Just dress yourself. You all come here and visit me because you appreciate my style already, so there's no need to try and be someone else! I love you guys. Thank you!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Frozen lakes

I can't believe it's the last weekend in January! It has been freezing in Michigan. We're lucky to have 15 degrees each day. I literally walk to class, sit in class, don't even leave for lunch or if I do it's to head across the street to the cafe and gulp down hot chicken lemon soup and then immediately run back to class and stay there until I leave. The winds have been so awful too. Sometimes it'll hit you.. and you'll stand there jaw dropped at how cold you are! At least it has been really pretty lately; it gives me one hope as I stare out the windows into the sunshine. Sunshine in winter is perfection. Sunsets? Even more perfection. Especially on the beach, even if it is frozen over. I love our little beach town.

Before I left to head out of town, I ran home from work so Brett and I could snap some photos down by Lake Michigan. The lake isn't frozen over like it usually is though! We've had a very mild winter up until the last week when we've gotten into single digits. The sun setting was so pretty and then it disappeared behind the line of dark clouds. Brett and I were running down the beach to beat the sun disappearing!

I've been trying to work a lot of layers to beat these winter blahs. Nighttime Tieka is all risky and tries on super thin tights with pretty floral dresses and short skirts to wear the next day, and then morning Tieka is freezing cold and uninspired and tired, so she grabs her closest pair of pants and a sweater. But today, I decided to brave the cold and I need to keep reminding myself that jeans are not any warmer than tights! I felt just fine today!

I spent quite a lot of time last night trying to style this dress, but then realized it was so pretty on it's own that it didn't need anything else. The fabric is so pretty and I'm just loving this floral print and the colors in this dress! I can't wait to wear it in spring with bare legs and no cardigan. It has short sleeves and I've been in love with dresses with sleeves lately. Eeeee.. spring come sooner!

(dress - courtesy of modcloth | tights - anne klein
cardigan - target | oxfords - aldo | headband - h&m)

Right now, I'm in East Lansing staying with Andrea (Blonde Bedhead)! Her loft apartment is seriously stunning. I feel like I'm on vacation every time I'm here. We've been sitting side by side updating our blogs and talking about bloggers and how excited we are for the Chictopia 10 conference. I'm seriously so excited and she couldn't be more perfect of a friend to go with. I'm pretty sure I'm just down right in love with that girl. We're going shopping tomorrow in Troy at Somerset for our upcoming trip! I'm so excited!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sally Ann Giveaway Winner!

According to, the winner of the

Congrats, girl! I'll be sending you an email too!
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unlike me

My seventh grade math teacher ratted me out when she told my Dad I needed glasses. Well now, 100% of the time I wear contacts. I don't like looking through glasses. Everyone says you get used to it, but I get annoyed by them. I stepped on my last pair, so decided to opt for the nerdy ones, but these are my favorite style ever. I like laying in bed reading a book with glasses. Anyone totally inspired by Ms. Pandora like I am? She has the ombre style hair, the adorable glasses and she's even a little bit cross-eyed like I am (well it appears so anyway!) You can really only tell on me when I'm tired. One of my eyes gets "sleepy" looking. Brett always picks on me. Well anyway, let's just say I'll wear these once or twice because of her!

(blazer and vest - thrifted | boots - target
tights, shirt and skirt - forever 21 | belt - urban outfitters)

I need to lint roller this blazer. I did literally nothing today. Brett woke me up to waffles (he's been a little too good this weekend.. I wonder if he has something up his sleeve!) and then we went to his parent's to do our truckload of laundry. I took a nap, we got pizzas at K2, came home to watch Desperate Housewives and saw it wasn't on, so I decided to post these. I always hate when I'm not sure if I should post something. I'm working on Q&A posts too! They take a lot of time!

Back to the too-long, too-much week tomorrow. Oh! By the way, Brett and I have been talking about Michigan lately and we always wonder what people really think or associate Michigan with. What do you associate Michigan with? Or what do you think about when you think of Michigan? We always worry people just think of Detroit when they think of Michigan, but really there's so much more than that! But anyway, we were just curious!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mild winter

What a pleasant Saturday! I even worked this morning and I'm still definitely calling it pleasant! I worked from 7 to 11 am and felt really great. Usually I sleep until noon and then feel guilty and groggy all day long, so I'm super glad to work, plus the extra hours are always lovely on the paycheck! After work, I came home to a gorgeous, clean apartment. Brett was up to his trickeries this morning! He said he knew if I came home to a dirty apartment that I'd want to spend our afternoon deep-cleaning, so he spent a little while straightening up so I wouldn't feel the need to clean... and he was so spot on! It felt great coming home to a clean place, thanks to my lovely husband!

I caught up on a few things and then we had to run to the post office. How exciting! I mail things for Selective Potential and he has to mail things for Tall Ships. We both have "fans"! How exciting is that? Really exciting. People always know Brett for being in Tall Ships, even though he doesn't necessarily know them. We're waiting for the day that some girl comes up to me and asks me, "Are you Tieka from Selective Potential?" and I will be like... yes!!! And I'll hug her. That's what will happen! Haha! Has that ever happened to any of you?!

Today, we headed out to Grand Rapids. I'm there every week day, so why not make it every Saturday too? Grand Haven is not the hot spot really in winter. Come summer, we'll never leave but winter? Let's take a little trip to the city, please! We stopped here to get some really great pictures (I love this background to pieces!) and to eat a yummy lunch at Ritz Koney. Then, we went and looked around the army surplus store, to peruse the mall and to see The Invention of Lying. Plus, I got a free combo #2 thanks to my Celebration Cinema rewards card! Wee!

(jeans - old navy | white tee- f21 | zipper flats - f21
blazer - thrifted | floral scarf - urban outfitters | green scarf - target)

This is Tieka on a "fashion diet". I cannot spend more money right now. I just spent a hefty little amount at ModCloth the other day, plus some !@#$%^& hacked into our checking account from the other side of the state, so we're working on getting that settled and Brett's brand new (well new to us!) car's heater blower needed to be fixed. What bummers! I'm trying super hard to save some money because I'm going shopping with Andrea next weekend for the conference, and then of course NYC and the conference, plus Brett and I are headed to Chicago. Lots of shopping to save for! ;)

This song is mine and Brett's "song". It played during our wedding slideshow and it was always our favorite song to sing together. Every time it goes, "Hard not to get hooked... hooked on you", Brett and I would always point at each other. It has always been our thing! Someday we'll be old and wrinkly driving in our oversized old person's vehicle and we'll be singing this song and pointing at each other. ;)

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Calder Plaza

Brrrr! It is numb cold outside today! But I was up on the seventh floor of my school, looking out the window and letting the sunshine hit my face and I can't tell you how good it felt. Sunshine on a winter's day is a gift, especially in Michigan. And I'm so appreciative! So I bared the freezing temperatures for these shots. I was laughing when Julie from Orchid Grey said she's come to care more about her blog than her dignity in recent months. I couldn't agree more. Businessmen in their long black coats and briefcases and businesswomen with their short haircuts and layered beige trench coats stared me down, but I had fun today. Despite that pesky cold wind that was body piercing!

I took a little walk over to Calder Plaza where La Grand Vitesse is located. This work was dedicated to Grand Rapids in 1969 by Alexander Calder. Since then, it's become a staple of the city. It's translation is "the great swiftness" or "the grand rapids". It's made of steel and painted in his signature color, "Calder Red". Barack Obama spoke here last year, they always have great concerts and art festivals here and it's just a unique thing to see if you're in the Grand Rapids area!

I'm in school all day today. I won't get home until 10:30 PM again. It's so exhausting. I never get home before 10 pm on a week night. I'm missing Brett and really wanting to head home, eat a real dinner in our apartment and curl up with my polka-dot blanket and just watch a movie on the couch. That just sounds like the greatest thing in the world right now!

I just wanted to quickly show you the back of this new top I got! It's so pretty. I can't wait to wear it in spring with some cute florals and lace tights. I've been feeling uninspired lately, but I rummaged through my scarf drawer and found this thin guy I've had for a really long time and based my colors off of it!

(skirt - bcbg max azria | top and belt - forever 21 | tights - gap
cardigan - old navy | shoes - aldo | scarf - i can't even remember!)

I also took a little walk around town (with a thicker jacket and huge mittens, of course!) The sun was too beautiful. There was music coming from Rosa Parks circle with ice-skaters out skating and I sat down on a concrete bench and enjoyed my soy caramel steamer from Biggby. Mmm!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sally Ann Giveaway!

Closed on January 24 at 9 PM EST!

Sally Ann Accessories is offering one of my lucky readers
their choice of a cassette tape wallet!

To enter, visit her shop and you must be a fan of her
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Entries will be accepted until 9 PM EST on Sunday, January 24th.
A winner will be chosen at random and announced here!
Good luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Date with Andrea

Today, I met up with Andrea from Blonde Bedhead, for a lunch date. We got yummy soup, salad and breadsticks from Olive Garden and drove to downtown Muskegon to grab some shots! It was so great to hang out with her. I missed her so. We got a ton of shots (sorry, I'm going to overload you with shots of me but she took so many great ones!) and even some video! I have a video editing class now, so I'm going to do a little "fashion" related video. I'll post as soon as it's done! Afterwards, we walked around the terrible mall in that town and said goodbye. I'm going to see her in a couple of weekends so we can shop for the upcoming conference! So excited!

Pretty basic outfit today! It's Sunday. And I'm not "supposed" to be blogging on Sundays. I told myself last week.. one day a week where you aren't allowed to go on the computer. At all. And last Sunday, I didn't.. and got so much done! Cleaning the apartment, laundry, washing and straightening my hair and getting ready for my insanely upcoming busy week! I slacked today and here I am.. with a dirty apartment and really gross unwashed hair. At least I don't have class tomorrow!

These are my cute little shoes I just got from Aldo last night with my Weardrobe gift card for winning their "Best look in heels" contest! Thanks so much, Weardrobe! They were $50, and so all I had to do was pay an extra $3 for these lovelies. I also got this lacy-style top from Forever 21 last night. They had a lot of cute spring items. I'm not ready to shop for spring yet..! It's still a little bit too cold here in the mitten and it will be for a long time yet!

(all photos taken by andrea k)

(top, jeans and vest - forever 21 | shoes - aldo)

If you haven't already seen Andrea on Chictopia or her blog, check her out! I just redesigned her blog for her! I was super excited about it! I don't know what I'd do without her. She's really my only close girlfriend within a 200-mile distance and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm super excited to see her in a few weeks and to go to NY in February with her!

So pretty. Absolutely love her hair. It was funny because people used to think we were the same person. We both used to go to shows in our town all the time and had very similar hair. So from the back, people would be like.. I saw you at this show.. but it was always one or the other! Haha! You're saying.. huh? Your hair isn't anything like hers? Yeah I know! I used to have super blonde, super curly hair all through high school, a lot like Andrea's (except her curls are way more defined and pretty) but getting older, I've really lost so much of my curl. Now if I let it air-dry, it's a pile of gross frizz! I should try to do it curly one day, just to see if will still curl or not!

(skirt - ecote | top - zara | belt - kimchi and blue | tights/socks - target | boots - deena and ozzy)

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