Saturday, February 27, 2010

Urban decay

So last night was a blast. Brett and I drove out to Chicago to see Screeching Weasel! I got him tickets for Christmas months ago! We headed out and the roads were terrible basically all the way until we hit Illinois! We stopped for Steak 'N Shake and got lost for a little bit in Indiana, but made it on time to see every band! I love how close we are to Chicago, honestly! All of the great shows come through there and it's really no big deal to make a trip out! Plus, I love Reggie's. It's right off the highway and we parked literally a block away. We took so much video of the night. I'll edit it soon and post it!

I got this wonderful amazing dress from Baby Says Boutique! I'm in love with floral print.. and lace.. and black mixed with florals right now, so this dress is just perfectly what I'm in love with! When I first got it, I was like.. I..can'! But then realized there was a zipper on the side. Teehee. ;) Whoops! I'm excited to style this dress more in spring. I paired it with different skirts and what not and got a totally different feel, but I figured for the first time showing it, I'd show it all!

(dress - baby says boutique | boots - jeffrey campbell
tights - target | gold accessories - forever 21)

This morning, Brett and I went and got some breakfast with our friend, Peter, who stayed over last night. Then we headed back here to sit on the internet for a little bit and found out Brett's band practice was later on instead of the afternoon, so we decided to go see Shutter Island earlier.. which I really loved. Great movie! Then we got some shots outside an old abandoned factory and now I'm home.. about to take a nap while Brett heads off to GR for band practice!

Mkay, nap time.. leftover pizza.. and.. rent a movie time. I need a Saturday night just to veg out! It's so exciting. Plus the apartment is quiet.. and the kitties aren't all wound up and biting each other, ah, life in the slow lane is good!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Says Boutique Giveaway Winner!

According to,
the winner of the Baby Says Boutique giveaway
of the Anabelle Spring Floral dress...

is #148 - Cassandra!

Congrats, girl! I'll also be sending you an email.
Thank you so much to everyone who entered!
A couple more giveaways to come, so stay tuned!
(Including a personal one from me!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter playgrounds

So I've been thinking a lot about how I want to incorporate more of my everyday life into this blog. It used to be completely a personal lifestyle blog, turned fashion blog but I really want elements of my marriage, of Michigan, of trips we take and fun we have. I want this blog to change with me as I get older.. and I plan on keeping it for a long time! So heres to more posts of everyday life! This video is my life in a nutshell right now. This is such a typical Brett and Tieka video. I swear we're the only married twenty-somethings in our area that still play on playgrounds on a continued basis. When we first met, we felt destined to be together and even created a private xanga called "paddleboats and playgrounds" where we'd type love notes and what not to each other. The first place we lived together had a playground across the street... and now we live in an apartment with a playground across the street! It's destiny. This is such a typical February day in Michigan. Gray, cold, snowy.. so enjoy! I didn't know how to end it.. so it just kind of cuts off with Brett shaking his head at how ridiculous I am. Haha!

B&T in winter from Selective Potential on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February sun

It's only Tuesday? Eww! Not even half way done with the week yet! I am in dire need of spring break. Not that I'm going anywhere, but I just need the break and maybe the spring of it? That'd be lovely! We've had lots of sunshine though.. and all of the snow we just recently got is melting and dripping off the buildings onto your head as you walk. I'm so excited for spring.. you guys have no idea! I need it! So many great things come with spring this year.

Last night, I was trying to come out with some outfits for the week and everything I threw together was so spring. My bare legs looked so tempting.. I didn't want to throw on any tights (I know. Me? The tights queen?) but man.. I can't wait for bare legs, but I don't think I can quite pull it off yet. Everyone in the city looks at me crazy enough for wearing these guys on my legs. And quite surprisingly, I'm not at all cold today. My Michigan legs must be tough. I'd have to say these are my favorite tights of all time.. and they are on sale at ModCloth today for $11.99 too, I see! Love them.

(dress - forever 21 | tights - courtesy of modcloth | boots - urban outfitters
cardigan - the limited | scarf - courtesy of modcloth)

Quite the simple outfit today! I felt like Pocahontas in these boots. I really love them though. They were $20 down from $149 at one of the Urban Outfitters sales I went to just a month ago or so! Very warm, very comfy for walking around downtown. Never under estimate the power of flats! I feel like I need to do a few more posts about my life life, but I haven't had much of a life lately. I'm so busy with work and school and driving. When Brett and I do actually hang out, it's to catch up with our parents, catch a movie and clean the apartment and grocery shop. I can't wait until life slows down and I can start doing more posts about our lives. That's the whole reason I started this blog anywho!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lingering snow

When I woke up this morning, it was super sunny and looked really pretty outside! By the time I was finished getting ready and done with wolfing down my strawberry jelly toast, it was gross and gray outside. I'm so super ready for spring! I'm really excited that the days are getting longer, but I definitely need some sunshine in my life. And warm wind. I don't think there is anything better than warm wind! Oh well, there is only one more week in February. Can you believe that?!

Brett and I stopped to this park first before heading over to their practice space to load up the car for their show tonight. I was like, "Brett, this outfit isn't a park outfit.. it's a city outfit!" but he refused to drive me to downtown GR to take these outfit pics on the walking bridge with the city view in the background like I had wanted. I guess I'll have to venture out that way on one of my lunch breaks with my tripod. My tripod doesn't complain at me. Haha! I still love you Brett!

(romper - urban outfitters | tights - target | wedge boots and cardigan - forever 21)

Brett is putting on a Haiti benefit show tonight, so that's where I am right now, actually. Sitting on the couch in some kid's basement while kids arrive and bands set up. Thank God they have wireless. One of the things of being "Brett from Tall Ship's" wife is to sit around and wait for loading up the cars, setting up, setting out merch, watch 6-7 bands, wait for everyone to leave, tear down, load the car back up, return to the practice space and unload it again. It's a lot of waiting time for me. I used to play Nintendo DS all the time, but now I have you guys! Thanks for that!

I'm putting together a blogger meet-up for March 19 for before/after the KCAD fashion show, but I know there aren't a lot of Michigan/nearby bloggers. The girls I'm thinking of right now are bloggers, some are just involved with Chictopia and some are just interested in fashion, but if there are any other girls that might be interested, shoot me an email! I have a few spots left!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is on the way!

Today feels like spring might be peeking around the corner at any minute here in Michigan! I left for class around 7:45 AM and the sun was so bright, I thought I'd be blind by the time I got into Grand Rapids! My sunglasses just weren't cutting it and of course, I was heading directly east right into it! I just can't complain though. How gorgeous is sunshine in February. It's perfect!

During my lunch break, I decided to venture off and find a good place to grab some shots. Grand Rapids has so many great places to get outfit shots, along with Grand Haven. Especially come summer for Grand Haven. I have some really great ideas boiling in my brain. Brett rolls his eyes when I tell him about our summer shoots.. and it's still winter. Hehe! But today, I decided to go down by one of our four bridges that cross the Grand River. Two are walking bridges and the other two are driving bridges. Actually, it's five because we have a gorgeous historic bridge as well just down on Monroe! Anyway, they are lovely. Especially at night when it's all lit up. I used to ride my razor scooter across them in the summer, stop and take it all in because it was so perfect.

I received this dress over the weekend while I was in NYC! I got it from .. Elizabeth, who got it from Mel's collection of amazing clothes. I love it. The ruffled top is so pretty. It's so short though! I didn't really realize until I got into downtown Grand Rapids and was walking to class and kept having to hike it down. Hehe! Sitting down is another story; good thing my legs are under the desk and faced away from my classmates!

So I feel like life is going to slow down a little bit now that NYFW weekend is over for me, which is refreshing. I was feeling really guilty about missing classes and feeling really rushed to plan what I needed to for the weekend, so now I feel like I'm getting caught up. This week has been a good one! I feel a little bit more calm, which is what I like. I'm seriously all about the simple life. Taking walks, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, the above freezing temperatures and the simple joy of munching on swedish fish and giggling about how good all of that combined feels. Seriously! I'm easily entertained in life. An older gentleman laughed at me and said "Great hat!" and I beamed. Older men love this hat. My boss keeps calling me Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.. but I mean, his hat is giant with a animal tail coming off of it. Crazy boss!

(dress - kensie | cardigan - macy's | belt - urban outfitters
boots - forever 21 | tights - gap | hat - scala classico)

If you click on this image, you can see it larger to get a better glimpse at how Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Mel from Idee Geniale both styled it! It's cute because we all have very similar style - pairing it with tights, boots, a belt and some sort of long sleeve item. Layers are essential right now, obviously. Hopefully Erin or Indiana gets this and can style it in warmer weather! The back deserves to be seen - the zipper up the back is so pretty. Don't forget to become a fan of the Delightful Dozen facebook page too!

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Baby Says Boutique Giveaway!

Closed Thursday, February 25 at 9 PM!

Baby Says Boutique is offering one of my lucky readers this
Anabelle Spring Florals dress (in size small only)
(measurements: length 34 in, bust 18 in, sleeve length 27 in)

To enter, visit their shop and leave a comment below with:
1) your favorite item in their shop
2) your name
3) an email address (or way for me to get a hold of you!)

This giveaway is open to US and international readers!

BSB only stocks 5 of each modern item in their shop.

Entries will be accepted until 9 PM EST on Thursday, February 25.
A winner will be chosen at random and announced here!
Good luck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chictopia 10 Conference and After Party!

Saturday was such a great day filled with a little lunch with some bloggers, the Chictopia10 conference and the Chictopia 10 after party! We woke up, got ready and headed out to the streets of Chinatown to navigate our way to a bakery! We were like.. eyeing cabs watching them pass and I was like, alright small town girl, you get out there.. and I hailed my first NYC cab! Go Tieka! We got to the bakery and there was a two hour wait, so we ended up down the street at Frankie's. Very cute place! Afterwards, Nickie from Wild as a Mink directed us to an amazing candy shop! Of course, I got my fix of swedish fish. Then, we got more cabs to head to the conference! Andrea was kind enough to take photos of everyone. Thanks, girl!

(floral zip top, cardigan and belt - urban outfitters | tights - courtesy of modcloth)
wedge boots - forever 21 | skirt - delightful dozen swap with delightfully tacky)
(check the facebook page for the side-by-side photo of this skirt!)

The conference brought about mixed feelings for me! On one hand, it was amazing because it brought all of my favorite bloggers to the same city to meet and talk about fashion, see each other in real life, network and have a total blast. I loved listening to the speakers, was so excited to have people approach me to tell me they read my blog and love it and to see so many girls that I adore. I was so excited to meet some girls who already felt like my friends, like Emily and Jasmine. It was so great to see them. I sat behind Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes and although I was like.. I'd be such a dork if I said hi, she smiled at me and seemed so sweet! Keiko from Keiko Lynn also smiled and waved at me and I was like.. me?! You're smiling and waving at me?! I was so excited! Haha! On the other hand, the conference was a mess. The set-up was awful until they moved the chairs around finally, they had major issues with the audio and shortened everyone's eardrum's life by at least a year, everything was disorganized, it was freezing in there and I didn't get to network or learn as much as I would have liked. I felt like it was pointed more towards brands approaching bloggers, but a lot of bloggers were the ones in attendance! I would have liked to learn more about blogging and how to better approach my blog. I did learn a few things.. but I would have liked to have gotten more out of it. Hopefully next year! I'm definitely going to go to the IFB's event next year. I heard great things about it. I'm super sad I missed out!

After the conference, we headed back to the hotel to sit around and relax for a few minutes. I got a minute to talk to Brett.. and I honestly missed him so much this weekend. Next fall when I go back for fashion week, he's definitely coming with me. He can scour the city for sweet vinyl while I'm a girl. I really don't like the fact that I experienced something so great without him. I mean, girl's night obviously I wanted on my own.. but I would have really liked to head back to the hotel, lay next to him and bed and tell him everything. All of the good and the bad. And he won't judge me, not even for a second. I typed out a long list of "grr's" from the weekend, but I slowly clicked delete backwards. This blog is to remember the great times and I honestly did have a great time. The after party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel was alright! The hotel was gorgeous.. very high-class fancy pants! I loved so much meeting Annie from Time Enough for Drums. At the conference, we were eating these powdered pastries and giggling and blowing powdered sugar everywhere. She was so amazing!

I met these girls earlier at brunch which was great! Everyone is seriously so much prettier in real life.. I mean they're all gorgeous in their photos, but in real life I was honestly just like.. wow. I'm surrounded by such classic beauties! I was so excited to get photos with all of my favorites bloggers who I read all of the time and feel like I know already! Christina from Second Skin, Mel from Idee Geniale and Emily from The Daily Fashionista. Loved these girls. Seriously so sweet too, all of them. I wish we had more time to talk. The music was so loud in there!

It was amazing because I already got a chance to hang out with and get to know Kim (and Melissa!) from Crowded Closet from Friday night. Such fantastic girls. They looked flawless and they have the sweetest personalities!

And JASMINE from Transient Withdrawal! Gosh, I love this girl. She is seriously so freaking sweet. Her and Robert were dancing on the dance floor and I was cracking up because it was the cutest thing in the world. I got to know Jasmine quite well through blogging, even shared some snail mail with her and felt such a personal connection meeting her. It was so amazing how she won the grand prize of the Chictopia10 contest and got a chance to see NY and snow for the first time! Amazing. Love this girl.

Now it's back to the daily boring ol' posts here in cold little ol' Michigan! And I'm actually really excited. I feel like I have a newfound love for my little life here. New York was great, but too busy for me and smelly. Of course, we were in Chinatown. "We have bedbug spray for sell" signs and I'm surprised I didn't see chopped chicken heads hanging from the awnings. Barf! I'd much prefer walking the sidewalks of Grand Haven with the scent of beach town air, a vanilla/chocolate twist in hand with ballet flats and warm wind with the sound of boats and waves and perfection. That's my life! And I couldn't be more content. Glad to be home!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dove's Girl's Night Out!

Friday night was definitely one of the best nights I can ever remember in my life! I was seriously so blessed to be a part of Dove's Visibly Smooth Girl's Night out, especially thanks to Jessica from What I Wore. I got to meet so many of my favorite bloggers and get to know them a little bit more personally! The party started at The Dove Parlour, which was insanely gorgeous and romantic feeling. All of the bystanders were so annoyed with us because of our constant flashes of photography! We are bloggers, of course we had to document! I loved being with girls who are so much the same as I am! It was amazing. I was all smiles from ear to ear.

Thanks to Andrea for getting a lot of these great shots! Below is Andrea from Blonde Bedhead, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Kim from Crowded Closet. I was so excited to meet both her and Melissa. Such sweethearts!

And of course, I was thrilled to meet Jen from Jen Loves Kev and Julie from Orchid Grey. When they showed up, I didn't even feel the need to introduce myself because I feel like I know them so well already. It was so cute when all the girls were like, "So nice to meet you!" and I was saying, "I feel like I already know you.. so it was so nice to see you!" Haha! Yay for Delightful Dozen girls!

More Delightful Dozen ladies! Loved Jessica, of course, and Erin from Calivintage and Rebecca from The Clothes Horse. You read these girl's blogs on a daily basis and it's so amazing to see them and meet them and have them be exactly how they portray themselves on their blogs. So sweet, stylish and just so pretty. All of them.

This was the limo that showed up to give us our little tour de NYC. We all squealed when it showed up. Hahaha, it was seriously so much fun! I've never done anything like this before! All of the food, drinks, limo service and Dove Visibly Smooth samples were all paid for by Dove. How amazing!

The limo took us to Times Square, which was amazing. I've never been there before and we all got out to take outfit shots and a huge group shot in the middle of the street! Bystanders were even taking photos of us! Haha! It all felt like such a blur. We all got back into the limo to go to Rockefeller Center and to get a few shots there.. and instantly back into the limo again! What a blast!

(dress - modcloth | wedge strappy heels, tights and
bow - forever 21 | bomber jacket - b hip! by me jane)

(click for larger view on this one!)