Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Imagination station

It is absolutely gorgeous outside right now, as we speak, as it has been all day long. I can't believe I spent most of my day inside working and now I'm sitting in class. I'm so glad I didn't have my video class today because I got a few minutes to take a quick bike ride with Brett, play on the imagination station, eat dinner downtown and tour the cutest house ever. It was maybe the best afternoon.. ever! Let me break it down first.. this weather. 78 degrees. In Michigan. In March. That is so nuts, but I'm not complaining at ALL. It's so gorgeous. It's the best feeling in the world when you don't even feel a tiny twinge of cold. Ah!

I styled this romper in the fall, but it was dying to be worn again. A lot of girls said last time they wished they could see the one-shoulder detail, and since today was so gorgeous, I thought I could risk it! And it felt amazing! I still wore a cardigan on our bike ride though. I just got this belt from ModCloth today - and of course, had to wear it the second I tore it out of the box. I love this belt. It's going to go with so many of my outfits. The cream color, and the crocheted style is so lovely. I've been on the hunt for chunkier belts. Now I just need to convince Chandra to let me borrow this one here!

(floral romper - forever 21 | return of the mack-rame belt - courtesy of modcloth
cross strap buckle flat - f-troupe via buy definition | golden cardigan - bdg at uo)

Well, Brett and I grabbed a bite at Downtown Dogs and decided to ride bikes looking for adorable houses in our neighborhood. Well we get back to our cozy little apartment and look two doors down to this yellow house that has been for sale for quite some time. We walk down the road to peak inside the windows and nearly collapse with how adorable this house is. We lurked around outside peaking in all of the windows until a very nice gentleman came outside and said, "Can I help you?" And I was like, "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry we're like lurking outside of your house!" Well it was empty, but he lives next door and is selling this house, so he gave us a tour. It's amazing. It has four bedrooms, a study (basically a library), adorable kitchen, dining room, huge basement (with a CAT door!) and upstairs there is a maid staircase. Brett said he knew as soon as the guy said maid staircase I was sold. If you don't know, I've dreamt about my life in an adorable vintage house with secret doors and passageways. I nearly died looking at this house. So.. Brett and I are going to put an offer down. Tomorrow. ;) (Maybe not really, but seriously maybe?) It's in my neighborhood, still next to our signature railroad tracks.. and the year built is unknown (estimated 1900) with a maid staircase and secret mini doors. If I don't have this house.. I'll just die! Haha!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jess LC Jewelry Launch!

At the beginning of the month, I tweeted about a secret photo shoot in the windy city and now I am finally able to spill the beans - and I'm so excited! Jess from Jess LC Jewelry contacted me a while back about being a model for her first ever sterling cast pendant collection, named Division. I, of course, said absolutely! Brett and I made the hike out to Chicago for the best day ever. We stayed with Jess in her stunning apartment - and woke up to such an amazing day for both of us. Of course, Brett hit the record shops while I basked in the glory of fresh bagels, mimosas, photos, sunshine, the best cupcake in the world, adorable puppies, balloons and surrounded by the most amazing team ever. Could a girl ask for anything more?

We started our photoshoot at Jess's apartment and ventured around Lincoln Square to some of the most adorable places ever, including Molly's Cupcakes, Noble Tree Coffee and Pocket Puppies! If you live in Chicago and are able to visit Molly's Cupcakes - I'd so recommend the cookie monster cupcake. I died and went to heaven. Jess chose some gorgeous settings for the best day ever - perfect for her new collection. Not to mention, I loved her - she is so down to earth and insanely kind. Brett and I felt so at ease with her, staying at her place although we never met before! She was so wonderful to meet.

The division collection is gorgeous. Jess had such wonderful ideas - and used pattern, repetition and interiors for her inspiration. I'm in love with the Chevron pattern - so I was so excited to see her use that in her jewelry designs. They fit perfectly with every outfit and are so light and darling for spring/summer.

We had such a wonderful team - Jess, the designer, of course. All of these amazing photos were taken by Jon Hamblin, videography (video to come!) by Erica Griffiths and the wardrobe styling was done by Megan Ksionda. It was so lovely wearing Modcloth clothes as well - I felt right at home! We had such a fun time styling the jewelry with such fun colors and spring elements!

Closed on Monday, April 5 at 6 PM EST!

If you'd like a chance to win one of Jess LC's gorgeous Division Chevron Rectangle Necklace's, head over to her new collection, Division, and tell me your favorite piece in a comment below! Also include your name and a way for me to contact you (if I can't reach you through blog link!) I know you'll adore her items - and her website, as I do! Also be sure to check out Jess' blog, Make Under My life, for tons of inspiration and ways to design a life with intention. I followed her "throw out 50 things" challenge - and honestly felt so much better afterwards!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Butterflies are blooming

Today, Brett and I drove out to Grand Rapids to Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park for their Butterflies are Blooming exhibit! I haven't been since I was a kid and Brett has never been, so we figured it was the perfect time. The exhibit is amazing. There are butterflies flying everywhere.. hundreds of them! You walk this little tour through a super warm jungle and cross over through nets (so the butterflies don't hitchhike out of there!) and are bombarded with the most colorful, amazing butterflies ever. Our son, Dill, would have been so proud. He left the nest last September.

The butterflies come from tropical regions of South America, Asia and Africa and are right at home here! The butterflies arrive as chrysalises, the moths as cocoons, and both are put into the butterfly bungalow. Within days, they emerge and when they are ready to fly, often within an hour, the staff releases them on plants to allow them to adjust to their new home. It's amazing to see butterflies flying, soaring and hovering freely, then congregating along streambeds, and drinking nectar from flowering plants and feeding stations!

These kinds of things are the things that Brett and I have done since we first met - and will always continue to do and love. The things that your parents dragged you to when you were little? You can bet Brett and I will love it. We've been to every museum, every exhibit, every dumb little tourist attraction in west Michigan and make it a habit to continue to take adventures and trips all the time. It was our goal to take a once-a-month day or weekend trip, but since this semester has been so busy for the both of us - we haven't gotten much of a chance, but we have amazing trips planned every month for the rest of the year. This blog was originally just to document my life until it took a fashion turn (so glad it did!) but I still want to document these types of things.. so I hope I don't bore all of you to death!

I couldn't show any pictures of my outfit today because I had to take photos for a planned post next week! You'll see what I'm talking about soon! I'm really excited to announce a few things this week and next! April looks like it's going to be an amazing month. Plus, the weather forecast for this upcoming week looks amazing! In the range of 57 to 67 degrees! You can bet I'll be bringing out more of those spring clothes!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog studio

Brett and I finished the "blog studio" today! We basically had a lot of it done a couple weekends ago, but I was waiting on some poster pictures to get back from the printer and we needed wall anchors to hang up my big ol' frames! I'm a sucker for picture frames. We have so many frames all over our apartment. Our apartment is slowly becoming "complete". I just need to finish the laundry room and the sun room and it'll be perfect. I really want to stay here for a while. This will definitely be the last place we rent, at least. Next move is to buy a house - and I'm thinking in a couple of years, we'll be ready, but for now I'm just in love with our place. It's the perfect beach town apartment.

I am a huge organizational freak. I just need things to be put away. Out of sight, out of mind, I say! Sometimes I can't relax on the couch when I know the floor underneath it is dirty. Or if I see some cat hair fly across the floor like a rolling tumbleweed, I feel instantly uncomfortable and gross. It's such a weird feeling. When I lived with my parents when I was a teenager, my mom would never have to scold me to clean my room. I'm too much of a neat freak, I think. While Brett, on the other hand, could live in complete filth! You should have seen his apartment when I first met him. Eww.

We basically got everything for the studio from IKEA! The desk, the chair, the boxes and magazine files, the picture frames, the magnetic board.. I love it. It's so cheap and everything looks wonderful together. All of the colors were so easy to match and everything is a piece of cake to put together (thank you, Brett!) I did install the filing boxes though! Go me! But now I have boxes for shipping materials, letters I get in the mail and everything else. It's so nice to find everything right where you need it!

The kitties are banned to the futon in the other area of this room. They keep sitting on my new chair in the studio and it's fuzz-covered already. We just shaved Meg the other day. I should have taken video.. it was like a complete garbage can full of cat hair. So yucky! She's so fat and lazy.. so she can't really bend around and clean herself, so she's just a grease pile, so we have to shave her down to nothing. She's on the right. Her name is Meg, but we just call her fatty. The one looking at you all crazy is Sergeant Death; aka Sarge. They make life interesting to say the least!

Brett is excited because he got a new place to put his record player and all of his records! He was so helpful in my studio. I mean, I get a whole corner in this apartment devoted to my obsession with blogging... and he gets a measly little cabinet for his obsession with records. What a darling husband! From everything from the actual IKEA experience from the installation at home, it's a true test of marriage! In IKEA, at first, we're just like Tom and Summer in (500) Days of Summer.. so happy and in love.. then we get down to the marketplace.. and you can tell Brett is getting more aggravated. Come the rug section, he's starting to hate me.. and then the picture frames next.. full on hate! Then.. the warehouse? Murder face! Afterwards, I always have to go for pizza for him and then about an hour into the drive home, we're back in love again until he has to install these crazily insane pieces. If you can get through IKEA in your marriage, you can accomplish anything! ;)

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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Dynamite Delightful Dozen

Happy Friday everyone! I've been so excited for this post for quite some time! The Delightful Dozen was asked to style a dress from ModCloth and we all agreed on this dynamite dress! It's perfect for spring and can be remixed in several ways to fit all of our different styles! The fabric is light - and I love the pattern! I can't wait to wear this come warmer weather, trotting down the beach! I'm excited to see how the other girls have styled this! On the day I took these photos, it was a little chilly, so I paired my maroon vest with it for a bit of warmth... and my brooch I got from Jen Loves Kev's giveaway back in December! See? If you don't know how to style something... just wait! It'll come to you!

(the dynamite dress - courtesy of modcloth vest and belt - f21
ecote basketweave skimmers - uo anchorwoman necklace - courtesy of modcloth)

I know I rave about ModCloth a lot, but I truly truly mean it. I've never had a bad experience shopping with them (and I shop there... maybe too much for Brett's liking!) but I love their selection of clothing. They work so hard to support the blogging community - and I think that is just truly amazing. They truly care about their customers - one time I bought a dress that was just skin tight and they worked with me right away to get it sent back in and a size up sent back out. Their blog is so fun to read, they host really great contests and have a Flickr style exchange group where you can upload your outfits featuring clothes from them and get some great feedback from amazing girls in our community! So be sure to check out their site if you haven't already. They're my fave, obviously!

It looks like tonight Brett and I are ordering from our favorite pizza place in town for their most delicious square pizza ever and cheese sticks and then going to see Hot Tub Time Machine. It is honestly the perfect night for me. I'm a seriously simple person. Give me some delicious pizza, an insanely good looking husband, a funny comedy with buttery popcorn and a diet soda along with some late night blogging and the thought of sleeping in the next morning... and I'm a truly content girl! You could also throw in some packages at my door step when I get home from work filled with lovely clothing. That'd be the perfect day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bloggers love Chictopia

I've made an appearance along with many other lovely bloggers in a little Chictopia video! If you haven't heard of Chictopia yet or don't have an account, you should definitely check it out. It's such a great community to post your looks and if you're not into that sort of thing, you can just look at other girls with your body type and other traits to find what styles might look great on you! It's where I really got my start in fashion blogging and I'm so super grateful for Chictopia - they have such an amazing and supporting community of women and men! Go here to sign up if you haven't already! So many of my favorite bloggers are in this video - Rebecca, Jen, Annie, plus so many more. My friend, Hailey, is in there too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bodies of Art Fashion Show

Friday night, I attended the Kendall College of Art and Design's (my college's!) annual fashion show, put on by our fashion club, Bodies of Art! Brett dropped me off early to meet up with some girls across the street in the park to get outfit shots! It was quite nice outside, so I decided to go sans-tights and I'm glad I did! Even though my little Michigan legs are so so pasty. Even in summer, I'm a pasty thing. I don't like to tan. I'm the one covering herself in sunblock. You should too. Anyway, off topic! Haha! It's Monday. Hush!

(boboli gardens dress in grotto - modcloth | strap wedges - forever 21
blazer - thrifted | ring and necklace - gift from emily! thank you, girl!)

I got this dress from ModCloth during their cabin fever sale in the winter! I can't believe I held out on wearing it this long, but I'm glad I did! I paired tights with it.. and it didn't work as nicely, so I'm glad I waited until warmer weather! I have so much more willpower than I ever had before. It's nice! This dress was only $15! Score! I got the ring and necklace from my dear friend, Emily from The Daily Fashionista, for when I built her blog design for her! I love both of them and they matched perfect with my dress. I swear if you love something.. but don't know how to pair it.. just wait. The right item will come along!

I met up with Andrea from Blonde Bedhead, Katie from Tinda Keelie, Hailey, Kristine and Kaleigh from Ilfashion. Andrea got some amazing shots of us all (again!) so these are all credited to her! I had such a great time meeting Katie.. and I also met Sara from She is Sara and Caitlin (one of my sponsors!) from To Be Determined! Seriously.. what lovely girls! I love meeting people from Michigan! It's such a great place to live but sometimes a downer because I can't always find new girlfriends - and now I'm realizing I just wasn't looking hard enough, I suppose! :)

Andrea from Blonde Bedhead, Hailey

Kaleigh from Ilfashion, Katie from Tinda Keelie

So the fashion show was fun! But it wasn't what I really expected - compared to last year anyway. Last year, there was a circus theme and they had burlesque dancers during intermission - plus a really great band! This year's theme was "The power of..." and it didn't really feel like they had a theme at all. During the intermissions, they had karaoke and an auction for furniture. I don't know. The auction/karaoke kind of ruined the "fashion show" atmosphere because they'd turn up the lights.. and it just took away from the overall "fashion" aspect to the show, but it's alright. It was a good time, nevertheless. Plus, they had some insanely amazing cheesecake bites. I may have had.. two.. or three.

After the show, a few of us girls headed over to The Bob for the Grand Rapids fashion meetup I tried to plan! Only 3 girls. Haha! Thank you for those who came! Selective Potential paid for a round of drinks and some really delicious chips and guacamole/salsa. We just sat and talked for the longest time.. then Hailey, Kristine and I headed down to Crush to dance! It was a blast. I had such a lovely time!

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