Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the gardens

Phew! Okay. I'm done with college. I can't believe I just said that. I'm done with college. I mean, besides setting up the senior show, attending the studio excellence awards (which I ordered the late afternoon dress for!) and walking at graduation, I'm done. I'm actually feeling kind of sad about it right now. I'm so ready to graduate - I'm 23 years old (two years past when I was supposed to graduate), so ready to buy a house.. and a puppy, but I'm still sad to be saying goodbye to this place! I couldn't have picked a better college to attend. My life seemed to fall in place ever since I was accepted here.. and I couldn't have made a better decision for my life!

For my last day of college, we prepped the room for our senior show. We got out early, so I went home to take Brett to the doctor because he's been feeling yucky - and we found out it's just seasonal allergies. He snorted some saline and feels much better now! After that, we made an appointment with someone to look at houses for sale in the historic district for tomorrow. Then, we took the country road to the city for my final class and stopped at this so-cute greenhouse // flower shop in West Olive!

(kew gardens dress - courtesy of modcloth | belt - urban outfitters | boots - target | rings - forever 21)

I got this dress from Modcloth several weeks ago actually and am now first debuting it. I'm so behind; you guys have no idea. I've been holding several Delightful Dozen items hostage, I have over 10 outfits styled in my closet just waiting to be worn and so much else to do for the blog - including an over heaping inbox of emails. I'm so excited to now be back "full-time" on the blog. I have so much coming up to be excited for - can't wait to tell you all about it!

This is the perfect spring dress. The top is sheer-netted, which I had no idea before receiving it and it's a really really great material. I'm loving the pleated-ruffles. And of course, florals! My favorite! Plus I don't have anything else with a bubble-hem bottom, so this was really fun and I felt really girly today wearing this! The boots I've styled a million times and I bought this belt from Urban for $10 when it was on sale this past winter! I'm holding out on you guys, apparently because I've never styled this belt up before either! And I just picked up this nail polish color, Commander in Chic, by Sally Hansen. Love it!

(thanks to precision landscapes for letting us take photos here!)

Thanks again for bearing with me as I've been a little absent lately! I'll be catching up on comments and getting the blog back to a normal posting schedule now! I put a new song up by The Get Up Kids that I've been playing on repeat over and over and over recently. It's on a new EP that I'm not crazy about, but this song is incredible! Enjoy a listen! And don't forget, you can get 20% off your order from Recy Vintage Style if you enter the code "selectivepotential" at checkout!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Off Switch Designs Giveaway!

Closed Sunday, May 2 at 9 PM EST!

This week's amazing giveaway is from Off Switch Designs!
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Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Golden Giveaway Winner!

According to,
the winner of the Dear Golden's

#152 - Elizabeth!

Congrats! I'll also be sending an email over to request your mailing address!
If you didn't win this one, no worries! There are giveaways coming up every
Wednesday here at the blog! Be sure to check out Dear Golden Vintage for
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Fever Blogger Challenge: Final Week!

So here we are on the final round of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! And definitely the most challenging! I've never worn any kind of hat like this, so how to style it was completely foreign to me! When I pulled it out of the box, I was like, oh gosh.. how am I going to do this? I love how the other girls styled it - more of a feminine take on it! What I always try to do with items I'm not sure about is match colors, but I have no colors in my closet that could match to the hat.. so I pulled out a couple of browns in the hat and matched a blazer and tights to it, but the blazer and tights are much more alike in color in real life. Or.. at least I thought. ;)

(cut off jean shorts, blazer - urban outfitters | dots and daisies tights in brown - courtesy of modcloth
oxford flats - aldo | composition VII hat - courtesy of modcloth)

These were taken so long ago that I don't really remember what we did on this day! It was a crummy Sunday, that's all I know. But I'll update on you on this past weekend instead! We saw The Back Up Plan (cute, but the guy seemed arrogant in the movie!), Saturday we did laundry all day, went to dinner with Brett's parents and drove around looking at cute houses downtown and Sunday, I forced Brett to clean (he hated it, muahaha!) and then I convinced him I wasn't going to attend his show (I've never missed one of his shows) and then ended up surprising him at the venue. Hehe! I could never miss a Tall Ships show. They are going on a mini-tour soon.. looks like I'm going to have to follow behind!

Brett let me snap a few photos of him for once! He never lets me take photos of him now that I run this blog. I think he's intimidated by all of you lovely readers! He's wearing his so-stylish Polar Bear Club t-shirt, jeans and black shoes from Urban that he stocked up on different colors because they're only $15! So stylish. Actually, this is honestly his entire closet. Band t-shirts, jeans, cut-off jean shorts and this style of shoes. We have a fancy dinner coming up and we have to go shopping for him because he honestly has nothing to wear. Husbands..

Don't forget to head over to the ModCloth blog, ModLife to vote for your favorite style of the Composition VII hat! I loved participating in this challenge during this month! It was so fun to see how the other girls styled up the same items! Plus it was so awesome to be included with three other bloggers I truly truly look up to and adore! I feel like I've been so busy and have neglected the blog a little bit in April because I've been so busy, so this challenge kept me on my toes! Now that I'm basically finished with school (this week is just presenting everything!) I'll have a ton more time for posts. I have some exciting things coming up in May!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pink is blooming

Another lovely day spent inside staring at this (and many other) computer screens! I did get to take a little walk to grab lunch and I also convinced Brett to drive out to Grand Rapids to have dinner with me - I told him he could go to Vertigo Record Shop and buy something - so of course, he comes out. I should try that more often. "Brett, if you clean the apartment, you can go to Vertigo!" It'd work like a charm - no idea why I didn't think of that before! We ate at The Grand Coney - our favorite diner in the area - and now I'm back again, in class!

We took some of these shots in heritage hill. I really miss living here sometimes, but I'm also really in love with living in our neighborhood in Grand Haven. Heritage hill was just really nice because you're just up the hill from downtown Grand Rapids and yet it's still vintage and has such charm. Our house on the hill wasn't exactly picturesque, but at least we were surrounded by gorgeous vintage homes! It's fun though - living in crummy little apartments - when you're first married. Brett and I lived in a few shoeboxes and we honestly had so much fun. It's times like that - you laugh about for years.

I received this gorgeous ring from Morado. She crafts really delicate and pretty polymer clay-crafted rose jewelry and ornament pieces! Her shop is full of so many beautiful pieces - the rose detailed piggy banks are seriously - ah! So pretty. This ring has gotten compliments all day long - and I can't stop touching it because I love that it's made from clay and feels amazing. Check out the shop - and take my word - these rings are so perfect for spring!

(skirt made into dress - finders keepers | cardigan - old navy | clay rose ring - courtesy of morado
tights - uo | return of the mack-rame belt - courtesy of modcloth | flats - f-troupe via buy definition)

I got this skirt-turned-dress from Brittany's shop, Finders Keepers! When she posted it, I knew immediately I had to have it. I love turning skirts into dresses - and the print on this instantly drew me in. I can't believe how much floral print I've purchased. I still have so much hanging in my closet I have yet to debut on the blog. I have some fun photoshoot ideas coming up - I just need time to go out and do them! I got these nude floral tights from the UO $5 sale! I love them, but they are a small/medium and are kind of big - and they sag - and when they do I look like an old lady with wrinkly skin. It's kind of gross.. so I have to pull them up constantly! They need to be put in the washing machine and that should do the trick. Have a great Friday everyone! We finally have a free weekend and I cannot wait! Next week is my last week of real college classes! Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Golden Giveaway!

Closed on Monday, April 26 9 PM EST!

This week's giveaway is from Dear Golden Vintage!
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Good luck everyone!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Fever Blogger Challenge: Week 3

We're onto week three of the Modcloth Spring Fever blogger challenge! I was so excited when we started this project, because I knew when this project was nearing the end - so was my semester! And here we are - on the third post! Ah, so crazy! I've had a lot of fun with it so far - but it definitely has been a challenge! So this week, I tried to keep to the basics and put together a simple outfit with this fun patterned scarf! I haven't worn my boyfriend jeans I created outside in the dark since fall, so I thought I'd try them out again! They are so huge on me. They were the jeans that were getting too snug when I first started my diet - so it's always a wonderful feeling putting these guys back on!

(boyfriend jeans - ae | gray v-neck - gap | black flats - urban outfitters

I really loved my glasses with this laid-back look, but I decided to try them with and without - and Brett got the "money shot" without my glasses, so this look may appear a little different than Modcloth's posting! What do you guys think? Glasses or no glasses? I've been having a hard time getting good photos lately. I've been looking like a dork in photos. I think Brett's cuteness is too distracting.

I've been busy trying to catch up on emails and blog stuff tonight! I've been at school for almost 6 hours and haven't yet done a thing for school. Gosh, I'm a terrible student right now! Only two weeks left and so much to do and yet I still can't pull myself to do it. Eep! They are having relaxation week at school right now - with free massages and tonight they had a free dinner downstairs. Breakfast for dinner. Mmm! Don't forget to head over to the Modcloth blog and vote for your favorite styling of the Paisley Panache scarf! I personally really love Keiko's take on this! Her color mixing is perfect!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Press, features and winners!

I wanted to quick catch my blog up on a few things I've been featured on lately! A few days ago, I was featured in's 14 Cute Spring Date Outfits alongside many of my favorite bloggers! It's such a cute feature and there are a lot of great ideas for spring date outfits! I'll definitely have to use that to plan my spring date outfit that Brett and I will be taking soon! Thanks Glamour for featuring me!

I was also in Weardrobe's Blogger spotlight last week! It was so fun to see the Weardrobe ad's everywhere with my image on them! How fun! I absolutely love Weardrobe and posting my looks to their site. If you don't have an account, be sure to head over there and apply for one! It's such a lovely community. They have amazing contests and tons of inspirational ladies!

And I also need to announce the giveaway winners from this week's giveaways! According to, the first winner for the Sally Ann Accessories giveaway is #36 - Angy! The second winner for the Finders Keeper's vintage 70's butterfly sleeve dress is #27 - Lizz! Congrats, ladies! If you could email me your full names and addresses, I'll get those mailed out this week for you! If you didn't win, no worries! I have plenty of opportunities to win in the coming weeks thanks to my amazing sponsors!

Best Day Ever Video!

So, all of you remember the Jess LC Jewelry shoot I did, right? Well, the video is finally up! They were waiting on the music - and I'm so glad they did, because I think it's perfect for the "best day ever"! So enjoy this video! I'm keeping my Sunday post short. Sundays are supposed to be "no computer" days. Brett and I are about to go do some spring cleaning! Be sure to head over to Jess LC Jewelry as well to check out her new line, Division!

Best Day Ever from Erica Griffiths on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red Touch of Spring

I feel like I blinked and opened my eyes to spring. As I was walking around downtown today, enjoying an iced soy caramel latte, I couldn't help but realize that I missed the blooming of spring! Trees everywhere are white and pink! There is this gorgeous tree outside of school that is just so vibrantly pink and I'm like, "Whoa! There did that come from?!" But am I thoroughly enjoying this? Oh, of course. It was a delightful eighty-three degrees outside today with an amazing breeze!

I can't believe I spent the whole day with my face stuck on this screen, but my portfolio is finally complete! I can't believe I'm two weeks away from finishing up my experience here in college. I'm honestly going to miss it, but I'm also so ready to be a full time career lady! Now I just need to finish up a couple of projects, plan a mini-presentation, get my gallery prepped and ready for the student exhibition and get all of my graduation requirements taken care of! Ah, this is so insane, you guys!

(dress - cosette from delightfully tacky via delightful dozen | cardigan - the limited
ecote basketweave skimmers - urban outfitters)

I received this dress from Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky! If I were to give you my number one inspiration resource, I would definitely say it's her. I feel like every time I visit her blog, she is wearing something I would totally wear.. or wish I was wearing, at least. That's why it's so amazing that she sends me off all of her amazing clothes to style up myself. Click here to see how she styled it up! She wore it in Hawaii and it looks gorgeous in that setting. It's fun to see clothes in a new light, a new setting and on a new person. It can totally change the look, but I feel like our styles are very much the same in a lot of ways.

I love how spring and fall accepts colors so well. Trying red in the winter is a little bit riskier of a move, especially when you're putting yourself against a bright white backdrop.. and your skin is most likely blinding pale, well mine is at least. I couldn't pull of the red lips much in winter, but it was definitely a favorite in the fall, so I thought I'd try it again in this transition period, and I love it. Fall and spring are definitely my two favorite seasons. It's just stunning outside right now. Go - stop reading - get out and enjoy it ;) Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

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