Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer renewal

73 degrees, this dress and my scooter combined makes for a very chilly summer evening! Brett and I scooted across the bridge into Spring Lake to meet my Dad and his girlfriend, Shar, for a wonderful dinner at Arboreal Inn. It was so fancy! They treated me for my birthday and it was so delicious! So.. this is what I wore! I threw on my olive green cardigan over top for the scooter ride! Ps; Thank you all for your amazing comments on my birthday post!

I bought this dress when we were in Chicago a few weeks ago. I was eyeing it a few weeks before that.. but decided not to buy it because it was a little expensive. It's Lucca Couture - thought it was Urban Renewal (whoa, people are freaking out that I mislabeled this!) The fabric seems very vintage. I absolutely love the floral pattern and colors in it. Plus, the cut out back was another thing I couldn't resist. Of course. I'm so predictable.

(dress - lucca couture// urban outfitters heels - dsw warehouse)

So I am officially registered for the Chictopia event and am planning my trip to NYC for fashion week in early September! I cannot wait, you guys! I'm so excited to be reunited with so many of my blog friends and meet any of you going! Details are so scarce on the IFB event, but I plan on going to that too when I hear more! I need to start researching hotels for a few girls going. I'm staying with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and I'm trying to recruit more girls to make the 13-hour drive out there with me! Any nearby bloggers going?

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Birthday gift

You guys have no idea how overwhelmed I was when I opened this birthday gift in my email today! One of my amazing readers, Vicki from Magpie girl, drew it for me and sent it over for a birthday gift! She based it on the second photo below.. and I love it more than anything! She is obviously an amazing artist.. and this is the first drawing I've ever gotten from a reader.. and it's so amazing. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Vicki, thank you again a million times over! I will keep this forever!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twenty four years

I am officially twenty four years old. Oh my gosh.. that just sounds old. Twenty three was still early twenties! I'm now in that mid-twenties stage. Eeeep! I was laying in bed with Brett last night giggling and telling him to time freeze the last twenty minutes of me being twenty three because I don't want to get any older. Twenty three was such a great year for me - probably the best. I started this blog, I graduated from the most amazing college ever, I got to spend every day with my amazing husband, our first year living in our town.. and I felt like I became me. I'm so excited (yet nervous) to see what twenty four has in store for me. Twenty two, I lost 35 pounds. Twenty three, I graduated from college and started Selective Potential. Twenty four... amazing new career?

For my birthday, I worked. BARF. Who has to work on their birthday? It should be like a national private holiday just for yourself. Afterwards, I came home and walked in the door to a confetti cake filled with twenty four lit candles, baked by my most amazing husband. From him, I'm getting a newly remodeled bathroom and I opened the sweetest card with three coupons inside. "One free week of chores redeemable any week this year!", "Get out of movie free (and if it's Brett's turn to see a man movie, but you want to see some chick flick, use this card.) and one coupon that entitles me to one year of photoshoots without complaints from the photographer. I nearly died. Could I be any luckier? Plus, he finally changed the lightbulb in the hallway. Aw.. I'm married to a genius!

(dress, cardigan, ring - h&m | boots - forever 21 | bird ring - gift from emily)

I bought this outfit a week ago.. and it was labeled fall. I'm trying to create a semi-new wardrobe with a little bit less feminine pieces and a little bit more grungy features. Some of my absolute favorite outfits from the past year have been ones where I felt a little bit grungy and not so girly. Some of my florals, my leather wedge boots, my bomber jacket. I want to work in more military inspired pieces, olive greens, deeper colors and stray away from the pinks and more cutesy items this autumn. So, of course, I wore this in the middle of summer. I was like.. it's my birthday.. I'll wear what I want to! Hehe. So yeah, this is my fall, in a nutshell.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Upside of Wonder Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, August 3 at 9 PM EST!
This week's giveaway is from The Upside of Wonder vintage!
She is offering one of my readers a $20 store credit to her shop.

To enter, you must:
1) leave a way for me to contact you (if i can't through link!)
2) your favorite item from her shop!
3) bonus entry for following her blog or twitter!

This giveaway is open to US and international readers.

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, August 3 at 9 PM EST.

And the winner of the ThreadSence goodies is...
#47 // Eleanor!
Please email me at to claim!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lickety split

Brett and I took a scoot ride downtown today to grab some ice-cream, walk on Chinook Pier and play on the little playground located next to the antique train station. It was such perfect weather! Tons of people out on the boardwalk and really cute puppies! Ah, I was swooning all night! I've been so stressed with work, so it's just really awesome to come home to Grand Haven, hang out with Brett, scoot around town and just relax and enjoy a summer evening. I feel better already. Plus! As soon as I click post tonight, I'm actually headed to bed. 11:30?! I knowww! I'm on top of it today!

At the ice-cream shop tonight, I got a boardwalk turtle sundae and Brett got a classic banana split. I thought it was too funny as we walked past this boat, so we head to grab his picture by "lickety split" with his banana split! Hehe! He's so cuuuute.

Amanda from The Upside of Wonder asked if I could style up this dress for her shop! I think it's an awesome idea to have Etsy shop owners have bloggers style up clothes - because you can get a real life sense of how you'd style it, plus you get some unique photos and publicity! I was more than happy to help her out because this dress is seriously super cute! It buttons all the way up the front, it's such a cute flowing material and just very perfect for a summer night on the pier. This dress is available for sale at her shop, so if you're interested, be sure to head over there!

(80's laura ashley red blue floral dress - available at upside of wonder | belt - urban outfitters
flats - sam & libby | rat-a-tat hat - modcloth | swooping swallow necklace - c/o modcloth)

Well, I'm off to bed early tonight! Going to sleep at 3:30 AM last night drained me today! It's going to feel so good to crawl into bed in a few minutes. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a lovely giveway from The Upside of Wonder - and you still have a little bit of time to enter the ThreadSence giveaway! Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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A vintage walk

It feels like summer is ending! The atmoshere has that "summer-ending" feel to it and we're just in July! It's strange. We've had some colder temperatures lately. Like, right now, it's 67 degrees! Granted, it is night-time. And I do live on the lake, so we get lake effect, but still. That's cold for July! We have our air conditioning blaring right now and it's so cold in the living room! I need to get up and turn it off, but I'm too lazy. It's 2:35 AM and I'm just now finally posting. I thought about sleeping, but decided against it. I'm going to try and pull an all-nighter. Too much to do!

I bought this vintage paper umbrella last spring from our antique mall for so cheap. I absolutely love it! It's so pretty! I can imagine bringing this down to the beach to block the shade - in vintage style! I usually don't buy a whole lot of vintage for my own wardrobe, but I absolutely love vintage-inspired clothing. Finding things like this are so fun too because they inspire new outfits (and make my photos look pretty!)

(kensie dress - idee geniale via delightful dozen | sandals, headband, necklace - urban outfitters

I need a simple, perfect LBD like this! I don't have one. Well, I have a couple.. but one has lace at the top, the other is super scandalously short.. and.. I think that's it. I loved this one! The detailing down the front is so pretty, but very subtle! I love styling clothes up in the Delightful Dozen, but I never want to return the clothes to their rightful owners! I'm actually trying to play catch up with DD swaps right now because I'm sooo behind. I feel so bad about holding girl's clothes hostage in my closet!

Well, you can tell it was muggy. My hair is a disaster! I've been thinking about highlights or dying it all brown. I'm not sure. My Aveda color karma says to go dark brown. My obsession with Eve Gravel's fall/winter 2010/11 line's model is forcing me to go back blonde. Life is so tough! I think I'll stay ombre. I don't know if I want to make a change before NYFW or not! I hateee hair. It's so annoying. Maybe I'll just keep growing it out to my natural color so that way I'm not blonde, I'm not dark brown. I'm a little bit of both! Well, I'm off. To clean our apartment! At 2:46 AM! Edit: I'm going to bed, I give up. I'm an old lady!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Down on the farm

Today, Brett and I took a scoot trip out to Eastmanville Farm. It has been a gorgeous day. Bright white clouds, blue skies, 80 degrees and super breezy. We love taking scoot trips out on this country road - it's also where I took my Shanty Creek post. Every time we drive back here, I get new inspiration for future outfits! We walked along the trail, checked out the barns and saw so many butterflies - like swarms of them! Lovely trip... "down on the farm"!

I received this dress through the Delightful Dozen! It's Maria from Lulu Letty's namesake ModCloth dress. It's so so lovely. As usual, I didn't want to style it up too much because it's such a great dress on it's own. Be sure to check the Delightful Dozen facebook page to see each way we have styled up the dress! I felt like this dress was a little bit "country" feeling to me, so I thought.. what better than a farm? Mixed with red accessories to match? Wa-la!

(lulu letty dress - modcloth via delightful dozen | red wedges - moda via dsw warehouse
vintage bracelet - c/o recy vintage | belt - forever 21)

We were supposed to go camping up in Torch Lake this weekend, but our plans changed when major storms came to Michigan. We rerouted to Indiana and our campground ended up being.. well, not a campground but more of a trailer park and our campsite was basically in someone's back yard. So, we drove to Wisconsin, slept in a hotel, drove back to Illinois and ended up staying a night at the Key Lime Cove resort, which was a blast. So that's the extent of my weekend! Did everyone have a good one?!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer marsh

Being right in the middle of summer is so surreal to me! You're right in the midst of it, yet you cannot believe how fast it's gone and yet you're already planning for the autumn season. It's baffling, especially because time is going too fast for me right now! I feel like I can't hold onto my days - they're just flying past. It always happens in summer though. I swear every summer I always say that I'm excited for cooler weather so that the days slow down. But I'm truly enjoying this summer so far. We've had such a beautiful one here in Michigan!

I received this dress quite a while back and truly wanted the perfect setting for it, because I love this dress more than words can describe. The heart cut-out back was a definite must-have and for a reasonable price, it was instantly in my cart and being checked out. I fell in love with the heart cut-out design a few months ago, but could never find a dress that was reasonably affordable, until I came across this one from Ruche, of course! Plus the longer length is refreshing, the muted pink color and floral pattern. Love at first sight! It's currently sold out, but they do have a darling sage one available!

I've been wanting to try this summer floppy hat style for quite some time, but I didn't want to spend too much on a trend I might not enjoy thoroughly or even wear more than once. Brett and I always peruse TJ Maxx (loveee that store) and I came across this for $10 and bought it up! I really love it for this look, but I'm not sure when else I'd wear this giant hat! It's perfect for summer though - blocks the shade and looks so cute with a summery floral dress!

(oh it is love sweetheart pink dress - c/o ruche, floppy brim hat - tj maxx,
basketweave skimmers - ecote via urban outfitters)

So, Brett and I trespassed for these photos, of course! This time it was someone's private property right on this marsh swampland. We were trying to cut through the woods but all of the trails were overgrown, so we looked at each other and said, "Alright, let's book it!" So we ran as fast as we could through someone's back yard into their wayyy back yard on this dock! When we were all finished, we ran back through the middle of their yard and found out it was all swampy and we kept sinking as we ran! Haha! And by the time we hit their driveway, there was a dog we also had to dodge! Hehe. Typical day in the life of us. We're off camping for the entire weekend by Torch Lake, so I won't be around, so be sure to enjoy your weekend!

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