Monday, August 30, 2010

Silver sailboats

Tonight was one of those perfect summer-ending nights. It's still in the 80's here and the wind was so warm and yet really refreshing tonight! Brett and I took a scoot ride down to get some ice-cream and walked along the water down to Bicentennial Park where these sailboats are. The lighting was too pretty - I didn't alter these photos at all. I just resized and posted!

We took a scoot ride down to the train station where they were filming a music video - like a cirque du something. It was like.. this local kid who wrote a song called something like, "The Tail of the Michigan Cougar". It was so funny; Brett and I were dying laughing and singing it to each other on our scoots as we rode past the lake. After that, we rode up to Jumpin' Java for an iced chai for me and a raspberry smoothie for Brett. Mm! I wasn't going to post this picture but Brett thought it was "the cutest". Haha!

(skirt - rodarte for target via delightfully tacky | top - idee geniale // delightful dozen
flats - uo | purse - thrifted | ring - c/o vadjutka | return of the mack-rame belt - c/o modcloth)

I love swaps with the Delightful Dozen. Not only do I feel like I have such wonderful friends, it really helps me step out of the box. I absolutely love this top and I might not have ever thought to buy something like this! I never really had girlfriends to raid their closets and now I feel like I have eleven girls that I can raid their closets! The ring I'm wearing is from Vadjutka! She offers really unique handmade jewelry! I love totally unique pieces. I always get asked where some of these items come from and it's awesome to say it's handmade from an independent designer!

Brett looks like he is windsurfing in this photo! Hehe, he's so cute. We have a little *project* in the works including me on guitar/vocals and him on drums...! We had band practice in the blog studio tonight. It was so cute. I felt like Mates of State! Maybe we could tour the world and bring our little blonde haired, blue eyed babies along with us? Ah! Dream on. I'll keep you guys updated with any details of our music!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Featured in Candy Magazine!

Hey all, I just wanted to pop in quick to let you know that I've been featured in the August issue of Candy magazine! It's my first print press and I'm so excited about it. Marla sent me over a copy and I was so excited to open up a glossy magazine with my photo inside. Candy Magazine is the number one teen magazine in the Philippines! And Marla wrote a super sweet little blurb about me, "Tieka's fashion blog has major heart! Her bubbly writing and super cute style makes me look forward to her posts every day." Thank you so much Marla and Candy Magazine for the feature!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bend of the road

It's been so lovely outside lately. It's been a fun time to dress because it's not blaring hot, yet it's not full blown autumn yet so I can mix a few summer pieces in with a few fall trends! I had a reader ask what my fall wardrobe looked like and I said that I wanted to put away all of my pinks and really girly items and bring out more grunge and earth tone colors, so I figured I better get a few girly pieces in before fall really starts up!

(be my friend forever floral shorts - c/o shop ruche | top - forever 21 | cardigan - urban outfitters
heels - dsw warehouse | pencey prep thigh highs in dark charcoal - modcloth | bobby pins - c/o obodo originals)

I received these so pretty bobby pins from Obodo Originals! I usually don't do much with my hair besides just wear it down, or in a side braid, or up in a bun, so it's fun to do something simple, yet have such a pretty element with these bobby pins! The flowers are made of beads and she puts together the prettiest colors. I really love this Sweet Pea flower trio set as well! Be sure to head over to her shop and check out her other designs!

There's not much happening with me this weekend! Brett and I are camping in our tent on the roof tonight. I'm sitting in front of the computer and he's sitting in front of the television calling it our bon fire. We keep trying to make camping plans and they haven't worked out - ever! So we decided to just go for it tonight on the roof! I'm going to force myself to do an autumn camping trip - somewhere with hay rides and pretty autumn colors. Ah! Alright, good night all! Sorry if I'm spamming all of you on my twitter with NYFW plans! It's just two weeks away and I'm so excited!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Novel Hunt Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, August 31 at 9 PM EST!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Duncan's woods

It feels like autumn is so close! I was freezing on my scoot today! I wore my green cardigan over this and was still so cold! You always know summer is ending when the mornings and evenings are chilly and the middle of the day is hot as ever. I never know what to wear - just layers and layers so I can adjust as the day goes on! We get a lake effect from Lake Michigan which keeps us "cool" in the summer and "warm" in the winter. I'm just excited to start wearing some fall items I've been storing in my closet!

When I saw this dress on ModCloth, I had to have it, of course. You guessed it - floral print, a daring back, a sleeved dress and the ballerina/skater style skirt was too perfect to pass up! I absolutely love the way Starr styled it up - I had to give it a go myself! This will be a perfect dress to go right through fall. It's a polyester/spandex dress, so it's unlike any other dress I own, I feel like. Definitely a unique item that I'm excited to style up again! I also couldn't wait any longer to wear these cute little oxford flats from Target - and my square pile on rings that I just got this weekend. I love the look of layered rings.

(never a wallflower dress - c/o modcloth | oxfords - target
rings - forever 21 | belt - urban outfitters)

Phew, I've been pretty busy trying to finish up summer outfits, things on my to-do list and all of my planning for NYFW! I just registered for the IFB Evolving Influence conference after making some very last minute plans. I just booked my flight today - it will be the first time I've ever flown alone (I'm so freaked!) The last time I was in an airplane was for our honeymoon three years ago! I hateee flying. My ears pop and I'm all nervous. It just feels so unnatural up there! I'm just going to bring headphones and some magazines and breathe through it. I'm so excited for New York though! Especially to see everyone (especially you, Elizabeth!) and to attend some great events! Two more weeks!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Guy Behind the Camera: 8th Edition

Welcome to the eighth edition of my "Guy Behind the Camera" series! For new readers, I started this last winter where I wanted a place to showcase some of our guys who take our outfit shots for us! I grew to appreciate Brett as he went through some pretty crazy scenarios just so I could have a fun blog post. Just recently we were nearly eaten alive by mosquitos and another time on the boardwalk it was so busy, Brett said, "I'm done. Forever!" Haha! I couldn't be more thankful - it makes it so much easier to take photos with Brett around! First, we have Elena from Caffeinerd. Her and her boyfriend - after a year of long distance - now live together and she used to only be able to have his talent on select weekends, but now she's beyond thrilled to have his mad photo skills at her disposal any day of the week! She says that Adam has no tolerance for any self-deprecating remarks that she might be tempted to make during outfit shoots and never fails to get great "detail" shots! Adam also has a little bit of photography experience under his belt, so while maintaining his day job as an engineer, she feels so privileged to have him as her guy behind the camera!

Secondly, we have Grace from Money Smart Fashion. I got to know Grace a little bit when I redesigned her blog layout for her last winter and she is so sweet. This is her boyfriend, Mike, or SSBF as she calls him on the blog! He was never one for taking pictures, but somehow with her blog she has willed him into doing it and he has really started to enjoy it! Taking pictures has been a great excuse for them to go out and explore on the weekends. He even thinks of places to shoot now! Grace says she wanted to submit him because he is the love of her life. She's not one to be mushy and lovely, but there is just something about him that makes her that way (Aw!)

Next up, Hannah from Hannah and Landon! I was so excited when Hannah decided to submit her and Landon for the feature! I sat in front of her last year at the Chictopia 10 conference and was just in awe at how gorgeous she is! My jacket kept falling and she'd keep picking it up and putting it back on my chair - haha! What a sweetie. Hannah says that without her husband, Landon, there would be no Hannah and Landon, but rather a much less exciting Hannah and Photobooth! He's responsible for all of the romantic photography that she wishes she could lay claim to on their blog. Her next step with their blog is to get him in front of the camera more often as his sartorial choices are often much more exciting than her own!

Fourth up, we have Marissa from Marissa Explains It All! The guy behind her camera is her boyfriend of two years, Greg. With him taking photos for her, her style has grown and it has been an opportunity to go to new locations, have fun and take her style to a whole new level! He makes her feel so comfortable in any location and knows (after being told once) what kind of shots she needs (including detail shots and all!) Not only does he take the pictures, but he helps her with all of her HTML problems! Her blog would never be as great without him!

And last, we have Tina from Clothes Lady! Her husband, Joey, always takes her photos for her! He never complains about it, either. (Lucky!) He is so sweet to her and will take pictures for her anytime she asks him to. Tina wants to give Joey credit because he's so kind and loving and always gives her compliments about what she wears! Geez, sounds like the total package. Brett usually complains about how my bra straps are showing or my hair is too feathered. Hehe! Sounds like you have a great guy, Tina!

Well that's it for the August feature of Guy Behind the Camera! If you would like to submit you and your guy, please email me at with your name, your blog URL, a photo of him, a photo of you and why you think your guy deserves some credit for being behind the camera! If you enjoyed reading this blog, be sure to check out the first seven editions! I'll be back in September with five more lovely ladies and their guys!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunset on the pier

The end of summer is such a gorgeous, yet super bittersweet time in our town. The sunsets are going down earlier in the evening, the winds are picking up, the water is getting colder. Autumn is my favorite season, but it's hard to let go of summer too, especially living in a beach town that comes alive in the summer season! We walked down to the pier and it was so pretty down there and I personally adore wind although it makes my hair crazy! It gives it more volume and texture! Wind is my favorite. I always ride with all of the windows down too!

I picked up this so cute "dress" from a thrift shop. It's actually a skirt, of course! I always head to the old lady skirt section and go straight for the larger sizes to try and find something that will fit as a dress. It's so easy to style up - just add a belt and a cardigan and you're set to go for $3! I couldn't believe I found this adorable anchor print in a perfect condition white skirt. I love it! And these red wedges have proven to be an amazing purchase for summer! I've worn them so many times.

(skirt worn as dress - thrifted | shoes - moda via dsw | cardigan - the limited)

I cannot believe I hadn't updated since Wednesday! Gosh, summer has been so busy for us! This weekend was so much fun though. We got our scooters worked on yesterday and put new pipes on they - they haul now! Seriously - Brett and I were cracking up at how much fun it was to scoot on Saturday! We were sitting there flipping through the Scooter Works catalog and came across this page and saw a picture of me! We were like - oh my gosh - haha! That is so awesome! I wasn't at all expecting it while sitting there waiting for my scoot to get done! The mechanic even had me autograph it! Haha!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Selective Potential Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, August 24 at 9 PM EST!
This week's giveaway is brought to you by... me!
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I'm offering one of my readers any item from my shop!
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#135 // Glitter Scrubs!
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Guest post on Upside of Wonder

Hello lovely readers! I'm guest blogging over at Amanda's blog today, The Upside of Wonder while she's taking some time to spend with family! Be sure to head over there and check it out!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pier peddler

Back to the daily grind! It's like we came back from vacation to autumn! It's 70 here, but feels even colder than that and it's overcast and cloudy! Downtown wasn't half as busy as it should be in the midst of summer. Ooh, I'm just not ready for summer to end yet. Of course, autumn is my favorite season but I'm having too much fun this summer. Plus, I need at least a few more trips into the waves of Lake Michigan!

We grabbed a bite of ice-cream down at a local ice cream shop, Pier Peddler. It's a cute little shop with touristy gifts! It's funny seeing all the touristy items on our trip in the upper peninsula and coming home to more of the same! Do any of you live in tourist towns? Do you like it or hate it? I personally love it - I think it's so fun when Grand Haven is bustling in the summer!

(dress - swap with emily from the daily fashionista | skirt - zara
canvas wedge - urban outfitters | symmetrically pleased belt in rusty brown - c/o shop ruche)

I'm working on wrapping up some of my summer outfits! I still have some items I haven't worn yet for summer - I really need to get my butt in gear. I bought this skirt in Chicago last month and I love the little heart print design! I also see my canvas wedges online at UO and linked to them in case you asked me about them! They have different colors too and they are so comfortable. I could walk everywhere in these! They'll transition really well into my autumn wardrobe too. I'm so excited for fall clothes!

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