Monday, February 28, 2011

Michigan blogger meetup

Friday night, I hosted the Michigan Blogger Meetup! It was so exciting to have 12 girls from Michigan attending! Girls came from all over the state and we met up for the Aqualush fashion show and drinks and snacks at a club in downtown Grand Rapids. It's so amazing to see how much fashion blogging has grown - even in Michigan. I was so impressed by how kind and amazing every girl was - and how stylish everyone looked! I had so much fun and am really glad I was able to put this on!

I wore a dress I received from Mel from Idee Geniale via the Delightful Dozen! If you tune in tomorrow to our Delightful Dozen Launch party at our website, you'll be able to see how this was styled up by Mel and see a few remixing tips to go along with the dress! Tomorrow we will be posting from 8 am to 7 pm EST and there will be a post from every member and giveaways in between! I'd love if you would join us! We're super excited and have put a lot of hard work into it!

(dress - lulu*s via idee geniale - delightful dozen | heels - jessica simpson
bow-print tights and belt - urban outfitters)

I'm also giving away the same exact goodie bag I gave away at the Michigan Blogger Meetup! You just need to be a follower of Selective Potential and leave a comment on this post! Fun things from magazines to nail polish, accessories and more! I also created a quick fun little video, but the lighting was so dark, so it's hard to see. But I'm having so much fun with my new iMovie... I couldn't resist. Have a great week, everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

80s Purple Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, March 2 at 9 PM!
This week's giveaway is from 80s Purple!
They are offering one of my lucky readers their
Neivz x 80s purple Cross small bar ring!

To enter, you must:
1) Leave a comment with a way to contact you
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This giveaway is open to international shipping here.

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, March 1st at 9 PM EST.

And the winner of the Linkel Designs giveaway is...
#179 // Empty Locket!
Please email me at to claim!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of my favorite places to eat in town is at Stella's! It's just two doors down from where I work and they have the best vegan and non-vegan food. It's a punk rock style bar with vintage arcade games and a juke box. I absolutely love the atmosphere and end up going every other week or so with friends or co-workers! So, I thought it would be fun to snap some photos outside in front of their lovely skull decor!

(checking the box bow dress - c/o threadsence | tights - target
boots - forever 21 | hat - urban outfitters)

Thank you guys all so much for your amazing comments on yesterday's post! I'll definitely have to take your advice and style my hair up curly again (with a floral dress and strappy sandals in spring!) The guys in the band kept picking on me at practice tonight saying how awful my shorts were - haha! Silly boys. Well anywho, this outfit was fun. I had a super hard time figuring of ways to style up this dress! Usually I default on my belts, but I couldn't cover up the cute bow detail! I might have to send this around the Delightful Dozen so the girls can give me some inspiration on how to wear it again!

Well, I'm off! I have so much to do tonight. I'm honestly considering an all-nighter, but I know that it would just destroy me tomorrow. I don't understand how people can stay up all night anymore! I'm such an old lady! Plus, tomorrow I'm getting my hair and bangs trimmed... and I'd feel a little sorry for myself if I fell asleep in the salon chair! Haha; have a great rest of your week everyone!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Born in the 80s

So, this weekend, I decided to try out my curly hair to see if it would still actually curl. Note to self? Never wear hair curly ever again! Oh my gosh. It was so 80s! So of course, I just make matters worse by dressing in the craziest 80s outfit ever. Brett couldn't stop laughing! Even his parents gave me a double look saying I didn't even look like the same person. I know, I know. I'll stick to my straight hair and bangs from now on! I'm so jealous of girls who have ringlets like I used to have!

I really love these new shorts though. I can just imagine them in spring with no tights and a floral top, cute strappy heels and my new floral socks. I ordered them a size up so they could be a little baggy for spring/summer! I'm always inspired by Greer when she wears her jean shorts!

(sweater - forever 21 | tights - target | necklace - c/o dolly & boy jewelry
jean shorts - urban outfitters | prague boots - c/o wanted | glasses - ragstock)

So, I've been super busy lately with ramping up the Delightful Dozen and taking on new clients for blog design! The Delightful Dozen will be launching our new website on March 1st. I'm so excited and have been planning and getting everything ready. We'll be having a 12-hour launch party with a post from each member and giveaways to boot! I'll be announcing it more through the week, so stay tuned!

Have a great rest of the week! It's been awful with snow and freezing rain here, I'm so over it. These pictures were taken on Saturday before the storm hit. I just want some clear roads. I don't even care if it's 0 degrees... just no more snow! I'm hoping we have decent weather for the Michigan Blogger Meetup this upcoming Friday. I'm so excited to meet new girls in the area!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Guy Behind the Camera: 14th Edition!

Welcome to the 14th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! For new readers, I started this feature over a year ago to give bloggers the opportunity to thank their guys behind the camera that shoot their photos for their blogs! I really appreciate Brett and he's been so amazing to take my outfit shots! To start off the feature, we have Aly from From Pacific to Atlantic. Her and her guy, Wes, have been dating for over two years. He loves photography, so he is always excited to take photos for her blog! He is constantly supportive when she tries out new looks and is always pushing her to expand her style! He always reassures her about her choices in fashion and she says her wardrobe wouldn't have grown without him!

Second, we have Hanna from Teeny Owl. She's been dating her boyfriend for over two years and she says he's the absolute best. He supports her in everything she does and says she cannot say how much this has come in handy when she wants to spend so much of her free time blogging about fashion! Before she could even ask him if he would be her photographer, he offered! He is super honest with her and makes she sure looks her best in photos. He also helps to keep her on track with this new endeavor in her life. He's a super wonderful boyfriend and she is so excited for their wonderful future together.

Third, we have Sally from Louder than Silence! Her and her guy, Ross, have been together for over two years and they started their blog as a creative outlet for their writing and photography! Ross does actually appear in front of the camera too, as their blog is a collaboration between the two of them, documenting their day to day life in London town. She wanted to put forward a thank you to him for putting up with her and her perfectionist ways. He's always so patient and only moans a teeny bit - it helps somewhat that he fancies himself as a David Bailey type! And as a bonus, he shares her love of charity shopping - how many guys can you go out thrifting with?! So cute.

Fourth, we have Ellie from Ellie's Shoes. She thought, since her blog is all about shoes, it would be cute to show her and her guy... by their shoes! Her other half, Jodi, is a photographer by trade and they started her blog in London earlier this year. Jodi set up a makeshift studio and took portraits of every single pair she had! Without his beautiful shots, her blog would contain only lazy daily pictures. She hopes that he gains some recognition from her blog because he's so talented and so patient when they are in the studio!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the 14th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! If you enjoyed reading this, you can check out the first 13 editions! I am no longer accepting submissions for this feature as it will be ending in April! I'll have new ways to feature bloggers in spring that I'm excited to share! Thanks so much!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hunt for a photobooth

So last weekend, Brett and I went on a hunt for a vintage photobooth! It was one of the reasons I wanted to go to Ann Arbor so badly! I really like this Photoboother website where you can create your own photobooth style images and I saw they had a spot where you can find the closest one to you! It was so funny because we walked into this underground lounge, snapped photos and left! They are so fun though. I have them up at work... and honestly jump a little in my chair every time I look at Brett's top photo. Hahaha, he's so creepy... and with the old style of the image, ah, so scary! Hahaha!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Linkel Designs Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, February 22 at 9 PM!
This week's giveaway is from Linkel Designs!
They are offering one of my readers their Verdigris Leaf Necklace!

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This giveaway is open to international readers.

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, February 22 at 9 PM EST!

And the winner of the $50 store credit to PTAK Apparel is...
#138 // Stacey Kuo!
Please email me at to claim!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

So, you already know the love story behind our Valentine's Day, but you haven't yet seen the outfit I wore! Well, today is your lucky day. I received lots of compliments at work for my red tights! I felt super girly all day, which was so refreshing. With the cold temperatures, I've been feeling a little blah lately! The fact that it's still light out when I get home from work is like... a dream come true. My pictures are going to be 1000000x better now. Thanks, world!

So last weekend, Brett and I went to Ann Arbor for our Valentine's Day away. I have never been there before, so it was super fun to experience their downtown area! It's way cute! We shopped at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Ragstock... and I spent a little too much money. Eep. I just had to buy another color of this cardigan. Plus, I finally received victory because this one was on sale and only for $39! We also went on the hunt for a vintage photobooth (post to come!) and ate dinner at Seva and splurged on cupcakes at The Cupcake Station. So fun!

(my love will come floral dress - c/o shop ruche | dany heels - jessica simpson
red tights - target | popcorn cardigan - urban outfitters
return of the mack-rame belt - c/o modcloth | necklace - forever 21)

So the fact that spring is hitting is making me so happy. In one month, we'll be turning our clocks forward and the days will be pure bliss. I know sometimes winter is brutal, but oh my gosh, when spring starts to hit... it's like a miracle! You don't take a second of the warmth and sunshine for granted! I'm excited for the rest of February though. The Michigan blogger meet up and the fashion show is coming up at the end of the month and that will be so much fun! Life is good! ps; Thanks to all of my readers who signed up and supported INDIE! It was so fun this week putting on the conference and today was the last day. You can still sign up if you'd like... we'll be offering it as an e-course once it ends! Wee! (ps; thanks Elizabeth for being a blogger's best friend. I simply adore you.)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Trees of love

For Valentine's Day, Brett and I were walking through this wooded area... and all of a sudden... there were hearts all along the trees! I looked over at him as he swooped me up into his arms and gave me a passionate, romantic kiss. He whispered, "I love you, my wife." and we frolicked off into the forest... and lived happily ever after.

Hahaha, just kidding! I totally had you guys doing, didn't I? Okay, fine... "my wife" didn't sound right to me either. Well anyway, scratch that, and let me give you the real romantic married story. I walked into the kitchen when I got home from work and the kitchen table was missing! Of course, Brett led me to our sun room where the table was set for two with a fondue set and so many yummy items to fondue. We drank soda from wine glasses, fried up veggies and chicken (fake chicken for Brett!) and had so much fun! So for Valentine's Day, we "fondued" it!

I actually had a reader leave me a Facebook message saying she spotted this really cute area on her way home from work that had these hearts attached to the trees! So, of course, anything totally tacky, Brett and I scope out... and it was so cute. I loved it! So thanks to Mari for giving me a totally wonderful idea for an outfit post!

(dress - bb dakota via gilt | tights - forever 21
charlie cross body bag - c/o shop mamie | boots - jeffrey campbell)

I hope all of you had (or are having!) a wonderful Valentine's Day! I'm stuffed on fondue-goodness and too many cookies from our work cookie potluck! I made fruit pizza... yum! So yummy. Ps; Do you follow me on Twitter?

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pigeon creek

So if you head south of our town, you hit some so-pretty scenic backroads and woods. I knew I wanted to pay a visit to Pigeon Creek for a post and couldn't wait to style up this outfit for this location. We were amazed at all of the cross-country skiers out at the park! We literally tip-toed through the woods so we wouldn't sink into the snow. As Brett was taking these photos, he was standing in snow up to his knees.. as I managed to stop on top! It was so deep in the woods!

I received this darling dress from Starr via the Delightful Dozen! I absolutely love the feather print. I knew right away I wanted to pair it with my birdhouse necklace and bird belt. I'm so into earth tones and inspiration from nature right now. Maybe it's because we're in the dead of winter, but I just can't bring myself to pull out really bright clothing! I'm forcing myself to for Valentine's Day though because I received the cutest dress and I can't wait to wear it for our date this weekend!

Le Mode Accessories has been sending this traveling bag around to a few bloggers... so you might have seen it on another blog already! It's such a perfect earth-colored tone (the one I styled up is the mocha color!) It's so fun swapping and sending along items to other bloggers. I heard today on the #IFBCon hashtag that "swapping is the new shopping"! It's so true!

boots - vintage crown via dsw | tights - american apparel | traveling bag - le mode accessories
toasty warm chunky cardigan - c/o threadsence | belt - gift of style sip via kmart)

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