Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weeping willow

Green grass! Eeee! I love this weeping willow tree because it's finally perking up and turning green! I'm still so excited that everything is coming back to life. I still feel a little blah though, like I'm still in winter mode. The fact that May is next week totally freaks me out. For some reason, May is usually my busiest month ever. There are just so many local events, festivities and things planned to do. Plus, my amazing friend Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage is visiting at the end of the month. I can't wait!

Just a few things I wanted to point out quick! I did an interview with Style Clone where you can see how to "shop" my outfit from my On the Bayou post! There is also an event happening in Chicago during Memorial Day (I won't be able to attend unfortunately!) but they have a big market full of vintage clothing, furnishings and so much more. Plus, they are having a blogger breakfast and what not. You can read more about the event here! I think that's all I had lingering in my inbox to talk to you guys about...

I received such a lovely package from my sponsor and dear friend, Caitlin from To Be Determined. She sent me this darling vintage sheer floral print top and threw in a couple of cute bows! I love receiving packages that are just cute in general; it always makes my day. Be sure to head over to her shop to check out her amazing spring items! She's a girl after my own heart with all of her floral items. Plus, if you use the code "springpotential", you can receive 15% off! Hurry though, the offer ends at the end of this month!

Outfit details:
Vintage floral top c/o To Be Determined
Forever 21 belt
Urban Outfitters t-strap heels

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Big Strawberry

On my drive home each night, I have to get off the highway and head on a sort-of country road to get back to our town, right on the beach. Well, I was scouring the earth for spring flowers (I see so many popping up!) and I spotted The Big Strawberry! I was like... how had I not noticed this before? It's amazing! It's just a super old barn, with nothing inside but hay, but it's called The Big Strawberry. So, of course, I grab photos with my bright red tights!

I tried looking online to see what this might have been at one point, but I can't find any information! Someone said it was probably a strawberry farm a long time ago. I know we have lots of blueberry fields on this road, but I didn't know of any strawberry fields. I'm always fascinated by the dorkiest things and probably spent way too much time tonight googling this barn.

I received this lace dress from my darling friend Kate from Postcards From and totally imagined myself frolicking in a field of flowers when I first tried it on, but I thought maybe I'd go bold and instead pair it with some red tights and dark accessories! I love this little bow belt, but I don't have any shoes to match, so that was definitely a challenge. I grabbed my darkest pair of boots and they still are a bit off on color! I love the brown color of this belt, so I'd love to find some shoes to match!

Currently I'm over my head in projects, but life is really great! The weather is finally starting to perk up and with the last couple of days having major rain, all of the trees have buds and everything is turning so green. I absolutely love it. It makes my life complete. I'm a summer child - born in July - and I thrive on Michigan summers! I have the biggest plans for this summer too. It's going to be goooood!

Outfit details:
Dress swap with Postcards From

Touch of Sweetness Belt c/o Shop Ruche
Target red tights
Seychelles boots via Gilt Groupe

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter Sunday! We spent the day at Brett's parent's house, watching movies (I got Tangled for Easter... so good!) and eating too much food. I wanted to wear something I knew I'd be comfortable in, but was still spring-feeling! I dug this dress out from the back of my closet. It feels like a perfect spring dress, even though the last time I wore it was at the tail end of summer! I can't wait to find some lilacs in bloom to wear it again soon!

It is so amazing to see flowers springing up everywhere. We still don't have blooming trees or leaves on the trees, but it's so close I can just feel it! It's amazing. It's crazy how such beauty just grows out of the earth. I'm impressed, world.

I've been overeating too many chocolate eggs and jelly beans lately. I swear I recover from one holiday and another one springs up presenting me with too many delicious treats. I'm never going to be ready for bikini weather. Plus, we're running 3 miles in two weeks and right now we huff and puff through one mile. How in the heck are we going to do this?!

Enjoy spring!

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters popcorn sweater
Going to San Francisco dress in petals c/o ModCloth
F-Troupe cross strap sandal via Buy Definition
Return of the Mack-Rame belt c/o ModCloth

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Past spring favorites

Since our spring weather just is not cooperating this year, I thought I would post a few favorites from last year. This time last year, all of the trees were blooming, I would ride in the car with all of the windows down, was always in flats and bare legs... it was bliss. Today is a rainy, freezing cold day just like this entire spring has been so far. Ew. So, looking through past posts makes me happy. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Path to the beach

Hello, lovelies! I've had the most chaotic week ever. Between Monday's blanket of snow on the ground, Tuesday's insane thunderstorms, the band recording this week, being so busy at work and trying to keep up with blogging... I haven't had time to think! I wore the same cardigan to work for the first three days of the week and I wore the craziest granny shorts today. As soon as I got home and looked in the mirror, I was like crap. I need to change... immediately. Haha! Life.

I was in love when I saw this blazer on ModCloth! I mean... a floral print blazer? I had to have it. I really love the retro colors to it. It's the perfect print to spice up a pair of jeans. As much as I've always denied that I love 70's fashion, I definitely do see myself coveting different elements from that time period. If you were to ever ask though, I'd say I'm a 90's grunge girl at heart.

I love finding unique purses when I thrift. Whenever we go to the thrift store, I head straight to the old lady skirt section to find unique patterns I could belt into a dress, always hunt for cute purses and belts. Typically I can't really find anything else. We don't live in an area where too many people are crazy stylish. I was always hoping that would give me the benefit - older women getting rid of their clothes and I'd have access to hidden treasures, but it doesn't happen!

Outfit details:
Style Oasis Blazer c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 black top
Jeffrey Campbell Splendid heels
Thrifted purse

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet the band

Blog readers, meet the band! I wanted to grab a few shots for our website and I thought it would be fun to post a few of us. I was actually supposed to take an outfit shot this day and didn't, so you also get a peek at an extra outfit! We're recording tomorrow, so we're having a sleepover tonight. We're banging out the final details right now and the guys go into the studio tomorrow to work on drums and guitar, while I head off to work! I don't go into the studio until Saturday for vocals!

You guys have seen this character lurking around my blog once or twice...

It's crazy thunderstorms here right now! The sky is going nuts and yet it's only 37 degrees.What the heck, April? This weather is crazy awful. I'm so mad that this exact time last year I was outside with bare legs and it was 80 degrees outside! I was stuck in my senior classes whereas now I have all of the free time in the world to go out and explore and I can't because it's so yucky outside. Booo.

Outfit details:
Limited cardigan
Express black tee
Urban Outfitters floral skirt
Urban Outfitters brown belt
Target black tights
Urban Outfitters t-strap heels

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Fish Ladder

On the west side of the Grand River, we have an amazing functional art piece called the Fish Ladder. It was designed so that fish could jump and battle the flowing river easier on their journey east, but it also allows people to see the fish literally jump up the stairs! It's so fun to watch. Most of the activity happens in spring and late summer, but I didn't see any fish jumping this time! I'll have to go back soon!

I found inspiration for this outfit in Lucky Magazine. In the latest issue, they had an article on four ways to style up a lace top. In one of the styles, they paired it with high-waisted pants and heels and I loved it! I was originally going to wear this to Chicago on Saturday for the vintage expo, but the weather was so crappy I decided to opt out. Thankfully it was all sunshine in Grand Rapids on Sunday!

I absolutely adore ThreadSence's new lookbook and couldn't wait to pair my Garren heels with these pants. This whole spread with the floral tank and cardigan is perfect. It's like the exact spring style I want. Now we just need spring weather!

I'm really liking my darker locks lately! It was like... the blonde tips disappeared so suddenly! I went for so long having ombre hair and now it's almost all dark. I was contemplating going darker, or going red, or even adding more highlights but I think I'm going to stick in the natural world for a while. My hair is the least dry/damaged it's ever been! It's so funny because I grew up hating my hair color. I'm glad I finally came around.

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters peter pan collar top
Garren heels c/o Blowfish Shoes
Dancing in the Dark pants c/o ThreadSence