Sunday, July 31, 2011

At The Drive In

Remember when I did a sneak peek post back in June for a video at the drive-in? Well, I'm so excited to finally debut the video! I worked with my good, old friends - Nick and Andrew from Little Cabin Films! They came up with the whole concept and as soon as I heard about it - I couldn't wait to film it. The video came out so cute and will definitely be something I cherish for life! Thanks to Nick and Andrew from Little Cabin Films - so much - for the concept and shooting the video! It's perfect! Be sure to check out their website. They are based in Chicago, so if you ever have any video needs - they are super awesome to work with. Enjoy!

Director/Editor - Nick Nummerdor
Cinematography - Andrew Morgan
Outfit details: UO dress, thrifted belt, Blowfish Garren heels

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest post on Eclectic Flair

Hi everyone! I'm over at Lidi from Eclectic Flair's blog today doing a guest post while she's on vacation! Be sure to head over and check it out! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Closed: Asian iCandy Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, August 2 at 9 PM EST!
This week's giveaway is from Asian iCandy!
They are offering one of my readers their Home Sweet Home dress!

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The winner of the Shop Sosie giveaway is...
#377 // Rachel
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back road home

I absolutely love driving our scooters along the back country roads to get to the city. There are little historic towns, farm houses, fields, old silos, winding roads, creeks and endless trees. It's just so pretty. If I had more time to commute, I'd take the back roads every single day. Brett and I were riding our scoots home from band practice tonight and stopped off along our way as the sun was setting. (Psst, yes I wear bicycle shorts under my dress as I scoot!)

Brett let the cat out of the bag yesterday and told me about my weekend birthday trip. I'm super excited. I love taking trips. Memories mean more to me than any single thing I own. I won't spill all of the details yet, but we have... a haunted lighthouse, waterfalls, turquoise blue waters and charming small towns to explore! In our hometown, we get to see the sun set every night on the coast, but where we're going, we'll see the sun rise on the coast!

Can anyone else believe it's the last week of July? I can't believe how fast summer is going. It feels like it just started. I have a bucket list of things I have to do before summer 'kicks the bucket'. The list is... go camping, jump off something huge into water (that's brett's contribution, of course), go to Mackinac Island, take an overnight scooter trip, tube on a river, go swimming in an outdoor pool and swim in huge Lake Michigan waves in August. Only a month left really to accomplish it all. Eeps!

I have a new giveaway tomorrow and a video to debut soon! Remember the sneak peek at the drive-in post? Well, I just saw the video and it's super cute. I'm really excited to share soon. We also got our mastered recording back for our band... which means, I will have music to post next week! We are so excited to finally share our music with you guys. I have a fun launch post coming up soon and you can pre-order our EP if you're interested! More details to come!

Outfit details:
Bow Stopper belt c/o Le Mode Accessories

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sundial at sunset

Phew! I'm back to my regular outfit posting! I can't believe I haven't taken real outfit shots since early July. Do I look any different? Okay, yeah, I have curly hair! It has been so hot here with high humidity. Blowdrying is a living nightmare. Plus with swimming in Lake Michigan with friends over the weekend, I just let it go. It's been a super fun summer though! Summers in Michigan can't be beat.

We scooted down to the Grand Haven sundial tonight to grab some quick photos! I always love the rivers embedded in the entrance area to the musical fountain. We grabbed some ice-cream (I got non-fat frozen yogurt, trying to be good!) and went and played on the playground for a bit. I spun Brett super fast on this disc thing and I was cracking up so hard. He got off, with his hat sideways and walked away stumbling. Haha! Love that kid.

I absolutely love this lace top from andwhatelseisthere. I've been wearing it a lot lately, especially with floral skirts. I've been really wanting to try just wearing a bra underneath like a lot of bloggers are doing lately, but I just feel so riskay. Okay, I've gotten made fun of before for saying riskay. I say it on purpose. It's funny. Read definition number two at Urban Dictionary. Bite me.

In other news, I wanted to announce that I'm part of the Lucky Style Collective! I've been so excited about it for months and have been working away at a few different things for it. I can't wait to tell you guys about something super fun coming up with Lucky! Be sure to check it out and the other bloggers involved. I'm super lucky (get it? get it? aha!) to be working with such amazing ladies!

Outfit details:
Lace top c/o andwhatelseisthere
Forever 21 lace shorts
Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cherry Festival

The last day of our trip, we headed over to Traverse City for Cherry Festival! It was super hot and insanely busy, but we managed to find a place to park and walk downtown a bit! It reminded me a lot of our Coast Guard Festival... just cherry-themed instead! We chowed down on food, drank the best cherry colas ever and paid way too much money to ride carnival rides! I also had to indulge in a cup of cherries while we were there! Yum, so good!

I love these little red shorts and have been wearing them a lot lately! It has been the week of heat here! 90+ degrees every single day. My pasty Michigan body just isn't used to it! We finally went swimming in Lake Michigan yesterday, but other than that, I've been plopped in front of the A/C, watching movies, eating popsicle after popsicle! I sent out a tweet saying I didn't know how you southern girls handled it and I got tweets back saying 90 degrees was nothing. You're all crazy!

I'm excited for this weekend! Tomorrow at work, we get a half day and then we're headed to my boss' cottage for our summer outing! I'm excited! This is really one of the last weekends of summer where we don't have plans, so I'm going to enjoy it. I'm hoping to drive a little south, visit a cute summertime market and maybe visit Silver Beach. Not sure yet, but there will be lots of scooting, wearing my bathing suit and enjoying summer as a 24 year old. Yes, I'm turning 25 next Friday and I'm kind of freaking out about it.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Shop Ruche's latest lookbook, Summer Resort! It's so perfect. I don't know how they manage to outdo themselves every single time! Also, I'm booking my trip for New York Fashion Week, so if you'll be in NYC, let me know! The only thing I have planned so far is Lucky's conference. I'll be there from September 6 to September 11. I'm really excited. I loved it there last year and can't wait to relive the experience! Have a good weekend!

Outfit details:
Forever 21 red shorts
Tee Time top c/o ModCloth
Naked flats c/o Blowfish Shoes
Pulitzer II sunglasses in red c/o 80's Purple

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Closed: Shop Sosie Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, July 26 at 9 PM EST!
This week's giveaway is from Shop Sosie!
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#147 // Laura
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Black Star Farms

I found out how small the world really is on our northern Michigan trip! We planned this trip very last minute and didn't book hotels ahead of time. With Cherry Festival, everything was booked! So, I sent out a tweet asking if anyone knew of any open hotels! I got a tweet back from a reader saying a place had a last minute cancellation and we should contact them. So I sent the inn a tweet! It turns out the marketing director of Black Star Farms is a fan of my blog and the Delightful Dozen blog! Thanks to a super generous offer, she booked us a room and made it possible for us to stay there! We couldn't have been more thrilled!

It was located in beautiful Suttons Bay, off the most wonderful winding, country roads. Brett and I were shocked when we pulled up to the inn, checked in and walked into our room. The inn itself was amazing - everything from the red and white trim, to the landscaping, the grounds, the fountains. The atmosphere was just so relaxing! Our room, Polaris, was incredible. We had our own private parking, the bed was massive, the bathroom had a jacuzzi tub and was stocked full of Aveda products. I was so excited. You guys know how much I love my Aveda products! Haha!

Our room was just off from the main foyer with a beautiful grand staircase and a black star (their namesake star) on the marble floors. There was a parlor with a bar and a library. As soon as we walked in, they were having courtesy hour with free appetizers and wine!

We left for the evening to grab dinner in Historic Fishtown, but when we came back, we explored the grounds at night. We went into the parlor and opened the mini-fridge and saw a bottle of wine with our name on it. How cool is that? So we sat out on the front rocking chairs and sipped wine!

As soon as we sat down in the breakfast parlor the next morning, they knew exactly who we were without even asking! It was surreal... and everything was incredible. We ate every last bite.

Before we left for the day, we explored the grounds, sat and watched all of the farm animals for a while, explored the wine tasting room, took a walk along their trail and made sure to seek out their treehouse! Thanks to Black Star Farms and Coryn for making this trip possible! We had the most amazing time... and we'll definitely go back and relive this whole experience someday!

Outfit details:
Keep it Mauve-in top c/o ModCloth
Express dress
Television Cameo ring c/o ModCloth
Jeffrey Campbell floral wedges c/o ModCloth

Monday, July 18, 2011

Francesca's Collections Grand Opening!

On Saturday, Francesca's Collections had their grand opening at Woodland Mall! I absolutely loved everything in the store from the layout, to the clothes, to the accessories... everything! I was able to meet Shanna, the store manager, and she was too sweet! I used my 20% discount to pick up a super cute heart-print dress and a new chunky belt!

As soon as we walked in, Brett was like, "This looks like the inside of your closet!" and I'm like what?! I wish! I could see myself wearing everything they had! Funky prints, fun colors, girly feminine pieces, lots of florals... yes, please! I'm actually inspired now... what if I turned a bedroom of our apartment into my entire closet and made it look like the inside of a boutique? That way, each morning, I could just go "shopping" in my own closet. What do you guys think?! ;)

You can still use the 20% off coupon if you're in the Grand Rapids area! If you're not in the area, you can always shop at their website!
Outfit details:
It's a Tie dress c/o Francesca's Collections
Garren heels c/o Blowfish Shoes
Thrifted belt

Sunday, July 17, 2011

South Manitou Island

We took a ferry from Leland over to South Manitou Island. I had no idea there were islands that existed off the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore! I was so excited to go explore an island with abandoned schoolhouses, farmhouses, shipwrecks and a lighthouse. It truly was an amazing sight to see. The ferry takes about an hour and drops you off on the island. We did the day-trip, but so many people were heading out there to camp for the weekend!

This old schoolhouse was so amazing. As soon as you stepped inside, it smelled like history. We all sat in the little schoolhouse desks and explored. It was seriously too cool. We took a wagon tour where they dropped you off to a bunch of locations to explore including this school house, an inland lake and old farmhouses!

Of course, our favorite thing was the lighthouse. This lighthouse was massive. When we took a tour to the top, it was an unending spiral staircase! We even got to step off into the house connected to the tower and take a peek. In the 60's, when the lighthouse wasn't maintained, hippies would go in there and draw and vandalize the lighthouse. It was actually really interesting to see.

The view from the top was so freaky. I was holding onto the rail with both hands the whole way and almost felt like I'd fly off because it was so windy! I had such a hard time snapping photos, thinking I'd fall. Haha! The view of Lake Michigan was stunning though. Sometimes I just can't believe how wonderful it is where we live.

Well, there's a little tour of South Manitou Island! This week I have two more trip posts left! I can't believe a little weekend trip in early July took us all the way into middle of July with posts. It's been really nice to have posts ready to go the past couple of weeks. It's been so hot here lately and I sometimes feel so guilty about how lazy I dress. Today I wore an old band tee and a floral skirt with flats. Not to mention, I wore that same t-shirt to bed last night. So awful! I'll get my butt in gear next week. Have a great Monday, everyone!

Outfit details:
Gap jeggings
Best of both words tunic c/o Shop Ruche