Sunday, October 30, 2011

LOFT Awareness

As you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm thrilled to be supporting LOFT in their efforts to support research for a cure! Every October, they collaborate with jewelry designers to create a piece that symbolizes how we as a community are linked to fighting breast cancer and raising awareness! $5 from every sale of this bracelet will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I styled up the Bow Bangle designed by Rachel Leigh! Be sure to like their Facebook page to see the ways other bloggers styled the items.

Phew, I'm feeling super behind on everything right now. Brett went to Florida for the weekend for Fest, so being without him at home has been really strange feeling! Especially on Halloween weekend. When I was in New York, I really missed him... but not like this. I keep going to his closet and burying my face in his clothes hoping that I smell him - haha! (Really lame, I know.) It's just sad. I can't wait until he comes home.

I cannot believe October is almost done. My favorite month. It flew by so so fast. I didn't get half the posts I wanted to get done! Thank goodness we've had really odd weather, so most of the trees are still in full color and some are just starting to turn! I'll definitely have a ton more opportunity to get fall color posts in November. I'm really looking forward to it.

Outfit details:
Corningstone dress c/o ModCloth
Betsey Johnson tights
Forever 21 belt
Urban Outfitters t-strap heels

Friday, October 28, 2011

Overlooked Falls

During my trip to the upper peninsula, I took a long drive through the Porcupine Mountains right around sunset. It was so pretty and nothing but autumn colors and nature for miles. I stopped off to Summit Peak and hiked up to see the view and decided to keep driving looking for waterfalls. I came across Overlooked Falls and was pleasantly surprised! It was a smaller one, but so lovely to see! Sometimes the overlooked things are the best.

Earlier in the day, I had explored a copper mine for three hours underground! I had a hard hat with  a light, saw hundreds of bats and repelled 80 feet down into the second portion of the mine. It was so much fun, definitely one of the highlights of my trip. So, I was in jeans and a warm sweater since it was 43 degrees underground. Right after the mine, I headed straight to the park!

When I was walking the trail and looking at the waterfall, I was like... this scene is straight out of a wilderness magazine! It was surreal almost! I wish we had more waterfalls closer to us in the lower peninsula. They are just so relaxing to sit by and they make a pretty photo!

I have one more post on my trip to the upper peninsula and I'll be done! There were so many more places I wanted to take photos of and blog about, but again... it just gives me an excuse to go back! And I'd love to more often. The upper peninsula is definitely one of my favorite places ever.

Outfit details:
Thrifted sweater
Gap jeggings
T.J. Maxx green jacket
T.J. Maxx circle scarf
Jeffrey Campbell boots

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bond Falls

I read about Bond Falls in one of my Michigan travel books and knew I had to check it out. It was about an hour outside of the town I was staying in, so I drove out quite a ways! I pulled onto the little side road, parked and started walking the trail to the falls. It was crazy because nobody was around. It was so desolate! I was out on this long, back road... in this back parking lot with no one around. Kind of creepy, actually!

The falls were so worth it though. They were so beautiful. It's said that Bond Falls is one of Michigan's prettiest waterfalls and I'd have to agree! There were so many levels where the water would fall. Plus, you could climb up these really steep stairs and see it from tons of different views. I loved it. I really want to go back in late summer now so I can walk around in them. It looked like it would be really easy to!

I felt like plaid was the perfect type of clothing to wear on an upper peninsula trip. Right? Paired over a warmer sweater dress, I felt very 'up north'. Of course, I had to wear a rain jacket for most of this day because it was cold and wet! I spent a while exploring the falls, but snuck out early because I was so creeped at how 'alone' I was up there! Plus, there are black bears in the U.P. and I kept thinking one would sneak out and say hello and I didn't feel like saying hello to a bear in the wild on this trip! Maybe next time... ;)

Outfit details:
Pumpkin spice sweater dress c/o Shop Ruche
Brawny beauty plaid c/o ThreadSence
Sweater tights from T.J. Maxx
Vintage Crown boots from DSW

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lake of the Clouds

During my time in the Upper Peninsula, I saw one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen at Lake of the Clouds. It was so amazing. It was only 7 miles from our hotel, just down the street. Although I was presented with crummy weather, I bundled up and headed to the park to see it. I've been wanting to see this sight for so long and it was truly amazing. You could see for miles in the mountains! We definitely missed "peak" autumn colors, but that just gives me an excuse to go back soon!

The lake was really easy to get to, you just walked a simple boardwalk to see the view. I love being in the Upper Peninsula too because they don't have as many "rules". Haha! Like down here, they block off lighthouse towers, put up tons of guard rails, etc. In the U.P., you can just very easily climb over this ledge and be on top of a mountain with no rails - nothing! It was awesome to get some really pretty photos.

For my clothes, I kept thinking warm, autumn layers. I knew it was going to be cold, so I packed as many of my chunky cardigans, knee-high socks, tall boots and thick belts as possible. I guess it's a little preview of the upcoming month to come! I felt like we fast-forwarded to November with the weather we had up there.

This trip was definitely one of my favorites though. I absolutely love it when something in nature can take your breath away! I truly live in a unique and amazing state with so many things to see and do. It baffles me. I still can't believe I drove for 10 hours straight and am still in the same state. If I was to head south, I'd make it to Nashville, TN in 10 hours. That's just nuts!

Outfit details:
Vintage 90s dress from Vintage Strings
Toasty warm chunky cardigan c/o ThreadSence
American Apparel army green tights
Regal boots c/o Wanted
Thrifted belt
Knit circle scarf from T.J. Maxx

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion at the Drive In

Remember that sneak peek post I did last month with a photo shoot we did at the drive-in? Well, here it is! I'm so excited about these photos too. They are gorgeous. We've been having a couple of dreary days in Michigan, so looking back on these makes me so nostalgic for summer already! I'm going to bombard you guys with photos (sorry!) but I just couldn't choose my favorites. I had so many! Be sure to check out Megan from Lime Green Photography's blog - she did an amazing job with these photos. I had the pleasure of modeling with fellow blogger, Kate from With a Heart Full of Daisies! Enjoy!

If you guys have questions about what I was wearing, just shoot me an email or Formspring question. I don't want to list out everything in this post! Also, be sure to check out the video I did with Little Cabin Films at this same drive-in earlier in the summer! I featured the dress that Kate is wearing above in it. Such a fun place to be - love the vintage vibe to this drive-in.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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