Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Pyramid Scheme

After posting about my band's new EP release yesterday, I thought it would be fun to do a week of music on my blog. Music is a huge part of my life. I've been involved in the punk community since I was fourteen years old. I grew up going to local shows every weekend. All of my friends either supported the scene or played in bands. I've played guitar since I was a teenager, played coffee houses growing up, released a solo CD, started a band with Brett and my best friends and have been playing in Circle Maybe ever since. It's a huge part of who I am... and who I'll always be.

The Pyramid Scheme is definitely one of my favorite venues in Grand Rapids. It opened a year ago, re-purposed from an old bar and auto repair shop in the Heartside Neighborhood. It hosts tons of bands and holds some pretty fun dance parties I've attended. Plus, the front area is perfect to grab a drink, play some arcade games and listen to music with no cover. I'm constantly here on the weekends with friends.

Last night, we played here with Homelife, Luther and The Menzingers. Sometimes I get so nervous to play in front of a big crowd, but it turned out to be a great show and I had a lot of fun being up there. Usually for shows, I try to dress comfortable so I can move around on stage. Either dresses with sleeves, or jeans and a top. I asked my friend Nick once what girls should wear to a show... and he said, skinny jeans, a striped or red top, flats, hair in a bun... and for colder weather, a leather jacket. I took his advice. ;)

They have some really great shows coming up, so if you're in the Grand Rapids area, be sure to check it out. I have a few more posts planned for this week that all have to do with music. Trying to come up with posts for a theme has been a fun challenge. I've honestly been trying to save money and pay down some bills lately, so I haven't been traveling all over the state like I normally do. So it's been fun to think about my town and what I can do for blog posts here!

Outfit details:
J Brand jeans c/o Lucky FABB
Forever 21 top
Urban Outfitters flats


  1. gorgeous post! i just adore your outfit. :) very very cute.
    kw Ladies in Navy

  2. Love this! Sounds like so much fun and I love your outfit. Does look like a perfect outfit for a show.


  3. Super cute! That's usually how I dress for shows as well :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. I'll have to keep an eye open for this place next time I'm in GR. My entire family lives out there, so I should be making a trip soon.

    The Pretty Pinhead

  5. you look so cute! i love your shirt!

  6. I love your top and your hair in a bun, so cute :)

    That is so awesome you have stayed in the scene for soooo long! I wish I wouldn't have given up on guitar when I was in highschool; it was so much fun jammin with my then boyfriend(now husband) and his friends in his punk rock band. Those were the days! hehe



  7. Looks like a really fun place (I'm in love with that bright blue wall! <3) although I have to admit - I'd go just for the Iron Man game. ;D

    Your outfit is great - I'm a huge fan of skniny jeans and your hair looks great in a bun! :)

  8. I love this post! You look seriously adorable and I'm loving your photos!

  9. Gorgeous photos!! I am so jealous that you are a musician! That's one talent I've never had and always wanted!!


  10. I love that picture of you on stage. It's so fun to get a peek into your music life. :)


  11. I didn't know you do so much music, that's great! Music is also an important part of my life, although it's not punk, but classical music (yes I know, that's not half as cool as you, but well, I just love it and can't live without it). I love to make some chamber music with my friends, but we never play somewhere, I think the "non-professional" music scene is way more open in the pop/punk/jazz world than in the classic music...
    And i think your friend gave you a perfect advice, the outfit seems to me perfect for a show!

    xxx Anita

  12. so many lovely photos!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  13. Looks like such fun! & a wonderful place :)

    love the top btw


  14. you look so cute in that outfit, definitely a winner for stage :)
    and if I was in the area I would have definitely come, it looks like such a cool venue!

  15. I love gr's music scene! The hubs and I grew up going to Skelletones listening to some great local music, our favorite was the sequoia outlaws!! Ill have to come to one of your shows sometime :)


  16. LOVE your top Tieka!

  17. this venue definitely does look like so much fun! you are absolutely adorable, girl! loving this stripped top. i think nick was right. you are rockin' it! ;)
    so glad to hear you have been having so much fun. and excited to see all of your music posts!!
    xo TJ

  18. Awwwww you look like you're really enjoying being up there and playing music. I really wanna see you guys perform now. And your hair looks really cute. I can't do my hair in a bun for my life!


  19. You are so young and yet have accomplished so much! Well done!

    adored | vintage

  20. Cute outfit & fun post. That place sounds so great. I love the little hang outs just around town.


  21. Good to see you smiling chicka :)

  22. Your band is considered punk in the midwest?! Music genres are so weird. You definitely would be pop-rock or emo on the west coast. If you say you're into punk here, people will expect something like The Bikini Kills or The Secretions.

  23. Cute striped top! And that place looks like a super fun place to hang out!

  24. I love your striped top. The outfit is so cute and simple. Nick has some good advice!
    And Pyramid Scheme looks like such an amazing place! I really need to start exploring my own town more, because I know there are interesting places around here.

  25. I've actually never been to the Pyramid Scheme! I love this post :) Your outfit is so classic, and I love that blue wall. I'll have to see if I can catch one of your shows soon!


  26. just discovered your blog!! love it!!!

  27. Adore this post Tieka, I love getting a sneak peek into all of the different places you hang, so fun + these photos couldn't be anymore adorable!! :) Also, I'm LOVING your stripes & skinny jeans combo AND the top knot, so cute - seems like the perfect show ensemble!! Hope your Friday is a fabulous one. BIG SMOOCHES! V

  28. That is some good advice from your friend Nick--I'll have to keep that in mind for shows. That looks like such a fun venue! I would hang out there, too. xo!

  29. I know the menzingers! what a small world :)

  30. Looks like you had a great time! :)



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