Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giveaway: January Edition!

Closed Wednesday, February 13th!

I'm excited to feature a new giveaway series in 2013! Every month, there will be a collective giveaway from my small/medium sponsors. After receiving some feedback on my reader survey, I knew I needed to streamline giveaways so there were less of them, and they were bigger + better! ONE lucky winner will win a prize from each of these sponsors! This package would be great for a gal who wants a few new pieces for her wardrobe and some advertising for her blog/shop. See details below!

1. ever.mi+crush is offering a $40 gift card to their website! They offer trendy pieces with a touch of vintage inspiration by a variety of vendors (such as artists on Etsy) as well as up-and-coming designers like Dear Creatures and Darling UK. I love their Sandy Dunes Dress. It would look perfect for a visit to the beach this summer!

2. Brickyard Buffalo is offering a $50 credit to their website. Brickyard Buffalo is the newest online pop-up market where you'll find the best discounts on quality, on-trend items. Their Knitted Chunky Bow Scarf is SO adorable and would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

3. And last but not least, Shannon of Shannon Hearts is offering a 3-month large ad space on her blog! Shannon is a blogger that focuses on personal style, fashion, photography, travels and all the beautiful things that inspire her along the way. This giveaway is a:

One of you will get to win all of that! To enter, just visit all their shops/blogs above and post one of your favorite items or blog posts here in the comments. Only one entry per person, please. Giveaway will be open until Wednesday, February 6. Good luck! xoxo

The winner of the Lalamagic giveaway is...
#16 // Brittany PC


Gayla said...

All of the dresses from ever,mi+crush are adorable, but I like the the "Cross the Sea" dress the best!
The "You Are Loved" sign in steel from Brickyard Buffalo is my favorite.
Shannon's style is great, so it's hard to pick just one, but the Preppy Plaid post is right up my alley!
I love the new giveaways. Great job!

Geena Rose said...

i love the made by jewls earrings by brickyard buffalo& the french vinyard dress from ever+mi crush. Everything's pretty cute!


Bad Taste Toast said...

Aww so many cute things!

my favourites are these:




Anne said...

Just learned about Brickyard Buffalo recently - love the idea of this site, and the sweet & simple bow necklace they have right now is tempting me...

Sweetened Style said...

I love the brunch time belle dress from ever.mi+crush!

Rachel Sullivan said...

I love the Pretty Little Bow dress at ever+mi crush, the bow scarf (and basically everything) at brickyard buffalo, and Shannon's Happy Heart post! That t-shirt is too cute.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Shy :) said...

brickyard buffalo have such simple designs, i love how delicate they are.

Amy Martinez said...

I love all these sites! Thank you for introducing them to my closet! Lol! These are my picks, though I’m sure I’ll find more to love while I keep browsing them all.

Ever.Mi + Crush
Serene Waters Color Block Dress
I can’t get over the cute color combination of this dress! It’s so sweet and sure to get a girl noticed. It’s look really comfortable too, which is ideal for a girl on the go!

Brickyard Buffalo
Designer Fashion Headbands: This is one of my favorite trends. This particular headband is delicately charming. It can dress up any outfit in any season.

Shannon Hearts
Look Book: Happy Hearts
What a fantastic blog! Thank you, Selective Potential, for introducing me to this site. I adore all the outfits I’ve seen so far, and the one that really catches my eye is the Happy Hearts post. What a great way to bring a fun print to a classic outfit. I’m totally in love with the color of her clutch!

Diana said...

I love the Peggy dress from ever.mi+crush. What an amazing colour combination!

Catherine S. said...

The Sandy Dunes Dress from ever.mi+crush is the cutest!

And from Brickyard Buffalo, my picks are the Gold Pinch Stacking Rings.

Shannon's got great style. My favorite post of hers is Emerald City (http://shannonhearts.blogspot.ca/2012/12/look-book-emerald-city.html). Great blog!

Eccentric Owl said...

What a great idea and wonderful giveaway! I really love Shannon Hearts' most recent outfit post (Silver Streak) The shirt with the cutouts, so amazing. And who can resist sparkly shoes? *swoon*
All the dresses at Ever+Mi Crush are beautiful, but oh the It's Maritime Dress is by far my favorite! It would be so perfect for summer.
And the Petite Valentines and Cards at Brickyard Buffalo are adorable.I need them, stat!

CP and KW said...

adore the delicate gold jewelry bangles (violetfly) from brickyard buffalo.

i am also loving the a class act dress from ever mi crush!

adore shannon hearts blog too!
kw, Ladies in Navy

Val said...

What a great idea for your giveaways!

From ever mi crush, I would love the autumn owl sweater. From Brickyard Buffalo, I would get my husband one of the leather wallets and some gold jewelry for myself. And for Shannon Hearts, I loved her blog post Happy Heart. What a cute top!


Kitsune-kun said...

oh wow! although all the items are great I think I'd be ost interested in the ad space, since I could really use some push with growing my blog!


T and C said...

Eeeee! I LOVE the delicate headbands! So lovely! Faaaantastic giveaway. :)

Katy said...

My favorite thing has to be the Knitted Chunky Bow Scarf too! It's so cute and would be perfect for winter!


Jacqueline said...




fun giveaway! mnjfrey(at)yahoo(dot)com

The Egg said...

i love all of these fabulous ladies!

xo the egg out west.

Rewynd said...

What a wonderful giveaway!! Thanks to you and all 3 of these sponsors for this.

I'm in love with so many of Ever+Mi Crush's dresses... especially the Aleene Stone Ruffle Dress & the Jupiter at night Dress.

From Brickyard Buffalo (which I haven't heard of before and has promptly gone into my bookmarks), I love that Knitted Chunky Bow Scarf.

And Shannon's blog is great new style blog to add to my ever-growing bloglovin' collection. Her style is wonderful and she has such gorgeous photography. My favorite post is the Look Book: Blackout post. That dress with that blazer is to die for.

Thanks again. And goodluck to everyone.

- Rewynd
robyn (@) rewynd.net

Becky Dykstra said...

Ah, I love Brickyard Buffalo's stuff! And ever+mi.crush looks like they have some *great* stuff as well...

I'll have to say the Yeah Yeah coat in burghandy from ever+mi.crush. :D

Chelsey said...

I love the Woodland Valentine cards from Brickyard Buffalo. cheltrl@gmail.com

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Really really cool!

My faves are these:



Thanks so much:) Fingers crossed!


Lyssalove said...


and this.

<3 alyssahickman28@gmail.com

JellyBones said...

I am in love with the garden tea romper at ever.mi+crush. So cute!
Also,love the chunky bow scarf.


Natasha said...

I really like the Sugar & Spice Dress by Tulle on ever.mi+crush.

Jess said...

The evermicrush glistening garden tunic is so cute! Ever since season 7 of Dexter, I have been so inspired by Hanna McKay's outfits, and this is shirt totally reminds me of something that she would wear!

Alex said...

I love the sherry skirt from ever mi crush!


Z said...

I love all the sponsors, but that bow tie scarf takes the cake!
Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

Iwona said...

I really like your blog:) Beautiful photos:) I greet and I invite you to my blog;)

Bridget said...

A, great idea.


evermicrush: Definitely the Chantelle dress

brickyard buffalo: the black tourmaline necklace

shannon: her cobalt blue dress! lovely.

Samantha Manzella said...

I love all of these sponsors! That bow scarf from Brickyard Buffalo is my favorite, though. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

- Samantha

Sara said...

I'm absolutely adoring the 'Cup of Tea Belted Skirt' from ever.me+crush! I also love the delicate gold jewelry from Brickyard Buffalo! So, so cute!

Justine said...

Love the Fast Forward bangle from evermicrush, the bow necklace from Brickyard Buffalo, and Shannon's Ripe Raspberry lookbook post (need those studded biker boots!)

What a great giveaway :)


Bethany said...

I would love to win! My favorite thing I've found is Brickyard Buffalo's black tourmaline necklaces.


Jessi said...

These are all great prizes! I'd really love to have that bow scarf, it's darling! Thanks for the chance Tieka :)

Rifka Sams said...

This peplum top is adorable:

This Bow necklace :

And i love this simple yet classy and elegant outfit:

Jamey Meteer said...

I love the mint macaroon top
and those valentine's printable s. Great giveaway!

Naomi said...

Aw I love Shannon Hearts and would love to be featured there! Also, the bow scarf is just my style!

The Occasional Indulgence

olygirl said...

At Evermicrush I love the tea and cake lace dress!
At Brickyard Buffalo I love the vintage style headbands and clips.
And from Shannon Hearts I love her blog entry called Silver Streaks. She always has inspirational outfit ideas.

Samantha said...

I LOVE the pretty little bow dress from ever+mi crush and pretty much everything at brickyard buffalo!

Chloe Berryman said...

I love this coat:

These bracelets:

and this post about the first look!

Ellen said...

Look Book: Rainbow Sherbet
flagler1965 at gmail dot com

Saurus said...

I like the Autumn Sunrise Dress at Ever + mi crush, the Black Tourmaline Stone Necklace at Brickyard Buffalo, and Shannon's Happy Heart post from January 18th.

Megan Lane said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore that knitted chunky bow scarf in burgundy!

Kristina said...

I love pretty much everything on ever+mi crush! But I especially love Lisa Blouse by Dear Creatures. It's super unique! :)

I've loved Shannon's blog for a while now. It's super chic and gives me lots and lots of inspiration. One of my favorite posts lately has to be Believe.

I love the delicate gold jewelry from Violetfly at Brickyard Buffalo! Super cute :)


Leslie said...

I love Ever+Mi Crush's Scallops and Pearl dress, Backyard Buffalo's bow scarf, and Shannon's Dusty Rose post!

LindsayK said...

I just adore the Air Of Romance Blouse from Ever.Mi+Crush. I feel like Lady Mary would wear this from Downton Abbey :)

2ndhandknowledge said...

Great giveaway! I love the count your sheep sweater from ever.mi+crush!

2ndhand Knowledge

Kimberly Rampersad said...

I love the classy Briony trousers from ever me crush.

k_rampersad03 at yahoo dot com

Alyssa said...

The sweet and simple bow necklace from Brickyard Buffalo is so adorable!

Megan said...

I love the Emerald City Blouse from Ever+mi Crush! :)

Marsa said...

ahh i love the gold feather earrings from brickyard buffalo :)

The DayLee Journal

Romina s. said...

I love the "you are loved" canvas

and the Dear Creature dress: http://evermicrush.com/dresses/it-s-maritime-dress-by-dear-creatures.html

Amazing giveaway!

romina.s.munoz (at) gmail (dot) com

Jennifer said...

This is a great bunch of prizes! I'd love to get the Come Over Darlin’ Dress from ever.mi+crush. It's so unique and well-tailored!


Chelsea Lennox said...

omg I always love everything on BB, right now the made by jewls earrings are my fave!


Rebekah Markewich said...

I love the emerald city blouse from Ever Mi crush. :-)

Sandi said...

Love this dress http://evermicrush.com/dresses/easy-street-frock.html !

Kaity said...

I love that french vineyard dress from ever+mi crush! the colors are just so pretty.

Pinky Sade said...


Ellie said...

Love the emerald city blouse from Ever Mi Crush!

thecottagediaries said...

Love the Sunday Afternoon dress from Ever.mi+crush.


angelaremondi said...

This is such a cool idea for a giveaway! I love the delicate gold jewelry on Brickyard Buffalo! The Emerald City Blouse on Ever Mi Crush is my favourite- I love the green colour and I've been wanting a tie-front blouse for ages!!

xo inventedromance.blogspot.ca

Jay said...

From Brickyard Buffalo, I love the "sweet and simple bow necklace"!

From ever.mi+crush, I love the "air of romance blouse". So pretty!!

I love Shannon's style!!! Her blog is so cute! :)


Kelsi said...

I think the Sweet & Simple Bow Necklace from Brickyard Buffalo is so cute! It'd go with absolutely everything. :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love Shannon Heart's blog! I love the bracelets pictured from Brickyard Buffalo!

Great giveaway!

celliasaragih said...



purzha said...

Love the London Bridge Coat from ever.mi+crush and I totally agree about the cuteness of the knitted chunky bow scarf. What a lovely giveaway!

Hannah said...

I love Shannon's style, especially this look: http://shannonhearts.blogspot.com/2013/01/look-book-dusty-rose.html

I really like the Polka Dots and Daisies Valentine's Day cards and the Violetfly bracelets from Brickyard Buffalo.

From Ever + Mi Crush, I love the Sunny Afternoon Dress in Seafoam - perfect for spring!

Shanna said...

Love the Missoni Mademoiselle Dress!

daniellevalencia said...

they bow bunny fingerless gloves from ever+mi crush are tooo cute. i could definitely use some since it is still freezing!

something about us said...

I adore the Brunch Time Belle Dress!

Elizabeth W

mumblings said...

From ever.me+crush, I love the Ginny Dress by Darling UK in mocha. I just went to a fancy girl's night birthday party last weekend and had nothing to wear---this would have been perfect!!

I dig the black tourmaline necklace from brickyard buffalo. I need more simple necklaces and this is so pretty. definitely bookmarking that.

^this. I'm growing my hair and bangs out for the first time since I was a kid. It's about her length now and I have NO CLUE what to do with it. her hair in this post is super cute!

Carly said...

I love this giveaway!

Shannon is one of my favs! Brickyard Buffalo is on my daily visit list....today I'm loving their gold bracelets! The Think Mink dress from Ever.Mi+ Crush is my DREAM dress!


Julie Kuberski said...

I really like the Easy Street Frock from ever.mi+crush! It's sort of different, but really cute!

Stacey said...


This wallet is so cute and minimalist!

pocketsizedgirl at gmail dot com

Jamie Rose said...

At Ever.mi+Crush, my favorite is the Subtle Elegance Peplum Top in Periwinkle.
At Brickyard Buffalo I love the Sweet and Simple Bow Necklace.
At Shannon Hearts, I really love this look with the heart print v-neck: http://shannonhearts.blogspot.com/2013/01/look-book-happy-heart.html


Danny and Liese said...

Love evermicrush's Gilded Charmer Top!

turtlefly said...

My favorite from ever.mi+crush is the Francesca Dress. My favorite from Brickyard Buffalo is the Stone Rush Jewelry. My favorite post on Shannon Hearts is the Look Book: Coming up Roses. Love the blues, and those shoes!

Bivisyani Questibrilia said...

I looove the Suzie Headband from ever+mi.crush! So adorable and so excited about this awesome giveaway!

Kayti said...

I love the Cross the Sea dress!



Tori Simpson said...

I love love love the Autumn Sunrise Dress from Ever + Mi Crush, as well as the knitted chunky bow scarf!

Kelsey said...

I looove the Easy Breezy dress in mint from ever.me+crush!

vy said...

The Moonlight Garden and Cross the Sea dresses are to die for. And the chalkboard banner is an awesome idea!

Patricia said...

I love the Calm and Collected Peplum top! Perfect fit. I think I have seen you wear it in one of your blog posts! :)


jellybones said...

Love the French Vineyard Dress http://evermicrush.com/dresses/french-vineyard-dress.html

This necklace is AMAZING - want want want

Really enjoyed this blog post :) http://shannonhearts.blogspot.ie/2013/01/my-favorite-beauty-products-2013.html


Bevin Valentine said...

What a fun giveaway!

From Ever+Mi Crush I'm really into florals for spring and I like the flower shop lace dress-- http://evermicrush.com/dresses/flower-shop-lace-dress.html

From Brickyard Buffalo I love the Sweet and Simple Bow necklace-- http://brickyardbuffalo.com/deals/sweet-simple-bow-necklace/

And it was fun to see Shannon's sweet blog, which I didn't know about. I really enjoyed her Warm Breeze look: http://shannonhearts.blogspot.com/2013/01/look-book-warm-breeze.html

Lauren said...

I love the Francesca Dress by Darling UK from ever.mi+crush.

The Delicate Gold Jewelry from Brickyard Buffalo.

Last but not least, Shannon Hearts Look Book: Happy Heart post.

HollyDolly said...

The Knitted Chunky Bow Scarf on Brick Buffalo is crazy adorable!

kittykerri said...

I love the Pure Luxury Asymmetrical Necklace from ever.mi+crush, the Black Tourmaline Stone Necklase from Backyard Buffalo, and I love Shannon Hearts Look Book: Blackout post. That outfit is lovely.

Hayley said...

love the gemstone jewelery that brickyard buffalo has, so pretty!!


Fel said...

i am a scarf freak! so, naturally, i love the bow scarf: http://brickyardbuffalo.com/deals/knitted-chunky-bow-scarf/ i have to learn how to make my own, like a boss. this is awesome girl, xx fel

Judy said...

From ever.mi+crush I love the Pretty Little Bow Dress by Dear Creatures. From Brickyard Buffalo I love the Sweet & Simple Bow Necklace in gold. And from Shannon Hearts I love her Coming up Roses look. Awesome giveaway!

Elisabeth said...

I'd love to be the lucky winner! :)
Here are all my favorites:




RetroStreetStation said...

Great giveaway!
These are my favourites:




Megan Staker said...

From ever,mi+crush I adore the garden tea romper and from brickyard buffalo i love the delecate gold jewelry - violetfly...so cute! love shannon's blog as wel!

annalgh said...


From ever.mi+crush I LOVED the Snow Kissed Dress with Back Tie. I would totally wear it to work up here in Alaska!
From the Backyard Buffalo I loved the 'Be Kind' print! I would hang it at my work to remind me to 'Be Kind' to grumpy patrons. :)
Lastly, from Shannon Hearts I really, really liked the 'Look Book - New Year Cheer' post. I would totally wear that to work, and who doesn't LOVE that gold leaf ring?

anna gh

Lexie said...

Love this dress from Ever Mi Crush: http://evermicrush.com/dresses/it-s-maritime-dress-by-dear-creatures.html

Babes in Thriftland said...

Loving the Serene Waters Color Block Dress from ever.mi+crush. I am going to Europe in the spring and I can see myself on the French Rivera in that dress. It would look great with the delicate gold bracelets from Brickyard buffalo! Fingers crossed!


Ashley Brewer said...

I love the Violetfly jewelry on Backyard Buffalo, and the Calm and Collected peplum top on Ever + Mi!


Jen said...

Loving those black tourmaline necklaces from Brickyard Buffalo!

chantilly said...

i really love the easy street frock on ever & mi crush!!


Jane B said...

I love, love, love the geometric bangles! Thanks for the giveaway

The Braided Bandit said...

I love the sunny afternoon dress from Ever+Mi Crush! So many cute things!
Thanks :)
xo Hannah

Juliet said...

I really like the Garden Tea Romper from ever.mi+crush!

tara said...

I love the gemstone necklaces on Brickyard Buffalo!

Neil & Michelle Harrison said...

autumn sunrise dress

Forever Morning said...

I adore the Zoe Tote from ever+mi.crush, and the Academy J headband & the black tourmaline stone necklace from Brickyard Buffalo!

atramm said...

There are so many cute dresses on ever+mi.crush! I have my eye on the Brunch Time Belle Dress. I will certainly be visiting Brickyard Buffalo again. I love the delicate gold bracelets.

Shing said...

I love these..

*ever.mi+crush: http://evermicrush.com/new-arrivals/fast-forward-bangle.html, http://evermicrush.com/sale/bow-bunny-fingerless-gloves-in-red.html

*Brickyard Buffalo: http://brickyardbuffalo.com/deals/delicate-gold-jewelry/

*Shannon Hearts: http://shannonhearts.blogspot.com/2012/07/look-book-orange-crush.html

clothes lady said...

On ever.mi+crush, I really like the Pure At Heart Dress.

On Brickyard Buffalo, I LOVE the Gold Plated Raw Amethyst Point necklace.

And for Shannon, I love the outfit in her Look Book: Blackout post. Super cute!

thanks for the chance to win! :)



Megan Thompson said...

The Delicate gold geometric bangles are pretty fabulous and would go with EVERYTHING. oh yea all caps. - from bricktardbuffalo
Then we have the lovely Shannon Hearts. Who wouldn't want to be featured on her blog?
The dress I am particularly fond of over at evermicrush would have to be the Serene colors block dress. Stunning.
Megan Thompson #winning?

undomhin said...

The Knitted Chunky Bow Scarf is just too cute! And the color is perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

Brooke Adametz said...

Great giveaway! These are my favorites:

adametzb at yahoo dot com

rachel said...

I'm loving brickyardbuffalo.com's organic chevron swaddling blanket

Tiffany Morin said...

I cannot get enough of the Garden Party Coat. I don't think i've ever loved a coat more! It's beautiful.

Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...


Brickyard Buffalo - BOYS POWELL PANT

shannon hearts - I love her outfit in this post from last month: http://shannonhearts.blogspot.com/2012/12/look-book-rustic-charm.html

My email is retrokitty at gmail dot com

Madeline Story said...

Go Everywhere Cardigan! I'm planning a trip to Europe, I would feel like a character from Where's Waldo wondering around the busy streets.

betty! said...

I love the Garden Tea Romper from ever.mi+crush :)

Patricia Picard said...

Hi! My favorite item is the Newborn Knit Hats from Brickyard Buffalo (my best friend is pregnant!).

Thanks for that chance,

contact : oliveetcafe@gmail.com

Laura said...

i'm obsessed with the simple indulgence top at ever.mi+crush! so adorable, thanks tieka!

Carisa said...

i like this new giveaway idea!!

The Knitted chunky bow scarf from bb is beautiful!

Gabby said...

From ever.mi+crush: Sunny Afternoon Dress in Tape
From Brickyard Buffalo: Delicate Gold Jewelry and Vintage Style Headbands and Clips
Shannon Hearts: i loves the stripes lookbook post!

Gabby Hayes

Maggie Overbeek said...

i LOVE the gemstone jewelry from brickyard buffalo

the think mink dress on ever+mi.crush is adorable! along with all of their knee high socks - can never have enough of those.

i really liked shannons post on her favorite beauty products.

thanks, tieka!

Margaret said...

The Golden Blooms Ring from ever.mi+crush. It's beautiful.

Brittany said...

I love the Little Miss Sunshine clutch from Ever.Mi&Crush and Brickyard Buffalo....so hard to choose! But, I really like the Black Tourmaline Stone Necklace. Shannon Hearts always has great posts. I was inspired to wear one of my warmer weather dresses like hers in her Winter Blues post.

smith.d.brittany at gmail.com

Heike G. said...

I love the mini bow necklace from brickyard buffalo - and they have so many great pieces!

CaraClaudia said...

Love the Dear Creatures' dresses from Ever+Mi! I've always pined after one of those lovelies :)

Cindy said...

Many thanks to you and your lovely sponsors for offering such a generous giveaway.

ever.mi+crush: http://evermicrush.com/sweaters/crocheted-sunrise-sweater.html

Brickyard Buffalo: http://brickyardbuffalo.com/deals/knitted-chunky-bow-scarf/

Shannon Hearts: http://shannonhearts.blogspot.com/2012/05/images-from-hawaii.html

Cindy Aiton

Melissa M. said...

Wish to win!

Sydney said...

A really awesome giveaway! I love the Pure at Heart dress from ever.mi+crush, I've been eyeing it for a while now. I love all the necklaces from Stone Rush jewelry...it would definitely be hard to pick between them! The citrine point is so lovely though. Shannon's blog is lovely, I always love finding new reading material! I really like her post "Blackout" love the maxi dress and striped blazer.


Marilyn said...

love love LOVE the knitted chunky bow scarf from brickyard buffalo!

Bethany said...

What an interesting and lovely giveaway!

I would have to say that I was a big fan of Shannon's stripes outfit - I've been searching for years for a striped blazer that doesn't make me look like I'm channeling the Ringling Brothers!

I also love the two vendors. ever.mi+crush had a beautiful vintage-y dress "Don't Break My Heart" by Knitted Dove. It would be perfect for teaching in the Spring (with a cardigan over).

And Brickyard Buffalo is killing me with their jewelry and screen printing. Their boyfriend baseball tee my The Printed Palette is super cute and the delicate gold jewelry by Voiletfly is just my kind of minimalist.

Dawn said...

I'd love a sweet leather wallet from butterbean leather co! :)

McMel said...

i love the pure at heart dress from ever.mi.

brickyard buffalo- i love the chunky bow scarf and the be kind to yourself print

shannonhearts- i love the happy heart post- that tshirt is adorable!

Amy said...

Wow, I am in love with the gold geometric bangles you posted from Brickyard Buffalo! They're so affordable too, only like $7!

Alison said...

What a lovely giveaway grouping!

On the Evermicrush website I was immediately drawn to the Francesca Dress. I couldn't help but start imagining the many different occasions I could wear the dress (always a good sign).

On Brickyard Buffalo's website, I loved the Made by Jewl Earrings. Fun and playful! And love the overall concept of the site.

And finally over on Shannon Hearts' blog, I enjoyed looking through her very professionally photographed pics. I especially liked her outfit in the "Look Book: Dusty Rose" post. Soft, feminine without being overly so, and contemporary.

kimbercrafts said...

I love the London Bridge coat from ever.mi+crush!

Little Goose said...

Love the Pure At Heart Dress @ http://evermicrush.com :)

oh.seriously.goose (at) gmail (dot) com

A and B said...

Okay, so basically I want everything from Brickyard Buffalo starting with the felt balls and Jewls earrings. I think baby sissy might like a pair. :)