Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1001 Sheets: A Fashion Show

Last weekend, Eric and I attended a local fashion show put on by Kendall College of Art & Design. It was called 1001 Sheets: A Fashion Show and the entire collection was made of paper. I was pleasantly surprised by how well constructed and wearable some of the pieces appeared! Eric and I stopped by to check it out and take a few pictures. I've been going to this fashion show since I went to college there, and so I always enjoy seeing the different themes they come up with each year. I remember when I was still in college, they had a carnival themed show. I loved it! Local fashion is such a treat. If you have any blogger get-togethers or fashion shows in your city, no matter how big or small, I say go! Support your local fashion events.

I've been on a roll with outfit posts, right?! Honestly, I'm trying to play catch up. All winter I've just felt so behind. I have so many items I've worn that I haven't worn on the blog yet. So I just forced myself to get a jolt of energy and start taking more pictures whenever possible. I upgraded my vintage Coach purse to my new bigger mustard tote, so I can start carrying my Canon with me everywhere I go. It has really been helping me grab more pictures - not only of my outfits, but my surroundings too! I also really want to get better at photography - technically and just creatively. I'd love to even take a class or workshop this summer, so if anyone knows of any good ones in GR, let me know!

Eric and I ended up getting there a little bit late, so we had standing room in the back, but he managed to grab a few pictures of the show. Coming up this week, I have a giveaway with Pima Doll, a restyle of this little end-table I finished, a diet recap (yes, I promise it's going up this week!) and a dining room tour. I'm excited for some different content other than fashion coming up! Also, can I just say I honestly planned an outfit for a post in August? How insane is that? As soon as I was done, I called myself Tiek the Freak. It's true!

Outfit details:
Mauve-in Ready Dress c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 top
Target tights
Fourth Wall Heel c/o PB&J Boutique


2ndhandknowledge said...

The art department at my school did "trashion" shows with outfits made out of garbage/recyclables. Several of my friends were involved in it many years ago. I didn't know them at the time, but I've seen pictures and it looked really neat.

Those shoes are adorable! I'm glad your doing lots of outfit posts lately. I really enjoy the inspiration.

2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

Tagg said...

I love your dress, dear! The whole outfit actually! :))

Seeking Style said...

That last dress actually looks really pretty - made I should grab some paper and experiment haha
Super cute as always!

xo Jennifer


Megan Lane said...

oh my gosh, in LOVE with that dress!!

Girl and Closet said...

Yes!! You are on such a roll with your outfits posts, and I love it... so many pretty & inspiring looks, Tieka. And what a great suggestion, I too need to start carrying my camera more. I'm sure it's a great way to get spontaneous outfit photos. I'll definitley be trying this!! Hope your week is off to a fab start, girly! xo

Rebekah Bradford said...

Love the color of your dress! And it looks great with the polka dots


CP and KW said...

loving your shoes! :)
kw ladies in navy

dear winsome said...

love this dress..the pleats! that color!

Kati said...

You look so absolutely adorable, love your dress so much!
And how do you get your hair to always look so amazing? Hair tutorial, please! :-)


pinia said...

Hello... :)

I love your blog. It's amazing.
Do you have any plans for a makeup-routine anytime soon?

Thank you from Denmark. :)

Eva said...

Lovely outfit! You are so beautiful. X

Lauren said...

Wish I could have gone to this show! It looks amazing. Local fashion events are always great sources of inspiration.

Tati Reyes said...

Your hair!!! Just..... WOW!!!

Circus Girl (Zoƫ) said...

Such a pretty dress on one of the prettiest of girls! ♡

Charlotte F said...

Lovely lovely look! I love these shoes!

steelandheels said...

Finally... a blogger's outfit that I actually LOVE. Too cute!

irene wibowo said...

love your dress! :)

Irene Wibowo

Love Your Clothes, Love Yourself - CK said...

You look so pretty! I love the polka dots and the blush dress.


Naomi said...

All paper runway event? I love the idea!!

The Occasional Indulgence

Katie said...

Great shoes!
Katie xx

Kristian said...

I love this look so much! There's something about how delicate and ethereal that pink looks combined with the small dots and looseness of the kimono that really works well.

The fashion show sounds cool. Clothes from paper?

Tracee said...

Are you doing your hair differently?? It looks AMAZING. Tutorial plzzz!!!

Janika R. said...

Lovely Dress and Bracelet..


Amy Of Cozy Reverie said...

Wow! Looks like there was some real talent at that show! I love how creative people can be

Eccentric Owl said...

That show looks so amazing! I love how creative people can get.
And you are seriously so gorgeous. I love your hair in this post, and that dress, and the polka dots! So pretty!
Haha! Planning an outfit for August doesn't sound crazy to me... since... I've been thinking about so many fall outfits I could wear already, too.
Happy Wednesday!

Emma said...

So cute! That dress is gorgeous. It looks like you had such a fun time-- I love smaller fashion shows like that :)

I love that bag too! I really ought to take my camera around with me more too, it's just so heavy!

Trendy Mondays said...

What a fun tradition. Cute outfit.

libys11 said...

love the delicate details in your dress!! so pretty!! the pieces in the runway looks so fabulous!!!

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Laura said...

your dress is just so pretty!

And what a great theme for a fashion show! those dresses looks so cool! Looks like you guys had a a great time! :)


Miss I ♥ Illustration said...

Lovely outfit and oh. How much i adore your thick brown hair in combo with the 60's eyeliner. Super cute :)



Miss I ♥ Illustration said...

Lovely outfit and oh. How much i adore your thick brown hair in combo with the 60's eyeliner. Super cute :)