Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tailor and Stylist Giveaway!

Closed Wednesday, February 13th!

I have one more giveaway this week for you guys!
(I'm still playing catch up from last week.)

This one is from Tailor and Stylist!
They are offering one of my lucky readers a $50 gift certificate.

To enter, you must:
1) Leave a comment with how you'd spend the $50 to their shop!

Bonus entries!
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Sorry, this giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada readers only.

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, February 6th at 12 PM EST.

Tailor and Stylist is also offering Selective Potential readers a 10% coupon code!
Enter "selective10" to redeem.

Good luck! xo

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January in Instagram

This has been a really productive month! It's not my favorite month of the year. It's always freezing and it feels like it lasts forever. January definitely lived up to both of those, but I feel like I got into a good routine for the new year. I started WW at the beginning of the month, so I completed my first full month. I also accomplished one of my new year's resolutions of paying off an auto loan, so that was really exciting! My biggest goals for the year were to lose my weight, to get financially on track, and ready to buy a house next year. I'm feeling really confident after this month that I can do both. Eric and I also had a lot of fun this month with friends, at shows, dancing, staying in watching movies and enjoying the calm of winter.

  • I've been cooking at home a lot more often! This chicken, broccoli and rice dish is one of my favorite Weight Watchers recipes.
  • Eric and I having a low-key Saturday night in, playing music, and entertaining Winny.
  • We sat down to a Sunday coffee date at the gardens.
  • I've been doing really well accomplishing my goals and getting on track!
  • Eric and I had a lot of fun dancing at a country bar.
  • Winter can be really beautiful.
  • I posted a little peek at our entryway. The apartment is coming along slowly!
  • Winny is getting bigger and started puppy training!
  • And I've been eating a lot healthier this month. I'm really proud of myself.

I'm definitely ready for a new month though. February is shaping up to look amazing. I have some really fun blog posts planned, a trip to New York for fashion week, a huge week planned for Valentine's Day and another few new year's resolutions checked off the list. Wish me luck! Plus, when the month is done... we'll be onto March, which is technically spring! xo

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giveaway: January Edition!

Closed Wednesday, February 13th!

I'm excited to feature a new giveaway series in 2013! Every month, there will be a collective giveaway from my small/medium sponsors. After receiving some feedback on my reader survey, I knew I needed to streamline giveaways so there were less of them, and they were bigger + better! ONE lucky winner will win a prize from each of these sponsors! This package would be great for a gal who wants a few new pieces for her wardrobe and some advertising for her blog/shop. See details below!

1. ever.mi+crush is offering a $40 gift card to their website! They offer trendy pieces with a touch of vintage inspiration by a variety of vendors (such as artists on Etsy) as well as up-and-coming designers like Dear Creatures and Darling UK. I love their Sandy Dunes Dress. It would look perfect for a visit to the beach this summer!

2. Brickyard Buffalo is offering a $50 credit to their website. Brickyard Buffalo is the newest online pop-up market where you'll find the best discounts on quality, on-trend items. Their Knitted Chunky Bow Scarf is SO adorable and would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

3. And last but not least, Shannon of Shannon Hearts is offering a 3-month large ad space on her blog! Shannon is a blogger that focuses on personal style, fashion, photography, travels and all the beautiful things that inspire her along the way. This giveaway is a:

One of you will get to win all of that! To enter, just visit all their shops/blogs above and post one of your favorite items or blog posts here in the comments. Only one entry per person, please. Giveaway will be open until Wednesday, February 6. Good luck! xoxo

The winner of the Lalamagic giveaway is...
#16 // Brittany PC

Monday, January 28, 2013

City of art

It's finally that time of year where it's light enough to take outfit shots after work! Oh my gosh, I'm absolutely thrilled! It's so challenging to run a fashion blog in the winter, and this just makes my life 1000x times easier. And it's going to just continue to get better and better all the way through next autumn. Wee! Anyway, it was a pretty great Monday and productive start to the week. I had to catch up on mass amounts of email from last week when I was sick, but I got through most of it! I'm feeling good!

One of the things I love most about Grand Rapids is the art. We have walls all around the city that look like this! Our city holds a huge international art competition called ArtPrize and they usually come from that. Time Magazine just named ArtPrize one it's top five favorite festivals in the world for 2013. That's pretty amazing! I'm so excited to live in a city that's thriving, especially in art and culture. Speaking of the city, I'm really excited to represent Blog and the City for Michigan. If you haven't heard of the website yet, it narrows down bloggers by major cities/states and countries so you can find out who to follow easier! Be sure to check it out. So many of my favorite bloggers are included!

I don't know what's up with my "look at my dress" hands in these photos. Haha! Maybe I'm about to bust out in some pelvic thrust dance move. Either way, it's probably because I liked this outfit today! You can never go wrong in polka dots, and I love the look of this teal blazer. It's perfect for jazzing up a monochrome outfit. I never used to like gold at all, but I'm really liking gold accessories lately too. It's been a goal of mine to incorporate more accessories and jewelry into my outfits. Usually I don't wear them for some reason, but they really are an inexpensive way to spice up an outfit. Alright! I'm off! See you tomorrow!

Outfit details:
Polka dot dress c/o Dorothy Perkins
Forever 21 necklace
Hue tights
Koko flats c/o ShoeMint

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter orchards

Sundays are always my favorite day to catch up from the week, and to prepare for the next. I always save my grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and planning for today. Plus, I usually end up on the couch with Eric watching movies and ordering food in. Glorious! As of right now, my outfit is planned for tomorrow, my lunch is packed and I'm ready for a new week. I'm so excited it's the last weekend of January. I feel like February is much more fun, and usually the last full one of winter. I need to make sure I post all of my final winter ideas... and I have a fun week planned for Valentine's Day! I'm looking forward to all of it.

This dress is so "Tieka" and definitely a closet staple. Of course, I'm in love with florals and sleeved dresses, but this print is especially perfect to me. I felt so excited today when Eric and I were grocery shopping. A girl came up to me and said she loved my entire outfit and asked where I shopped. I'm so glad I had a couple of business cards on me! She totally made my day. After grocery shopping, Eric and I stopped to the orchards to snap a few photos. It wasn't brutally cold today, but the snow is definitely sticking around!

I'll be having two giveaways this week to catch up from last week and some more outfit posting! I need to wrap up all of my January goals. It looks like I'll be heading to NYFW this year thanks to Hanes Hosiery! They are helping me out with travel costs. It will be a very quick trip, but I'm excited to attend a couple of shows + catch up with some lovely ladies! I'm also hoping to do a fun weekend soon with Eric somewhere. I've hit my goal for the month on WW, so I told myself if I did that, we could take a little getaway weekend! Yay! Anyway, I'll be back lots this week! See you soon. ;)

Outfit details:
Thrifted blazer
Forever21 hat
J. Crew tights
Regal boots c/o Wanted

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Holland Harbor Lighthouse

Whoa, what a totally unexpected break there! Eric and I have both been extremely under the weather this past week with a totally abrupt (and horrible) stomach flu. It's been the worst. I missed three days of work, a week's worth of blog posts... and an amazing giveaway. So, that means I have a ton of catching up to do this week. In other news though, we've been majorly hit with the most beautiful snow here in Michigan! Honestly, winter is my least favorite season but it has been really pretty. Eric and I have finally been feeling a little bit better this weekend, so we drove out to Holland to see "Big Red"!

This lighthouse has been on my list-to-see for forever. Isn't it hilarious that I've driven 8 hours to see a lighthouse and yet one that's 40 minutes away I hadn't seen yet? Silly. But anyway, it was lovely. We parked at the Holland State park, and you couldn't walk right up to the lighthouse because it's on the other side of the channel. The water looks almost frozen over! It was pretty darn cold, but there were so many people out walking around. The real name is Holland Harbor Lighthouse, but it's nicknamed "Big Red". It's definitely one of the more unique lighthouses I've seen. I love it, of course.

For my outfit today, I decided to match my location. Ha, what's new! For my adventures, the lovely Kaleigh of Unexpected Expectancy sent me this amazing telescope necklace. It actually expands and it really does magnify! It's so cute and it fits my style perfectly. And so does this chambray top! I cannot believe I didn't own a chambray top before this one, because I can see it being mixed with so many outfits. Especially a floral skirt in spring and some cute basketweave flats. Ugh, I'm definitely a warm weather child.

Outfit details:
The Chambray Shirt c/o Sprightly So
Woodsy Wonderland Coat c/o ModCloth
Target jeans
Telescope necklace c/o Unexpected Expectancy

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Entryway tour

I received a lot of requests after I posted a peek at my apartment to do more posts, so I thought it'd be fun to do a post on each area of the apartment. Honestly, we can't do much here. We're really limited on what we can decorate and put on the walls. I'll never truly feel like we can make it our own, but we definitely tried with each room. I'm excited to buy a house in the near future and just pour our hearts into it, but until then... we're happy here! It's a way old historic house, so everything is dusty all the time but I really love it's charm.

One of the first rooms we "fixed up" was our entryway. I knew I wanted a place to hang coats, and sit down to put on shoes... so a coat rack and a bench were my main priorities. We had this old piece of wood sitting outside for forever that we tried to turn into a bench... it was horrible! I'm the worst at anything DIY. But I saw some cute knobs at Anthropologie, so I thought hm... that'd be easy. So Eric drilled holes into it, and screwed the knobs in. Really easy coat-hanger! We just screwed it into the wall. The bench was an easy buy from IKEA.

We also have a mail slot, and mail was always falling on the floor so we attached a basket to catch that. Thanks "Take this Waltz" for the inspiration. I love it. I also put up a little chalkboard piece to write little notes! We also don't have much outdoor storage in our place, so I'm storing my scooter in here for winter. I can't wait until I can get that out again and ride! The entryway is more of a practical space, but I'm glad we were able to make it look a little bit more fun and us! I'll be posting on our other rooms in the coming months. Have a good rest of your weekend. xo

Apartment details:
T.J. Maxx rug
IKEA frames
IKEA basket
DIY coat-rack with Anthropologie knobs

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Closed: Lalamagic Giveaway!

Closed Tuesday, Jan 29!

This week's giveaway is from Lalamagic!
They are offering one of my lucky readers an $80 gift card!

To enter, you must:
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Bonus entry!
1) Follow them on Pinterest
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Yay, this giveaway is open to U.S. and international readers!

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, January 22nd at 9 PM EST.

The winners of the ShoeMint giveaway are...
 158 // Rachel, 78 // Lauren, 196 // Lerm
Please email me to claim your prize!

The winner of the Chantilly giveaway is... 34 // Jessi!
Please email me to claim your prize!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miniature Michigan

So if you aren't familiar with Michigan, Grand Rapids in particular, this post might bore you to death, but I thought it'd be super fun to feature on my blog since I do so many posts around the state! Frederik Meijer Gardens just had an installation of mini sculptures of iconic buildings and landmarks around the city, and some right outside too. It was so fun to see! I've taken posts at many of these locations too, which is fun, and it gave me some ideas for new posts. The room was filled with these unique sculptures, along with trains on tracks moving all around. I loved the exhibit. This membership is really coming in handy!

It featured places like Rosa Parks Circle, Meyer May House, Voigt House, Big Red Lighthouse, Calder Plaza, Civic Theater, Jersey Junction, Flannigans and even Fifth Third Ballpark. You can click through those links to see my posts at each location. It was a fun, relaxing afternoon. I went super casual with a new comfy sweater and my loose jeans. I've been refusing to buy new jeans until I get closer to my goal weight. It'll be a nice little reward once I get back down there.

Outfit details:
Forever 21 jeans
Best Boyfriend sweater c/o Tailor and Stylist
Aldo hat
Target scarf

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Evergreen Lake

I took a little relaxing Sunday adventure to Evergreen Lake today with Eric. We've been mostly in pajamas all weekend, because I've been home with a cold. But it was good to get dressed and get outside. We've had insane weather this weekend with yesterday almost hitting 60 and today felt freezing. I honestly don't like the jumping temperatures; I'd rather winter just be winter. Let it snow! Plus, I swear I get sick anytime we have such drastic changes in the weather. Here's hoping for perfect health this week though. It's going to be a busy one!

I have my final practice and show with Circle Maybe this week. Ah! Crazy, right? It's been an amazing few years but we're all moving on and ready to wrap it up. You can download all of our music here for free and we're having a half off sale on all merch too. On Wednesday, Eric and I are starting a 6-week puppy training course with Winny! I'm really excited. And Thursday, I'm starting a zumba class with a couple of girlfriends. Next weekend, Eric and I will be in Holland because he's playing drums for a band. Phew! I'm excited though. I honestly like having plans and being busy.

I've been a little stumped at what to wear lately. Autumn, spring and summer are so easy. And I feel like winter should be too, but when winter doesn't look like winter... I'm at a loss! I've just been trying to collect as much inspiration as I can on Pinterest and go from there. I saw an outfit recently with a navy coat and white dress, and I loved it. So I thought I'd give it a try! Plus, this is the first time I'm wearing the boots Eric bought me for Christmas on the blog! They are my absolute favorite. He honestly spoiled me.

Outfit details:
Isn't It Iconic Dress c/o ModCloth
Target tights
Urban Outfitters belt