Tuesday, February 18, 2014

See you in March!

Hi guys! First, I want to apologize for the insane lack of updates these past couple of months. It was not planned at all, but it ended up being essential for me to accomplish some other goals I needed to do. Secondly, I will be taking a break on Selective Potential through the end of February. It boils down to… I need a couple more weeks of "me" time, and time to focus on those other goals right now. I saw this quote the other day and it just hit so close to home. I realized that it was okay for me to take a break on this part of my life, so I could focus on other things. I've made insane progress these past several weeks and I can't wait to talk all about it when I'm back to blogging again. I know I've been pretty secretive in some of my endeavors, but I think it's been helpful for me to not talk about it much. Especially publicly on the internet. Really only Eric, my best friend, and a couple of close colleagues know what I'm up to. I'm really excited to make a huge comeback on SP soon + I can't wait for you guys to be there when I do. Thank you for sticking around for so many years (or months, or days!), and being here even when I don't show up. Love you guys, and I appreciate your support so much.

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Have a super happy rest of your February and I'll see you in March! Ahem, March… the month of daylight savings starting, the first day of spring and hopefully warmer temps! Take care, guys. See you soon! xo

Logistics: I will not be accepting new sponsors until March. All current sponsors have been emailed a code for a free month in March at their current size. You can still follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram! Please email me or comment on this post with any questions or concerns, and I'd be happy to chat!


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I am glad you will be back in March. Your one of my favorite bloggers and I love following along on your journey. I can totally understand about not sharing goals on the blog or for everyone to see. I never share big things I want to accomplish on the internet because it seems to have this over huge hanging cloud over it once I do. Anyways, enjoy your break.

twentysomethingsimple said...

I can't wait to see what March brings! Have a nice break. :)

xo Kimi

Nikki Williams said...

can't wait til your back! but glad you are enjoying some time to yourself :)



Elliementary, My Dear said...

Enjoy your time off :) Excited for your posts next month!

Girl and Closet said...

Can't wait to hear all you've been working on! Exciting!! Enjoy your me time off, Tieka. Your are an amazingly inspiring & creative girl, sometimes you just have to stop, and give back to yourself! See you in March, lovey!! xoxo

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Enjoy it Tieka! Take care of yourself!

Kelsey from {ps:heart } said...

it's so so important to take a break and have some me time!
can't wait to see what you're up to ;)

Miki said...

That's totally understandable. Can't wait to hear what such great endeavors are! All the best of luck and see you soon!

Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

See you on March!! :) Can't wait to learn about your new (secret) endeavours, Having "me time" is essential, that break will give you enough fuel for your comeback on SP.
The cat, you and us

AVY said...

Sounds exciting.

/ Avy

julia said...

sooooooo curious! :D

enjoy your adventures!

Jill Erwich said...

thanks for the keeping us informed. i wish you all the best and see you in march!!

Samantha said...

Girl, we all need a break every once in a while! Hope you feel refreshed and rested :) And so glad you're coming back!

Welcome Home Taylor said...

Congrats!! I'm definitely looking forward to your upcoming posts in March and I'm so happy and excited for you to be taking time for yourself!



abigail bishop said...

Yes! way to take care of yourself! good job!

Jenna Condon said...

yes I noticed. Sometimes it good to take a break, because once you come back it feels so re-freshing and gives you a little more energy when it comes to blogging. Blogging shouldn't become a chore or "have to", so its a good thing your taking a break! Everyone needs it at some point in time.


Jes Cohen said...

To be honest, I think it's real important to take a step back and realise what truly is important in life. And just because you're leaving for a few weeks or more, does not mean you love blogging any less. In fact, it may be real healthy to do so. See you when you come back!

Jes | Naturally Jes

Sophie Hawker said...

This quote is a really brilliant one :) Good luck with all the other things you're doing and we'll be here when you return!


VioletDaffodils said...

love that quote :)


Courtenay Coleman said...

You will be missed!

Rosie W said...

OOH I am so intrigued! Have a great time away from here, and I look forward to welcoming you back :)
Rosie x
Every Word Handwritten

Rachel Bethke said...

enjoy the time for yourself its so necessary!!! this time of year i have a hard time keeping up w/ the blog between weather and other endeavors for me as well i have been kind of absent :) its totally worth it! enjoy the moments!

Chelseabird said...

Missing you, but can't wait to see what you've be focusing your energy on! So proud of you, Tiek! xo