Thursday, March 6, 2014

Windy florals

These photos were taken just a couple of weeks ago, but it feels like so long ago now! This was the windiest day I can ever remember. Eric and I were walking to dinner before a show he played that night, and the wind was literally pushing me down a hill. Totally freaky! Especially in these boots, because they have zero traction. Can we just be done with winter yet? I'm so burnt out. We had some sunshine today, and that's always helpful. But I think I've honestly forgotten what a warm breeze feels like. As much as I love Michigan, this time of year can bite it. I'm just hoping March lives up to the "in like a lion, out like a lamb" phrase. Let's cross our fingers!

So, I officially ran my first 6 mile run this week! I felt so good too! I ran it in a 10:34 pace, which is absolutely crazy for me. I remember I wanted to die when I was running a mile at the beginning of the year, with a 15:36 pace. It's insane how far you can come in just a few short months. I'm feeling amazing lately. I am majorly surprising and impressing myself with what I've been able to do. I'm happier now than I have been in the longest time. I've been really working on my independence, focusing on goals I really want to accomplish (like learning how to cook, becoming a runner, doing a 10K, etc.) and I'm feeling pretty on top of the world. My career is going great, my home life is so comfortable and content, my relationships with my family, my friends and Eric are all at great places right now and I'm just happy. There's really not a better place to be than content with everything you've got going on.

In other news, I signed up for ABM's Mastering your DSLR class! I'm going to be going through it with a friend/colleague and we're both so excited. Eric always takes my pictures, and he's so great. But I love photography, and sadly I do not know how to take my camera off auto. So I'm really excited to finally learn a few tricks and start taking more photos myself! I also have been having a blast playing with their new Photoshop actions. I'm seriously a huge fan of Photoshop actions, and I love these so far. On these photos I'm using Willis (at 75%) and Light Leak 2. I'm really excited to get better at using my camera, and start experimenting more with editing! I'm really hoping to start making videos this spring and summer too. I've been doing a lot of video production at work, and want to start using my new skills in other creative ways too!

Outfit details:
Forever21 Striped Sweater
Target black tights
Regal Boots ℅ Wanted (similar)


Dana Twist said...

Squee I'm taking that course too! I can't wait for it to start!! I'm a fellow Michigan gal so I am feeling you on being over winter. I'm hoping this DSLR course will motivate me to get out of the house a bit too to take some photos since I mostly hibernate during the winter! But only if it's above 0*!

Liz Lauren said...

such a cute look!!

JellyBones said...

I signed up for that course too! I had every intention of learning all about my DSLR when I got it, but it is just so daunting! Excited for the course. :)

garaytreasures said...

Very cute mix of prints and solids :) Rachel xo

Jenn @ hello, rigby! said...

that course sounds super fun, i'm really rusty at photography (last class was in college) and would love to get back into it now that it's nearly spring! love your outfit too!

xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

Ladies in Navy said...

gorgeous boots!
ladies in navy

cheyenne said...

oh that looks like an awesome course! and i love, love, love your outfit :)
xo, cheyenne

k come karolina said...

this looks fab!!

xoxo from rome

Rosie W said...

Gorgeous skirt :) Well done on your running achievements. I want to run one day. At the moment, the thought just terrifies me!
I'm definitely going to be getting some ABM actions too...
Rosie x
Every Word Handwritten

Grace Beekman said...

What a great post! Being thankful and happy are such great places to be in the middle of this gross winter! Minneapolis is lacking in sunshine and melting snow as I'm with ya on being burnt out! But unlike the weather, at least you don't feel stuck accomplishing your goals! Rock on, girl!

alyssa said...

Love that look and love this post! As a new runner myself {just started right after Christmas after not even running 10 steps in about 10 years!} I totally know that feeling and it's such a good one! Your progress is inspiring and it's so nice to read about another runner in a similar situation as myself. Have a great weekend!

Welcome Home Taylor said...

Every time I see another one of your posts I get so excited that you're back in the blogging game! I've missed your stuff! This outfit is adorable and I'm in lovvveee with those boots!
Love that you're reaching goals and so happy that you're life is going great! I love when everything aligns and you feel on top of the world! Also, I just bought the ABM actions and I can't wait to try them out!


By The Shore, Life & Style said...

Tieka, I'm so thrilled to know you're taking time for yourself!! You're definitley doing something right because you look absolutely radiant in these photos! And... yay you're doing Elsie's course that's so awesome, can't wait to hear a little more about it, and see more & more of your photos. You have such a fab eye for design, so photography seems like such a natural progression. I'm babbling!! ;) Lovely to have you back and happiest Friday, sweets!! xoxo

Laura - Relatively Offbeat said...

Looks like an awesome course!! I'm excited for you. :)
I'm also obsessed with those boots!


Nikki Williams said...

congrats on all of the progress towards your goals. that's always the best feeling :) and i love how these photos are edited! i might have to check out their actions after all..


Jamie Rose said...

I hope the weather warms up for you soon! I hate how quickly spring passes us in Georgia, though it's not here yet either. It just wants to be summer all the time here which sucks because summer is like 100% humidity and 90 degrees. Ew.
But I digress. I love the mixed prints in this outfit. It has a spring-y vibe even though it's cold there. You can't really go wrong mixing stripes and floral print!

Seeking Style said...

Here's to being happy!

xo Jennifer

Alison Colby said...

Way to go, Tieka!! So proud of you for attacking this year and taking it head on - which is always good inspiration for myself. It's also great to see you in more spring ensembles. Soon we'll be there!

XO Alison

onetenzeroseven said...

I had no idea you didn't know how to use your DSLR, you side step that one well ;) This was me 6 months ago, but I took a local class - best thing I ever did, well maybe second to buying the DSLR in the first place! I can't believe I ever survived without it!

I love the stripes against the florals in your outfit! So fun :))

Sophie | Onetenzeroseven

Leeds said...

congrats on your 6 mile run, tieka!

at this volume

Nina Nelson said...

I'm signed up for the ABM DSLR workshop too. I'm SO excited. Looking forward to getting to know you better through the class AND your blog.

Laura Whitman said...

I love this outfit - it is so cozy and comfy, but so fun! Winter seriously does need to end, this is getting a little insane. Wishing for some sunshine your way soon, hon!


countrygirlcityfashion said...

I'm so happy everything is going well with you, Tieka! And congrats on the running achievements! Lovely, put together outfit.