Friday, July 3, 2015

Guest Post: Minnehaha Falls

Hi Selective Potential readers! My name is Gracie, and I blog over at Sometimes Gracefully. I’m so happy to be guest blogging for Tieka and to be sharing these images from my adventure to Minnehaha Falls! The name “Minnehaha” comes from words in the Dakota language that mean “waterfall,” but Minnesotans also like to call the falls the “laughing waters.” Mostly because it’s just impossible to say “Minnehaha” without laughing, don’t cha know. ;)

The park has at least a dozen lookout spots that are begging to be Instagrammed, but my sisters and I decided to wander down to the very bottom of the falls and walk along the rocks. I opted to combat the afternoon humidity by wearing this summer eyelet dress from the LOFT. The fabric is soft and lightweight, which means that it’s perfect for outdoor waterfall exploration and won’t weigh you down if you accidentally fall into the river (a slight fear I had, let me tell ya).

Minnehaha Falls and the land surrounding the waterfall was one of the first state parks in the country, so I definitely recommend a visit. The falls are located surprisingly close to downtown Minneapolis, which means that visitors can first explore the falls and then catch a happy hour somewhere in the city! High five!

Thank you so much for following my adventure to Minnehaha Falls, and many thanks to Tieka for the chance to guest blog! Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your day!

Outfit details:
LOFT Dress
Franco Sarto Flats

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guest Post: Breaker Bay

Hello Selective Potential readers! My name is Jo, and I blog over at Lost in the Haze. I am still in utter disbelief that I guest to post on SP! I’ve been reading Tieka’s blog for years (and years!) and genuinely couldn’t believe my luck when I got a big ol’ yes to my suggestion of visiting Breaker Bay, in Wellington, New Zealand (which is where I live!)

Breaker Bay is my favourite beach. It’s a stone beach (rather than sand) and although it doesn’t feel the best on your feet (exfoliation, anyone?), it certainly does warm up nicely, even on colder days - which makes it ideal for lounging. Besides,  it’s all worth it for that quintessentially New Zealand landscape. And if you just so happen to be there at the right time, you’ll get to see the ferry go out – and if you’re extra lucky, it’ll toot it’s horn too!

Besides the beautiful views (if you look closely on the opposite hills you will see not one – but two lighthouses!) Breaker Bay has an interesting history of it’s own. In WWII, guns and bunkers were all built in the area surrounding the beach. I don’t have the foggiest idea where the bunkers are – but you do pass the old gun emplacement remains on the walk in.

Nowadays Breaker Bay is actually a nude beach (ha!) though I have never ever seen a nude person there – which is so lucky, as I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing! It’s my favourite beach because (besides the views) it shelters the wind so beautifully... oh, and you always find the most beautiful paua shells – you can see the one I found below. Look at those colours!

Because the weather was so beautiful (though a little chilly in the shade!) I wore a vintage inspired baby blue playsuit from Boohoo. My pineapple necklace and earrings are from a cute brand called And Mary which specialise in porcelain jewellery. I wore my hair in a massive 60s style beehive (my favourite!) which faired pretty well during the walk to the bus stop, which was totally wind central.

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Breaker Bay! If you’re ever in Wellington, New Zealand you should totally stop by. While you're at it, please do remember to pop over to my blog, Lost in the Haze, I'd love to meet you! Now my next mission is to get to those lighthouses..! – Jo

Outfit details:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Guest Post: Wine Country

Hi there! I'm Alex from Into the Woods, and I'll be guest posting for Tieka today! I am so excited to share my recent adventure with all of you! I live near the Wine Country, which means I'm surrounded by acres upon acres of rolling hills, vineyards, stone clad wineries and mountains. Every now and then, it is so much fun to take a breather from everyday life, and explore the vineyards. They are so beautiful!

Outfit details:
ModCloth Dress
Wet Seal Hat
Meadow & Fawn Necklace

Payless Shoes

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Guest Post: Austin South Congress

Hey everyone! I'm Rachel, I blog over at Rachel Lately where I write about my personal style and life around Austin, Texas! I'm so excited to be sharing a bit of my city with y'all today! I've followed Tieka's blog since 2010 (she also inspired me to start my own blog!), so to be featured today is seriously a dream come true! :)

A little about me: I'm a 24-year-old Texan gal originally from San Antonio, but I've been living in Austin since 2009. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2013 with a Communications degree and am now the Social Media Director for a local digital marketing company. When I'm not working, I enjoy writing for my blog, travelling to new places, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and going out for brunch. I'm a huge Harry Potter geek and can get lost in conversation with anyone who also read the Game of Thrones books. And being from Texas, I of course enjoy riding my horse to work everyday! Just kidding. ;)

When I have friends in town who don't know what to do during their visit, I just send them to South Congress which is both a widely known tourist attraction but also a place where locals like to treat themselves. The street is so busy with life and things to do and see, it's just good vibes all around. There are lots of shops to browse through with plenty of unique clothing, jewelry, boots (of course) and antiques that add to the "weirdness" of Austin. You can really get a sense of our culture here. And if you're ever having trouble settling on a place to go eat, just visit South Congress and take your pick of all the options. You can't go wrong with any of them!

If you're a coffee lover like me, great places to get your fix would be Jo's Coffee (which is home to the famous "I love you so much" wall) or the newer TOM's coffee shop (which also doubles as a shoe store). If you're still hanging around when the sun goes down, you can walk toward the Congress bridge toward the city and watch the bats fly out, a popular dusk activity through the end of summer (don't worry, it's safe, haha). Also, the view of Austin from this street at night is just unbeatable, trust me!

When it comes to style, I tend to lean more on the casual side which works out well for me since Austin is a very chill city, so I just blend right in. The summer heat here can get pretty intense, so I opted for wearing a lightweight top paired with high-waist shorts; a hat to protect from the sun and comfy sandals are a must as well. I'm also a huge fan of mixing prints, and you can never go wrong with stripes + a floral pattern! Alrighty, I'll wrap this up. Thanks for letting me share a little piece of my home with y'all! You can follow me on Instagram or visit my blog for more Austin adventures and style posts! Have a lovely week! :)


Outfit details:
Nordstrom striped shirt
American Apparel shorts
Target sandals
H&M hat
Target backpack
Target sunglasses

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunset fields

Welcome, summer! Even though, this post feels pretty darn autumn to me. I picked out this dress with the intention of wearing it now, and several times again this fall. I adore this rust tobacco color, especially in a sun-drenched field. Free People has so many perfect dresses right now. I just love the flowy, dreamy vibe of their style. I decided to belt this dress to give it a little shape, but I like having the option of wearing it loose and free as well. Planning a wedding in October, you sort of have to be in an ‘autumn mood’. Thinking about the colors, tastes and smells of the season gets me excited! But, I’m going to enjoy every second of this summer and this season of life right now. Life is good! xo

Outfit details:
Embroidered Austin Dress c/o Free People
Urban Outfitters belt (similar)
Madewell The Braided Sightseer Sandal (similar)