Monday, March 23, 2015

The old docks

Happy Monday! I'm back from a long weekend spent in Austin, Texas for TxSC CAMP. It was an amazing weekend. To be totally honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about going leading up to last week. Sometimes I can get really anti-social, or nervous about new people, and I was literally about to bunk with people I had never met before in real life. But everybody there was so supportive, kind and welcoming. I'll talk more about TxSC later when I do my blog posts on it, but I feel super inspired and empowered now that I'm back in Michigan. And can I just give a huge shoutout to Chelsea, who made me feel like I always had a friend at camp? I couldn't find a nicer girl if I tried.

Today was a good start to the week, but man I am tired! My flight got in around 11:30pm last night, and they lost my luggage so I had to go home empty-handed. It arrived today at work, with the strap broken, of course. Boo! We had dinner tonight with Eric's sister, brother-in-law, and our niece and we asked them to be part of the wedding, so that was fun! A lot of people asked me at camp when our date was, and I realized I haven't really talked much about the wedding so far! I'm going to start a monthly recap soon, but we're getting married next October! It's going to be a rustic, barn wedding here in Michigan. I'm excited. I know, I know, it's not at a lighthouse. But our mini moon will have a couple of lighthouses. ;)

I love this outfit right now. I wear it pretty often. Mixing brown and black is one of my favorite things to do, since the very beginning of my blog. I love this post where I mixed the two colors, and I'm like "I think I found a way to make it work this time" with my serious fashion face on. Hahah, oh 2009 Tieka. You're fun. I do love how long I've been blogging though. It was one of the things this past weekend that just also made me super proud. It was five years last September and I didn't even celebrate! I'll have to celebrate for six years next time around. Confetti cake is overdue.

I'll be back more this week to recap the conference! Now I'm off to watch Friends, and relax with my two loves. I'll see you guys tomorrow! xo

Outfit details:
Madison Cardigan c/o Living Doll (similar options)
Forever21 Black Dress (similar)
Urban Outfitters Belt (similar)
Moorea Seal Woodland Wide Brim Hat (similar)
H&M Ribbed Tights

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TxSC: What I'm packing

Phew! I'm headed off this weekend to be a camp counselor at Texas Style Council CAMP! I'm really excited for a weekend to connect with fellow bloggers, learn a few new things, inspire myself with Selective Potential, and just enjoy a unique weekend outdoors. My workshop will be on vulnerability. I haven't really planned what I'm going to talk about exactly, so I'm glad it's more of a sit on the floor, camp-style discussion. I definitely have some stories about what it's like to be "perfect" on the blog though, and why that's a bunch of bull, and you should just be yourself and your readers will (most likely) love you for it. Since it's such a casual weekend, I'm packing casual outfits. Comfy tees, jeans, flats, brimmed hats, sunglasses, and I'm carrying everything in my new-favorite weekender bag from ModCloth. Plus, the cutest journal ever from World Market. Even after the many blog conferences I've attended in NYC and Texas, I am still learning. I love that.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We did most of our 'celebrating' last weekend when Eric played at Founder's Brewing, but today was a pretty good day. I've been working on an organization project at work in our back storage area, and I'm really excited with how that's turning out. I feel like I'm a lot like Monica in Friends, in that regard. Hopelessly organized, and I thrive off a super clean environment. I usually never stress easily, but put me into a bedroom with an unmade bed... and I feel the tension. Haha! We didn't do much tonight for the holiday. I just made tacos and finished up laundry from the weekend. Tomorrow is my "go-get-em" day for packing and planning all of my outfits for TxSC. I'm excited! xo

Outfit details:
Ranunculus-ly Good Looking Skirt c/o ModCloth (similar)
Cloud Wash Button Down c/o Free People (similar)
Urban Outfitters Green Cardigan (similar)
Arc Boot c/o Wolverine 1000 Mile

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mismatched Monday

Happy Mismatched Monday, everyone! This week at work, we're having a "spirit week" in celebration of spring arriving on Friday. Woo! I'll be in Texas enjoying their warmth this weekend, but I'm so excited that the snow is finally melting and it was 60ยบ today in Michigan! We have a full week of dressing fun at work, but today was "wear mismatched patterns or colors". I wore an outfit similar to this a few times... one at the old silo and another for a date to The Winchester (same wall too). I love this skirt. It was a thrift find at the Salvation Army and it's totally falling apart, but I love the small floral pattern and mixture of blues. Have a happy and fun St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! xo

Outfit details:
Love Ballad Top c/o ModCloth
Thrifted skirt (similar)
Mikayla Woven Booties c/o Ruche (similar)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Past spring favorite outfits

Right before the start of every season, I like to round up some of my past favorite outfits. It's a great way to get inspired by the clothes I already have, the surroundings I'll soon be in, and even just to think back on how far my blog has come. This is going to be my sixth spring on Selective Potential! Can you believe that? I really can't. It's gone by so fast. I love this season, almost as much as I love autumn... and that's saying a lot! I'm just so thrilled we're coming into the warm months in Michigan. I'm really looking forward to putting away my boots and tights for the season, and saying hello to cute dresses and bare legs! This upcoming spring looks a lot like any other. I'll definitely be heading back to the tulip fields in Holland, a trip to Nashville is all planned, a few carnivals, and other shenanigans are up my sleeve. We aren't traveling as much as normal, because we're saving for our wedding in October, but that just means I need to get creative locally! I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you all (as always) for continuing to follow + support SP! Here's a look back on some of my favorite spring outfits and memories. xo

(by the market, i believe in nashville)

(tulips in holland, the white blossoms)

(the pink trees)

(rosie's diner, fields of tulips)

(the tulip rows)

(borrowing florals, red touch of spring)

(picnicking in a field)