The Dierolf's 3rd Annual Christmas Party

The Dierolf's 3rd Annual Christmas Party went great! Although half the people that said they were going to show up didn't and only our really close friends came, I think I'd rather have it that way anyway. I had the biggest spread ever. I probably could have fed 25 people tonight and we only had 9! Thank you to our friends that came. It means the world to us to be able to throw a Christmas party every year for you guys. We love all of you!

I think my photo booth turned out well! If you moved around too much, the pictures turned out blurry but I really do love these pictures. Let me introduce you to my very close friends from top left to bottom right.. Mike, Kait and Jeremy, Brett and I (of course!), Peter (you've met him!), Tim and Lisa and Damian.

After everybody left, Brett told me that my dress kept doing this all night. I was like, Great! Now you tell me my butt is fully exposed after I went through the whole night! Teehee.

We built an amazing fort. I really love it. We borrowed sheets from Brett's mom's church and we had over 25 sheets in this thing probably, plus tons of blankets and pillows. We put a little table in the fort with Christmas cookies and decorated it with twinkle lights. I love it. It's the greatest fort ever. I'm so glad Brett and I are still children together. After everyone left, we immediately went and crawled into our fort and talked. I think next year I'm going to change up the party a little bit. I'm going to do an actual dinner with just our really close friends. Like a really fancy, awesome, sit down dinner.

But overall, it was a lovely night! I'm going to leave up all of the snowflakes and decorations until after Christmas. They make the apartment so cozy. I don't know if I ever want to take the snowflakes.. or the fort down! Brett is snoring on the couch right now.. and my head hurts from this headband. So I'm going to head to sleep now. Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday!

Selective Potential Holiday Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I'm doing a Selective Potential Holiday Giveaway! It's not anything too crazy or special, but I really wanted to do something to just thank you guys for reading and supporting my blog! I started in September, so this has been the craziest 4 months of my life and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to you guys I've won gift cards, I've won blogger giveaways, I've got onto a couple of really amazing websites and it's so exciting, so this is my way of saying thank you. Some of the emails I get from you guys are so honest and sincere and you guys trust me enough to tell me really personal things and I want everyone to feel like they are able to do that. I love and appreciate all of you! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment below! I'm going to draw a name on Friday and mail it by the weekend! <3

Most of the goodies in this basket are from my Mom's store, The Village Gift Shoppe located in Muskegon, Michigan! The basket includes two winter scented candles, a Christmas ornament of two girlfriends shopping for shoes!, a "play more, worry less" magnet, a packet of fat free Fireside hazelnut mocha instant coffee (my favorite!), a peachy peach bar of soap, a Selective Potential mix tape of some of my favorite songs, a Tall Ships (my husband's band!) CD, sticker and pin, a mandarin lavender reed diffuser (love these!), a stone bracelet and mittens from mittens with a mission which are mittens made by workers with disabilities (each are hand-made!) And again, thank you so much for reading! I'll announce the winner on Friday!

Snow Leopard

Yesterday, Andrea and I took a little day trip to Chicago! I absolutely love living so close to Chicago because going there in the afternoon is no biggie. I was even in bed by midnight! We went to Zara.. and I loved it! I got a very cute acid wash jean skirt that I cannot wait to debut. We also headed to H&M (love that store!) There were so many great deals! This coat was 50% off! Can't beat that. I didn't want to spend too much money on a faux fur coat because I wasn't sure how crazy I was about the trend, but I'm glad I bought it. I was inspired a few months ago by who what wear's webisode (fall essentials), then by Betty and then more recently by who what wear's article. So, I bit the bullet! And I'm really happy I did! I love it.

Brett was giving me total crazy looks today. I don't think he likes my jacket... or my headband. Hehe! Boys. They don't get it. I'm totally inspired by Elsie. She pulls it off way better though. She's adorable! I can't get over it. Her blog is so great for creative ideas. Check it out if you haven't already, but I'm sure you already have!

Tonight, I wrapped gifts, went Christmas shopping, sprayed snow all over the apartment and am planning out everything for the upcoming Christmas party! People are honestly going to giggle when they come into the apartment. I have so many outrageous things planned. I can't wait to post tons of pictures. I also won Jen Love's Kev's giveaway! Check out her blog if you haven't already! She is a doll.

Tomorrow night, I am so excited to post. I'm doing a Selective Potential Holiday Giveaway for one lucky reader! I'll be posting lots of pictures and everything that comes with it. Stay tuned until tomorrow! Have a great Wednesday! It's my "Wednesday Weigh-In". I'll see if I gained again tomorrow.. winter is hard for dieting!

Outfit details:

Forever21 jeans
H&M coat
H&M headband
Target heels

What's in my makeup bag?

What's in my makeup bag? Last month, I did a "what's in my bag?" post inspired by Elsie, but I've decided to do my makeup bag this month. Plus, I've been receiving a lot of emails with questions that I'm going to try and start answering now that I have a month off of school! As for makeup. I'm pretty basic, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite makeup items that I can't live without (all pretty cheap too!)

1. Cover Girl Smoothers Concealer in Neutralizer - I use this to cover up the pesky red spots. I have a red dot under my right eye that has been there for forever that this stuff easily covers it up. I also love it for under eyes. Price $6.25

2. Clinique Super Balanced Foundation in Breeze - I love this stuff. I bought it years ago for a friend's wedding and have never stopped getting it since. It's really smooth. My skin tone is really fair and this foundation matches my skin tone perfectly. Price $21.00

3. Cover Girl Fragrance Free Pressed Powder in Classic Ivory - My skin is more dry compared to oily, but sometimes I get the shiny spots - especially in summer and this helps with covering that up. Price $6.00

4. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - I love this stuff. It's even a Glamour Glammie's Winner. I have super dry skin, especially living in a cold wintry state. This is perfect for helping with that and doesn't make your face feel oily. Price $24.00

5. Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black - I adore this stuff. I always used to be jealous of girls who could pull off liquid eyeliner, but could never do it myself without making a giant mess and a squiggle line on my eye. This is really easy to use and I love the way it turns out. If I were to only have 1 make up product, it would be this. Price $6.00

6. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara in Very Black - I just recently bought this and I really like the way it makes my lashes look, but when it dries it is super clingy and my eyelashes stick together a lot. Also when I get out of the shower, I still have the mascara under my eyes and it's impossible to remove. I think next time I'll try something different. Price $7.50

7. Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in Rose Silk - I've been buying this for forever. When I was in high school, it was super cool to have really pink eyeshadow and I wore this as blush (and as eye shadow!) I love the color it gives. More of a pink tone, rather than a deep tone. Price $5.50

8. And last but not least, my favorite, must have, Burt's Bee's. I only love the classic recipe - any of the other pomegrante flavors or anything else really gross me out, but if you get the classic recipe, it's perfect. I'm in love with it. My lips get super chapped and this is a lifesaver. Price $3.00

There you go for those of you who had questions! Keep the emails coming.. they mean the world and I'm super happy to answer any questions! My inbox has also been overloaded with "weight loss" questions, so I'm going to address that topic next. Stay tuned! <3

Winter streets

I woke up this morning to sunshine! The snow was all melting away with our heat wave of 35 degrees! Our friend, Peter, came into town to hang out. We grabbed some lunch and took a few shots in the streets of downtown Grand Haven. Afterwards, we headed over to the mall to look around and are now home watching Four Christmases.

Say hello to Peter! He's been our really good friend for a lot of years. When I first started dating Brett, I was basically dating the both of them because the 3 of us spent so much time together. It's been a blast. Brett and I call him our love child. He lived with us all last summer. He just recently moved back to Michigan from Cincinnati; he's a great classical guitarist who is studying to become a music teacher at Michigan State University. Plus he's a total style icon (psssst... who's single!) I was excited that Brett grabbed the shots of us because I told Peter my "guy" followers would be so excited.. and he was like, "You have guy followers?" and I'm like, "Nope!" Haha! Or do I?...?.. except Brett, of course. ;) He doesn't count.

Brett and Peter are leaving later to go see Boondock Saints 2 and I'm going to stay here! Eat some dinner, organize something, catch up on reading my Bloglovin' roll and watch Holiday Inn.

Outfit details:

Forever21 jeans
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Gap tee
H&M jacket
Urban Outfitters flats

Ice sunsets

Happy Friday! I had a lovely day at work. I decorated the entire place massively in decorations. After work, I raced home.. like 90 mph to catch this sunset. I called Brett and was like, "Get ready!" because the sunsets go down so so quickly. We got down to the pier just in time. It was going down and by the minute the sky was changing color. It was stunning. One of the best parts about our winters is that we get some insanely gorgeous sunsets. We do in the summer too, of course, but it just feels like they are way more intense in the winters. Especially the way it lights up the ice and the crashing waves against the pier.

Today's outfit was majorly inspired by Lena from When I first started getting into fashion blogging, she was my favorite (still is a big-time favorite) and I think her winter looks are going to get me through my winter too. She has such simple style, but it's perfect and classic. She's definitely someone I plan on looking to a lot this winter. I'm wearing my favorite comfy American Apparel jersey pocket skirt, a blue blazer, plain black tee, my circle scarf and my go-to boots. Casual, comfy, warm. I'll swear by these sweater tights. They are so much warmer than jeans. My belt kept sagging as you can see. I used to fasten this belt on the last setting! Now I have to keep drilling holes in all of my belts.

The pier looks amazing. This is my first winter living in Grand Haven. Although I've been here a million times, living in a city always just makes for a whole new experience. I never knew the ice wrapped around the lamp poles like this. I was amazed at how beautiful it was! I love living in the mitten.

I'm also very inspired by my winter music right now. I have a few select bands that just remind of the seasons. Right now I'm currently addicted to The Appleseed Cast's song Raise The Sails. One of my favorite bands. I've loved them for so long. I changed my music player if you want to take a listen. The song is my favorite at time 2:10, but the entire song is just so inspiring.

Tonight, my Dad and his girlfriend visited for a little bit. Then, Brett and I went downtown to eat at K2 where they have "make your own pizzas" for $4.95. That's so cheap and it was so delicious. Afterwards we ran to his parents and went to see Old Dogs. I have a major crush on John Travolta. In the words of Brett's mom, "He melts my shorts."