Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! What a wonderful day. I woke up to my adorable husband bugging me to wake up so we could unwrap gifts. When I was cranky, he even let me sleep another hour before bugging me again! Haha; I love him. We unwrapped gifts together! He got me so much. I could have killed him! Hehe. But I got Some Like It Hot, (500) Days of Summer (favorite movie ever!), Julie & Julia and The Kid. (I've been searching everywhere for The Kid with Charlie Chaplin.. can't believe he found it!) Such perfect movie choices! I also got Jujyfruits, a Nikon D40 remote (yay for fashion shots!) and the most perfect gift ever.. see the very bottom!

After we opened gifts, we ran to his parent's house to spend Christmas day. Brett grabbed a few shots of me before heading over there. All of our snow is melting. It was kind of a gross day. Slushy and rainy!

Everyone said my tights looked like wrapping paper. I also wore these to our 3rd annual Christmas party, but wanted to wear them again here. They feel very festive.. and they deserved better photos this time around. :)

I love spending Christmas Day at Brett's parent's house. It's so warm and comforting. Brett's mom decorates their entire house so beautifully and their spread is just gorgeous. We had roast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (mmm.. my absolute favorite!), rolls and so much more deliciousness. I love Christmas dinners.

From Brett's parents, we got so many amazing gifts. I got a GPS (I got two of them this year.. eep! We might have to exchange one!) and clothes, lotions, gift cards, Confessions of a Shopaholic!, Marley and Me. From Brett's brother and sister-in-law, we got a target gift card and a couple of movies. Gosh, I can't even remember all we got now.. it feels like it's been so much this year. Brett got me this..

A pass to go to Chicago for the day (my favorite city ever..) and a lot of money (grrr..) to go shopping. He knows my favorite thing ever is just to go shopping and pick everything out myself. I can't wait. I absolutely adore Chicago. Even though, their sales tax is out of control (12%?!?!) and Urban is having a huge sale in Lansing tomorrow, so we're going to do that and I'll probably end up spending my money there.. but we are for sure going to Chicago next Saturday! I can't wait.

Outfit details:

Forever21 shirt dress
Betsey Johnson tights
Target scarf
Jeffrey Campbell boots

Christmas Eve!

Today has been a very.. interesting Christmas Eve. I had an awful morning at work, then I got out at 2 (half day.. isn't really 2 is it?) had to run around our ice-town doing last minute Christmas shopping (seriously.. everything is pure ice!) and Brett and I had to go out to Grand Rapids to the closest Macy's to get a few things. Next year we're planning this out better, for sure. Then, we had an even more interesting evening at my parent's house.. but got some really great gifts and now we're home.. about to cuddle as soon as I click post and watch White Christmas. I love my old classics. I can't wait to wake up in the morning with Brett and unwrap our gifts together. He's my favorite person in this world. Merry Christmas, from us!

Winter break

19 days until winter break ends. It's going by so quickly too. I'm not ready for my last semester in college yet. I'm going to miss being in college so much. I know I'm very much ready to work full-time, especially for the company I'm at now, and make a very nice paycheck each week where I can afford a house and a newfie puppy, but being at Kendall is one of the greatest things to happen to my life and I'm going to be really sad to say goodbye to it. At least we're not there yet.. we still have 4 more months. For new readers, I go to an art college. I'm going to graduate in May with my bachelor's in fine art in interactive production focusing on interactive design. Aka; I'll be able to help you all with your blog layouts! ;)

So I really love this jacket. I bought it when I was 35 pounds heavier.. well maybe even heavier than that. Maybe 40 pounds heavier. It's a large jacket and I really love the fabric on it and the look to it with the peacoat buttons and the color. It just looks awful whenever I put it on. I was like... what in the world can I do to make this look okay? So I tried belting it.. didn't work so great. So I went into my hair drawer, grabbed my giant black ribbon I used to love to tie around my head and tied that around it to cinch it to my new belly. I thought it turned out alright?

I stole the hat tip from Brett. I have my gray one of course, which is also inspired by him. When we went to Chicago in October, we went to the Army Surplus store on the corner of Clark and Belmont. He bought one.. and I was like.. I need one of those too! So we both have one. It looks way cuter on him though. He rolls his at the top which is a good idea too! Maybe I'll try that next time.

I was supposed to hang out with Andrea tonight and I feel so terrible that I didn't end up hanging out. They were heading out a bit late and I can't believe I have to work tomorrow. Why would a workplace give Black Friday off but not Christmas Eve? Makes no sense! Brett is off for the rest of the week and all of next week! How is he so lucky?! Tomorrow night we have shopping to do (eep last minute!) and then we're spending the evening with my Dad and his girlfriend. Pictures to come! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, everybody!

Outfit details:

T.J. Maxx tights
T.J. Maxx scarf
Forever21 shorts
Gap jacket
Army Surplus hat
Urban Outfitters flats

Lazy December day

I'm feeling ultimately lazy and uninspired today. I worked a full eight hours today which will look lovely on my paycheck next week, cooked dinner, ate a pound of leftover cookie dough and am now watching pointless television. Brett was going sledding with a few friends.. and I would have loved to go, but I honestly could just lay my head down and nap right now!

Plus it's dark out.. and freezing. Next time for sure! Except.. in daylight, and at least 32 degrees. Hehe! So I was perusing lookbook and thought I'd share some wintry inspiration for all of the girls out there who are living in these settings! I'm actually going to get up off my butt after I post this, raid my closet and put something together for tomorrow. I have a photo shoot idea boiling in my brain right now...

1) Not only is the fur vest adorable, it'll keep you warm. Belted? Even better. 2) Pair girly dresses with rocker jackets. And don't put those patterned tights away yet! The large polka dots add a lot to this outfit. 3) Splurge on that faux animal print coat (I did and have no regrets!) 4) Invest in a huge chunky scarf, in a few colors. Especially black, you can wear it with anything. 5) Not only is this hair accessory adorable.. it looks warm too! Fashion and function! (Thanks ladies for the wonderful inspiration!)

As for my blog, you can probably see it's a bit different! I added a third column, which I've wanted for a really long time. It helps divide the information so that you don't have to scroll down and down and down to see content. I'm also adding a couple of new features. I added an area where you can translate my blog. I find that tool super helpful, especially when I'm visiting other international blogs.. it makes it easy to translate. I'm adding a sponsors area. I have no intentions on making money on Selective Potential but if I could have a few more giveaways and discounts for you guys, that would make my day because you all make my day. I'm also doing a featured blogger section starting in January. I'll be doing a featured blogger every month so stay tuned for that! I want to give other bloggers support they've given me! If you have any advice or tips on my blog or layout, please don't hesitate to say something or email me!

First day of winter

It's the first day of winter! It feels like it has been winter for a while though! Today was your perfect winter day, in my opinion. Clear roads yet pretty white snow. I got out of work at my normal time today (I've been getting extra hours in which is so nice money-wise!) but I wanted to meet up with my Mom to go shopping downtown. We went to eat at the Dee-Lite, looked around the Mackinaw Kite company, Fortino's and The Paper Co. Then, we shopped at Flotto's, Michigan Rag Co. and bought some delicious breads at Great Harvest Bread Co. My town is super local everything. I had a great time with Mom. She bought me some monkey bread.. and now I feel fat and sick from eating one piece. Eep!

I swear.. one of the best things is going into a thrift store, sifting through the rack of old lady skirts and then turning them into dresses. I did it back in November too! I found this gem buried in the middle of the rack and was like.. that's kind of a cute print! I tried it as a skirt.. yuck. It's so funny what hiking it up and belting it can do. Especially paired with a bomber jacket and my favorite boots in the world.

Tonight, Brett and I went and see The Princess and the Frog. So cute! Gosh, I love cartoon Disney movies. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. My favorite growing up was Beauty and the Beast. What was yours? Now I'm home.. thinking about munching on the cookie dough in the fridge. Naughty! Also, I'm going to start updating my player at least every other day with the mixed CD song I made for my giveaway. I thought I'd start the compilation with my favorite song in the entire world - Get me naked 2: electric boogaloo by Minus the Bear. Best band ever.. hands down.. best song ever. Even though Minus the Bear has so many of my favorite songs in this world... ugh, so amazing. Keep checking back!

Playing in the snow

Hello! Nothing special today. Brett and I cleaned up from the party last night, I ate a giant lunch of cheese and crackers, summer sausage, macaroni salad and leftover cookie dough. I was eating it out of this giant bowl and Brett didn't notice at first and then looks at it.. and then at me.. and yells at me to go eat real food. Hehe! I helped Brett build a better blog for his band, Tall Ships. Then we watched Indian in the Cupboard and now I'm watching Christmas with the Krank's. Lazy day!

These were taken on our rooftop. I can sneak outside with Brett, quickly snap some shots and run back inside so that way I don't have to lug my jacket and Brett doesn't have to drape my jacket over his shoulder while taking shots! Hehehe! I wanted to get some "playing in the snow". I've seen some really amazing photos.. like this one and I really want to do a shoot like this. I was also featured in Blue Is In Fashion This Year's blog for wintry snow photos! I love all of the photos chosen. I am going to have to lurk some of those girls now... stunning.

This is my new skirt I got from Zara! I absolutely love it. It buttons twice in the front and wraps around. I can't wait to wear it in the warmer months without my sweater tights. I miss bare legs!

I cannot believe how close Christmas is! We still have so much shopping to do. I sense a lot of shopping on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas! I think Brett and I have each other done.. but we still have things to pick up for our parents, and our friends, and our cats.. eep! We always wait until the last minute.. every year! Is everyone else done with their Christmas shopping?

Have a wonderful week! I have to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and a half day on Thursday. Who works on Christmas Eve?! At least it'll be a short day! Also! One of my very best friends, Andrea, is running for Style Icon on Chictopia! If you're joined, add her as a favorite to ensure her win for a January spot. She completely deserves it!

Also again! I've been getting a lot of emails and girls asking for my Selective Potential mix tape song list! I'm going to be posting one song daily going in order on the playlist. It ended up being 2 discs - 36 songs, so I'll be changing my song pretty much daily or at least every other day, so stay tuned if you want to know the song names! Unless you're dying to know, you can email me and I'll send you over the list!

Outfit details:

Zara skirt
American Apparel dress
Macy's cardigan
Forever21 necklace
Wanted heels