Fortino's Candy Shop

We have a cute little shopping district in our town which is insanely lively in the summer, but still has a cute winter charm during the holidays! I love going to Fortino's all year long though. We always stop in for pops or to buy a few ounces of yummy chocolates Their milk chocolate turtles are my favorite. We went downtown to grab a bite and I wanted to stop here quick to fix my sweet tooth!

This definitely felt like a holiday-inspired look to me - I'm sure it's the tights mostly, but I honestly do love red tights any time of the year. Last year I wore them constantly in autumn - they are such a fun color to work with. I feel like red has been a favorite of mine since I've learned more about my personal style. Red lips, tights, dresses, cardigans. It just seems to work well.. maybe with my hair color? I don't know, but I always feel confident in red!

I really needed a black pair of boots this year, so I was super happy to receive these from Blowfish Shoes! They are super comfy and easy to put on - there is a long zipper in the back. They have a bit of an edgy feeling to them, which of course, I love. I think next I want to pair them with some knee-high slouchy socks or something of the sort! It hasn't been too bad this year, but usually salt stains are the worst in Michigan, so I can't buy anything suede.. so these work perfect.

Well, I'm so excited for the upcoming weekend. Tomorrow night, we have our fourth annual Christmas party. This year we're taking it low-key and having it at a friend's house in the city instead of our place. Our place is a little far for people to drive.. and we're just going to get some pizzas and stuff instead of cooking a big feast. It's probably because I'm just not feeling the holidays this year! I'm super bummed, but I've tried and I just can't force myself to be excited. Usually I can't pry away from ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas or Relient K's holiday album, but this year I cringe at the thought of either of those. Scrooge Tieka! Maybe this week that'll change? Let's hope so!

Outfit details:

Painted Ladies Dress c/o ModCloth
Target tights
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Jasper Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

White holidays

Ooooooh, it has been so cold here! Freezing! It's to the point where I have to crawl in through the passenger door in my car because the doors are frozen shut. It's totally awful. Is spring here yet? I'd much rather romp around through fields of flowers in this dress instead of wearing my bulky winter coat over it constantly with my bright red gloves and gray circle scarf (classy, I know... that's how I roll this year apparently!)

I'm in love with anything knit this winter though, for real, so that's why I'm loving this knit hat. It's ultra big, so it covers my ears and keeps me extra toasty in our temps in the teens! It reminds me of oatmeal! Hehe. So, this outfit is very similar to my surroundings, right? I told you guys - I can't help it, even when I don't try, I blend. I'm a chameleon! This dress was a tad bit see-through, so I had to be extra careful to wear a tank-top underneath and make sure my tights covered my booty. We don't want to revisit this outfit now do we?

I just bought these boots from DSW - couldn't leave the store without them. I actually found them online, so I linked to them if you wanted to see them close up. Love them, especially paired with this ivory dress and burgundy tights (which you can't really tell in these photos; they look black!) Eeps, oh well. I'll have to grab another shot soon with them now that all of our snow is turned to ice. Oh boy, I'm so jealous of those of you with 60+ degree temperatures right now (yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you, Jasmine!)

Outfit details:

Messy Hair Tam c/o Chaos Knits
T.J.Maxx tights
Sweet Kathleen Dress c/o Ruche
Russet Belt in Brown c/o Shop Mamie
DSW boots

Holiday parties

Tonight, Brett and I went to my first company holiday party! I was so excited - it has been so much fun to get to know everyone so far at work, but it's always fun to meet their spouses and spend the evening chatting! Work has consumed my life and thoughts lately, but I'm totally loving it. I can't believe I haven't updated the blog since Tuesday, eep! I've just been so busy. I haven't even called my parents in a week!

We had dinner, drinks and a book white elephant exchange tonight at a country club in the city. It was gorgeous and the food was amazing! I had planned a whole different look, but the dress I got.. the zipper went up, but it would come apart in the middle.. I was so bummed! So I had to re-plan an outfit and was having a total meltdown flinging clothes out of my closet! I liked the way this outfit turned out, plus this event gave me an excuse to style up this skirt again!

I can't believe we're halfway through December! I haven't bought a single Christmas gift or anything. I don't know why I can't get into the holiday spirit this year. Our apartment is half decorated and now I'm thinking.. man, I don't want to decorate just for a few more weeks! I've gotten Brett a few things.. that are sitting on the floor in the rec room in full view for him to see (how romantic we are this year!) and our plan is just to go shopping for each other with the paycheck after Christmas. Ha ha! We're so that old boring married couple this year!

Outfit details:

Ivory Symphony Skirt c/o ModCloth
Cranberry Cider Cardigan c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters belt
Urban Outfitters tank
Forever21 tights
Modern Maid Marion Boots c/o ModCloth

N.E.E.T. December Issue!

Have you guys checked out N.E.E.T.'s December issue yet? It's their fifth anniversary and they have an amazing magazine to celebrate stocked full with some of our favorite people in the blogging world, tons of style bloggers, inspiration, holiday gift ideas and so much more. I was lucky enough to have a spread in their winter fashion plans section along with Lulu Letty, The Clothes Horse, Orchid Grey and District of Chic. Head over and check it out!

In the holiday spirit

I'm definitely getting into the Christmas spirit, especially once we were hit with snow! All of the malls are packed, the decorations are out, I love driving around and seeing all of the lights up. It's such a fun time of year! Saturday, Brett and I headed out to visit my mom during her holiday sale and decided to stop at this park because it was so festive! Afterwards, we headed back home and went out to see our town's jingle bell parade. So cute. I love the feeling of a small town all gathered on "main street" (ours is called Washington) while all of the locals cheer on corny holiday floats!

I was super excited to receive this cardigan from Forever 21 from their new Forever 21 Minnie Muse Collection. It's such a cute collection full of fun, girly pieces. I feel like red has been one of my signature colors, so I wanted to go with this cardigan - with the cute minnie mouse print. I could pair it with so much, but it felt really fitting for a holiday look. I'm sure I'll wear this again during the season!

I'm really looking forward to all of the upcoming holiday plans. A few parties, a blogger meet up in Chicago, family time, presents, giving gifts. It's so much fun! I've been holiday dress shopping lately and am falling in love with so many, but I'm trying to convince myself to only buy dresses I can re-style after the holidays are all finished up! Thank you all for your amazing comments on my last post.. I adore reading every single one and am trying to get back to everyone!

Outfit details:

Minnie Muse Cardigan c/o Forever21
Forever21 dress
Target tights
Pencey Prep Thigh Highs in Dark Chocolate c/o ModCloth
Jeffrey Campbell boots

First snowfall

We are living in winter wonderland! I cannot believe how much snow we've gotten so far. It was nonstop all weekend long! It is supposed to be the snowiest winter yet due to lake effect. The lake of the temperature was really warm this summer, so that leads to more snowfall! I don't mind, actually! It's fun having a lot of snow. When I drove out to work today, there was no snow in the city. It's so strange how 35 minutes away can be so different.

I'm super excited for the rest of December! Next weekend, we have my work holiday party. The weekend after that, we have our fourth annual Christmas party. The weekend after that is Christmas! So crazy! It's going to fly by. I really want to get some fun things in - like last year, we went to Frankenmuth. I'm not sure when we're going to have time, but I'd love to go again! Or do something like that! For a while there, Brett and I were taking monthly adventures around the state. We've been trying to save money lately, so we've held off.. but I'm itching to have a day away!

I've been living in cardigans, tall boots and my giant circle scarf lately. In the beginning of winter, I'm not so lazy to throw on a giant coat, thick socks, an extra cardigan, a thick circle scarf, gloves, but as it goes on.. I just get so lazy to put everything on before I head out the door! But I have to admit.. I love winter, because it makes spring so so sweet! Plus, I can't imagine Christmas without some snow on the ground!

Outfit details:

Whippersnapper Grandpa Cardigan c/o LuLu*s
Target tights
Theory of Flowers Dress c/o ModCloth
Classic Knit Tubular Scarf in Gray c/o Ruche