Frances Jaye

This past weekend, Eric and I headed out to Holland, Michigan to check out Frances Jaye boutique! The store's owner, Jenny, contacted me and I couldn't wait to check it out. I absolutely love supporting local businesses in Michigan. I was so insanely excited when I walked in. Usually when I think boutique, I think too fancy, perhaps overpriced, but Frances Jaye was insanely amazing. I loved everything there and the prices were so reasonable! I wanted to walk out with an armful of clothes, journals, scarves... and those plaid boots I posted on Instagram. AH!

It's right in downtown Holland... one of my favorite places to stroll and shop. It's seriously so quaint. Jenny was really amazing to meet - so down to earth and nice. The whole boutique looked like she poured her heart into every detail and it showed. I fell in love and can't wait to go back soon. If you're in the Michigan area, Holland specifically, I honestly say it's a must you check it out! I loved everything.

I went for a comfy outfit while we were out shopping this weekend. I just picked up these jeans at American Eagle and they were only $12! I couldn't believe it. I can't remember the last time I shopped at that store, but I couldn't pass these up. And this sweater... is like heaven. It's definitely the coziest thing in my wardrobe. Now we just need some snow so I can snuggle up in it while drinking hot cocoa. Idealistic much, Tieka? ;)

Outfit details:
Be a Lamb sweater c/o LuLu*s
Central flats c/o Blowfish Shoes

November in Instagram

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November has been an exciting and really productive month. Eric and I have been fixing up our apartment like crazy and have made serious progress. I should have taken before and after pictures because you'd all be shocked! I'm so excited with how it's coming along. There's still a lot left to do though. Other than the apartment, we just enjoyed the holiday, and spent a lot of time with friends and family! Life is good!

  • Winny and I took a trip out to Grand Haven to walk the pier. It was her first time walking in beach sand!
  • Eric played an acoustic set at an open mic night. I loved it.
  • I ate my last cider donut of the season at Robinette's. Yum!
  • Receiving little compliments from colleagues always make my day.
  • I finally captured Winny's crazy face on camera. I just love her.
  • We got our Christmas tree up and decorated. Makes the living room so cozy.
  • A peek at our entryway. I love our DIY coat-hanger. Full post to come soon!
  • Eric and I hanging out with friends at Back Forty Saloon.
  • A peek at our birch tree mural in our dining room. This was a nightmare, but I like the way it turned out!

In December, I'm hoping to finish the apartment even more, get completely organized, work more at financial goals in preparation for the new year, enjoy the holidays as much as possible and just have fun. It's shaping up to be a really exciting and busy month!

Past winter favorites

We're gearing up for winter here in Michigan! We've already seen a few snow flurries and morning frosts, but nothing has stuck yet. I'm excited for winter though. Of course, it's by far my least favorite season... but if it's going to be the longest one in Michigan, I might as well get some enjoyment out of it. One of the things that is making me more excited is my winter Pinterest board though. Winter can be a beautiful time for photos! I'm hoping to push the creative envelope a bit more this year and suck it up in the cold. Plus, the sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful. Here are some favorite outfits from past winters! I can't believe I have three past winters to choose from now. SP is getting old! ;)

Christmas Tree Farm

The day after Thanksgiving, Eric and I headed out in search of a Christmas tree! I love decorating for the holidays as soon as turkey day is over. Having a real tree is a must for me. I mostly just love how they make the entire apartment smell. We headed out to Rockford to Hart Tree Farm and it was packed! Everyone must have had the same idea. There was some snow whirling in the air and it was a pretty perfect day to pick out a tree. We also got a wreath to hang on the door!

I'm not sure why, but some of my photos have been blurry lately. I can't figure it out. I'm just wondering if there is a smudge on my lens that I haven't been able to get out (I'm constantly cleaning it)... but it doesn't make sense why some photos are clear and others are blurry? Like the top one is totally blurry... but the needles in the picture above are clear. It's driving me nuts. I might take it in and see what's going on. I'm hopefully getting a new camera soon, but it would still be nice to keep this one in good condition as a backup! I'm kind of wondering if my Nikon D40 took better pictures than my Canon does? I don't know. I think maybe I just need a new lens. Tacking that onto my Christmas list...

This weekend, Eric and I made so much progress on our apartment. We finished the entryway and most of the dining room. We just need to figure out how to fill up space in a few corners, but it looks so much better. I'm super excited. I'll take pictures as soon as everything is settled a bit more, but you can peek at some photos over at my Instagram. My next goal is to buy a new couch, end tables and a coffee table to finish the living room. After those furniture purchases, I think I'll honestly be set for a while, which is exciting! I'm just hoping to buy a house in the next year. I'm ready to fix up a place of my own.

Well December is shaping up to look really fun! I have an upcoming holiday work party that I just ordered my outfit for today! Plus, lighthouse exploring, holiday shopping and hopefully snow. I have some exciting plans on the blog too... fun gift guides, a feature on a local boutique, some holiday giveaways (a huge one at the end of the month!), a little personal celebration and a recap of 2012 with some memories and favorite outfits from the past year. It should be fun and I'm looking forward to it!

Outfit details:

Forever 21 jeans
Hood, Better, Best Jacket c/o ModCloth
LOFT circle scarf
Forever 21 hoodie
Vintage Coach purse
Gap tee
Prague boots c/o Wanted

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to all of my American readers out there! I had such a great day with family. Eric and I had three families to tackle in one day which is always tiring, but we had a lot of fun. First, we stopped to my Dad's house for a few snacks and then headed over to my Mom's house for a full dinner. It was beautiful and sunny outside (crazy windy!) but we got a chance to spend a little time outdoors there. They live right on the water and it's beautiful. My bedroom all throughout high school had this view! I sure do miss that! And my mom's cooking, ah. It's the best! After my parents, we headed back to the city to eat another dinner with Eric's family. Let's just say... we were stuffed. Ha!

Even though winter doesn't officially start until almost the end of December, I feel like as soon as November is gone in Michigan... it's winter. So I'm trying to wear any autumn favorites before snow hits! I just can't bring myself to wear burnt orange or any autumnal print in winter. I'm super picky about that. So I'm excited that I was able to wear this outfit for the holiday! The only downfall was that this skirt has zero stretch, so by the end of the day, I was regretting that. But the food was all so good and worth it!

Oh gosh, this picture of Eric and Winny is probably my favorite picture ever. Winny was so worn out by the time we got home. But with three families and all of them with dogs and one with Eric's little niece... she was in heaven. I can't believe how big she's getting though. All of a sudden before I know it, she'll be a full grown dog! I think they say about 12 months before a puppy is fully grown? I'm so curious to see how big she'll get. Everyone says she'll be bigger because her paws are so big, but we'll see! All I know is that Eric and I love her to pieces and we're so excited to watch her grow.

After feasting all day, Eric and I headed home afterwards and had a Grumpy and Grumpier Old Men marathon in bed. Those are two of my favorite movies ever, so yeah. Pretty much a perfect day in my book! Also, say hi to my mom below if you haven't seen her yet. Isn't she a beauty? And an amazing cook. I hope all of you that celebrate Turkey Day had a great one! Now onto the last week of November... I've already got my tree up, decorations out and some presents wrapped. I'm really going to try to be more on top of Christmas this year!

Outfit details:

Ranunculus-ly Good Looking Skirt c/o ModCloth
Irene Top c/o Dear Faithful
Long Cardigan with Waist Tie c/o Tulle
Target tights
Minnetonka Moccasins Kilty Suede Moc

November wishlist

I can't believe we're almost done with November! I can tell already, the holidays are just going to fly by. Right now, I'm still trying to wear as much of my autumn wardrobe as possible, while keeping the upcoming winter in mind. With blizzards outside, I'm looking for anything and everything cozy to wear indoors. I love this Gisele PJ set from Eberjey to wear around the house. Also with the holiday season approaching, I'm hoping to shop as smart as I can... while contributing to a good cause. SmartGuyGlasses set up the Buy One Give One charity program where for every purchase made, they'll give a pair of glasses to someone in need. Sounds like a win-win to me! As for style, I'm loving pastels, neutrals and metallics. Plus, a good pair of boots for the snow. La Posh Style's The Traveler Boots would be perfect. And in light of the season, I think this One Good Deed a Day Journal would be perfect for helping others and just spreading cheer in general. It's a good reminder to be a better person everyday! What is on your holiday wishlist this year?