Video // The Great Northwest

Alright! We're onto my final post from our trip to the "great northwest" of Michigan. Over the entire weekend, we decided to try and just shoot a little bit of footage with my camera. It's a little shaky, but I thought it turned out lovely! And it's just fun to look back and see what we saw on our weekend trip, especially one that meant a lot to us. Enjoy! And happy Sunday! I'm sooo thrilled for a short week and long weekend coming up. xo

Music by Mat Churchill

Charlevoix South Pier Light Station

Alright, phew! I really need to finish up these posts from our trip up north. Since then, we've gotten over a foot of snow on the ground, I've been planning things for the wedding that I want to share/talk about, and the holidays are quickly approaching! Plus, I have some really fun collaborations coming up that I'm excited about too! Anyway! Back to a few weeks ago, Eric and I stopped in Charlevoix to see the Charlevoix South Pier Light Station. It was built in 1884, and it's located on Lake Michigan right at the entrance to Lake Charlevoix. I had a hard time planning for this one, because so many of the pictures show it's previous state and it used to be painted white! I loved this lighthouse though; unique to most of the others I've seen. Anyway, I'm off! BUSY day. And I just got home from my friend's monthly wine night, and I had almost five (small) glasses of sparking wine so I shouldn't be talking on the internet at this point. ;)

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Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse

I thought it'd be fun to show you the lighthouse Eric proposed at! Like I said before, the Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse doesn't exactly make the map for Michigan lighthouses... because it's um, well, a cylinder at the end of a long pier. But Eric's "surprise Tieka" mission was a success, and now we'll never forget this place ever. The pier was actually really fun to walk down, especially with the waves crashing over. I was messing around, adjusting settings and didn't even realize I captured that last photo of Eric... in position, exactly where it happened. I love those happy accidents. This lighthouse was built around 1912, and looked so much different 100 years ago! It's been stripped down to what it is today, but there's definitely history here. Lots of good history! â™¥

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We're engaged!


A couple of weekends ago, Eric and I were visiting the great northwest of Michigan. On the last day of our trip, we headed to Petoskey to see the Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse. It's usually a lighthouse that never makes the map, and it's just a small cylinder at the end of a long pier. It was so windy, and the waves were crashing up like crazy. Eric was like, "You can stay back here with Winny and I'll go get pictures." But knowing me... if I'm at a lighthouse, I have to have the full experience, so Winny and I headed out there to meet him. He said as soon as he saw us walking toward him, he knew it was the right moment. I was taken by complete surprise. He proposed at the end of the pier; I couldn't even give him an answer at first! I just stood there crying and nodding my head. When he stood up from being down on one knee, he was like, "So, is that a yes?" Um... YES. We've been together for two and a half years, and are pup-parents to the sweetest gal ever. We've both been through some hardships, but we've always been there for each other. That's how I know we'll be successful as a married couple. We fight, and we fight for each other always, even when things are not easy. We love each other more than anything, and our life we've already created together. I can't wait to buy a house, and have a family with him. It all feels right. We took two weeks to slowly tell our families, friends and colleagues and it has been pure bliss. We've been so happy, and so has everyone close to us in our life. That's all that matters. I'm so excited to celebrate all year long and plan this wedding together!

Photos by our amazing friend, Tifani Lyn Photography

Tunnel of Trees

On our second day in the great northwest of Michigan, we spent the majority of our day exploring the Tunnel of Trees. This location has been on my wishlist for years of places to visit in the state. I'm so excited I was finally able to see it, especially in autumn! We woke up at our inn, ate breakfast in the family room with a bunch of old ladies sewing and making quilts, got ready and headed out. Since our inn was located right at the entrance of the tunnel, we didn't have to travel far to start seeing beauty like this!

As you're driving along M-119 north, you come across a tiny little town called Good Hart. It had a general store, a post office, a little rustic shop with a tea room, and a real estate office. It was so quaint. We stopped and walked around Primitive Images Rustics. The decor inside was amazing. We grabbed some caramel mocha lattes and hot apple cider from the tea room. We had perfect weather on our trip. We had plenty of sunshine, and it was just cool enough to get away with a chunky turtleneck sweater and hot beverages. My kind of weather!

We stopped in the general store to see what they had. We ended up walking out with a mason jar of apple pie moonshine, which is incredibly delicious mixed with cider! Everyone was so friendly and in a great mood. I guess it's a perk of being one of the stops along this beautiful, autumn road. We made it to the end of the tunnel of trees and turned back around. We tried to go to Legs Inn (I've been dying to go there!) but unfortunately they closed for the season already. Major loss on their part, I think! This is the best time of year to visit this area!

On our way back, we stopped to Pond Hill Farm for lunch. It was so cute! All of the locals were picking their pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, and grabbing fresh cider and items from the market. We went upstairs to the Harbor Springs Winery and Garden Cafe, and tried their parmesan-crusted grilled cheese and butternut squash bisque with blue cheese drizzle. It was so excellent! After spending time at the farm, we headed back to our inn to rest for a little bit before heading to downtown Harbor Springs. More to come! xo

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Road up north

Hello, friends! Long time, no see! It has been a whirlwind week. Completely amazing, but busy! A couple of weekends ago, Eric and I headed up north to the "great northwest" of Michigan. We packed up our car, and drove up to Harbor Springs. We stopped along the way before it got dark to snap some pictures. The entire drive was so pretty. It was still pretty much peak colors, and I just love our lighting this time of year. On our way up, we stopped to a little family diner in Kalkaska called B&B Express. We didn't expect it to be anything super great, but we were so surprised. We had seriously excellent food and service! If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop by for a Bad Boy burger, or something similar with that name. Yum.

As we drove into Harbor Springs, it was dark out, but I was completely mesmerized. I was like, "Eric! Look! It's so adorable!" The little downtown looked like it came straight out of a movie. There were little shops lining both sides of the street, and it sits right on Little Traverse Bay. As you're driving into downtown, there is a little church and steeple lighting the way. We headed just a little bit out of downtown and saw a sign that marked the entrance of the Tunnel of Trees. Our inn, Birchwood Inn, was just past the sign! We checked in and cozied up into our cabin motel room.

I have several more posts coming from up north! Plus... at the end, I have a little video I'm going to share! I haven't done a video in forever, but I had a lot of fun shooting snippets throughout the weekend and putting it together. I also have so much to catch up on for the blog, including a giveaway coming up with Hannah Naomi jewelry. Have a great week! xo

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