jb and me Blogger Event

Last week, I attended a super fun blogger event at jb and me in Holland. There were super yummy snacks, desserts and wine. We each got a 20% off discount code to shop, and there were a bunch of door prizes raffled off! I won a candle that smells exactly like a freshly cut Christmas tree, and a cute burgundy brimmed hat! I also bought a cozy new cardigan, and a black ribbed turtleneck dress. Both of them are in my 30-item closet challenge, so I'll share more on those soon! jb and me is also offering my readers a 20% off discount to shop online, so be sure to head over there! The code is "blogger7".

This time of year always throws me for a loop. It's completely dark out by the time I'm out of work, and I'm tired and in bed by 9:30pm. So silly! I know I'll adjust, but it's always hard in the beginning. I've been working on simplifying my life like crazy right now. It's slightly chaotic to get to that point, but I know once I've accomplished all of my projects, things will feel good. They are already feeling better. I'm working on a new blog design, which will help with time management going forward. I cleaned out my closet to 30 items and that in itself has been huge. I promise to do my initial post on that on Monday, for sure! But otherwise I've just been donating and purging our apartment, being happy with empty space and clean corners, and getting my life organized! It's a good exercise to do before the new year begins.

Other than that, not much else is new! It's a super gray day today, and we just saw our first snow! It only lasted a few minutes, but it's always kind of exciting. I hope it doesn't stick until after Thanksgiving, but I just love a white Christmas. I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. As soon as we're done eating turkey, I want to go and cut down our annual tree and decorate our apartment. There's nothing better than a hot cup of cocoa, a Christmas movie, and the lights of the tree in your living room. Ah! So excited.

Okay, I'll be back on Monday with a recap of the 30 items I chose for my closet challenge... and I'll start doing some outfit posts. Unfortunately with my schedule, I can't blog every outfit, but I'll try and Instagram more too if I can. I've been using Stylebook to organize my closet, and I've been creating "looks" and putting them into my calendar, which is so helpful! I can pretty much plan my outfit the next day laying in bed. I love it! Anyway, have a great weekend! xo

Blackrocks Brewery

Phew! We're finally onto the final post from our honeymoon. To be honest, I wish we would have spent one more day in the mountains, and one day in Marquette because by the end there, we were slightly out of things to do! We went to lunch at Doncker's, which was super tasty. I'd highly recommend getting your own side of their homemade macaroni and cheese. We were going to check out a local mine, but because the temperatures dropped so suddenly, we decided to go and see Goosebumps in theaters. It was so good! I felt like a kid watching it. ;)

After the movie, we headed straight to check out Blackrocks Brewery. We tried to go here last summer, but they were closed for a private event, so it was awesome to check it out. Unfortunately I don't like beer, but I'm always glad when I can entertain Eric since he has to go to so many lighthouses for me. Haha! We had a couple of drinks (root beer for me) and we were waiting for the taco truck to show up... but unfortunately that never showed up either! Oh well, next time hopefully!

Thankfully I brought lots of layers for the dip in temperature, so I was well prepared! I just bought these high-waisted black jeans from H&M recently and I love them. So comfortable for weekend outings! Just this past weekend, I slimmed down my closet to 30 items and I plan on trying that out for a month. I'm going to try my best to blog every outfit, but I know that's not always possible, so I'll Instagram any in-betweens. I'll do an initial post on it on Wednesday, so stay tuned. But these jeans are definitely included!

Sugarloaf Mountain

For the last two days of our honeymoon, we headed east to stay in Marquette for a couple of nights. I've been to Marquette several times, but haven't really explored too much before! As soon as we got into town, we went to the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse, but unfortunately due to renovation, it was closed. Since that's a really easy one to get to, I decided to not blog about that one until later when I can tour it fully! I know, nerd. So instead we decided to go and check out Sugarloaf Mountain. After been there, I would definitely say this is a "must-visit" if you're in Marquette. 

We parked in the small lot, and approached a sign that said "easy or difficult" trail with arrows. We decided to try the "easy" trail, not being great hikers. It was a relatively short walk to get to the top. Maybe a half hour at most? Most of the hills had stairs, and some were bigger reaches than others, but all in all, a very easy hike compared to others in the upper peninsula. Once you've reached the top, the view is 100% worth it. It's amazing! You can see everything from the lighthouse, to the iron ore dock, and on a clear day, all the way to Canada! We had just missed a water spout too. I think it happened as we were climbing up to the top, but I'm so bummed we missed that! That would have been insane to see.

I went very comfortable all weekend long, which, let's be honest, is my style these days anyway. I just picked up this coat from H&M because it was fleece-lined and really comfortable and warm! I stole Eric's hat, put on some jeans and some boots, and I could walk a million miles in this outfit. On our last couple of days, the temperatures definitely dropped from mid 50's to low 40's. So I'm glad I brought lots of layers!

After climbing Sugarloaf Mountain, we decided to go check out a very-well recommended restaurant called Portside Inn. It was super yummy! We ended up sitting at the bar to have drinks, and ate dinner up there. I'd definitely recommend their famous breadsticks (it comes with the best cheese to dip) and we split pasta and a small pizza. Very yum! We called it an early night after that to head back to our hotel and go in the pool (one of my favorite things about staying at a hotel). And hit the hay early! I have one more post from our last day in MQT, so I'll post that tomorrow!

Ontonagon Lighthouse

During our honeymoon in the Porcupine Mountains, we were so close to two lighthouses... that I had to go see one, right? We woke up, grabbed coffee and headed into downtown Ontonagon, which was just a few minutes from our hotel. We saw signs for lighthouse tours at the historical museum, so we went there first. I'm glad we did! I didn't realize the lighthouse was on private grounds with a gated fence. We walked into the museum, and caught the first tour out, hopped on a bus with our tour guide, and headed to the lighthouse.

This lighthouse was one of my favorites. It could be a few factors... we had an amazing tour guide named Bruce, who knew everything about this lighthouse. We were also able to go inside, into every room, and everything was put back into it's place exactly like it was in the early 1900's. There were so many amazing rooms full of woven rugs, vintage furniture, and history. Plus, we were able to climb the lighthouse tower and view Lake Superior! We also caught at glimpse of the Ontonagon West Pierhead lighthouse.

Bruce was so cute, and insanely knowledgable!

Bruce was so cute, and insanely knowledgable!

Can I steal this bedding?

Can I steal this bedding?

After we thoroughly toured the lighthouse, we hopped on the bus to head back to the historical museum. We headed inside for a little bit to explore. I was able to see the original fresnel lens that was in the Ontonagon Lighthouse, and Eric was taught how to play this old organ by Bruce. Afterwards, we walked across the street to Roxey's Bar and enjoyed a burger and fries! After lunch, we had every intention of visiting another abandoned lighthouse just a few miles from downtown. We ended up driving to this new housing development, parked our car and trekked out into the woods (knowing it was at least an hour walk long the beach), but we chickened out and got a little nervous, so we went back to the car. Being so far out in the middle of nowhere is kind of terrifying! I have to go back someday though, but hopefully next time I'll bring friends for protection or just ride an ATV along the beach. Haha! But seriously, some of the lighthouses on my list are so hard to get to! It's definitely a lifelong challenge to see all of them in Michigan.

Nawadaha Falls

On our day of exploring the Porcupine Mountains, we drove on back winding roads for maybe 45 minutes before reaching this spot on the Presque Isle River. There are three waterfalls on this river, but Nawadaha Falls was the easiest for us to get to at the time. Manabezho Falls is apparently the most scenic of the three, but unfortunately we couldn't get to that one due to a down pedestrian bridge. But, I loved this one, because you could so easily climb down the hill and sit right next to the waterfall. It was so beautiful!

After spending some time at this waterfall, and walking through the (very autumnal) woods, we hopped back in the car to head home for the night! Going through the Porcupine Mountains is a lot of driving if you don't want to space it out over a full week. Since we only had a few days here, we wanted to see as much as we could, and it wears you out! So we just headed back to our hotel, ate dinner at the restaurant there, grabbed hard root beers at the bar, played a game of pool and called it a night. I love the low-key atmosphere in the U.P. You don't feel rushed, and you're never stuck in traffic, and most of the time you don't have a cell signal, so you just have to enjoy the outdoors and play catch up when you're back at the hotel. It was definitely a good refresh.

It wasn't too chilly up there, maybe mid-50's most of the time, so I was able to wear a dress but I paired it with a heavier jacket, thick tights, layered socks and tall boots! I teamed up with Chrissy's Socks at the beginning of the month to style up some of their earthy, knit knee-high socks, and I love these! Super high quality, and I love the neutral colors I chose. They have a lot of different colors, patterns (really anything you can think of for knee-high socks) so be sure to check them out!

Lake of the Clouds

One of our first stops on our "porkiemoon" was the Lake of the Clouds! We slept in a little bit to recover from our nine hour drive the day before, and grabbed coffee. We went for lunch at a place called the Konteka! It was maybe the closest restaurant other than our hotel, and also had a general store, bowling alley, bar and more. There's really not much in this part of the upper peninsula, besides amazing nature. After lunch, we headed back toward our hotel and up to Lake of the Clouds! This is one of my favorite sights, because it's insanely gorgeous, and really accessible. No hiking required!

You park the car, walk up a slight "cliff" and then all of a sudden, you cannot believe your eyes. We honestly lucked out. Usually by now, the peak colors are over with and most of the leaves have fallen off the trees this far north. But luckily, we've had a late autumn and the colors were perfect. I kept blinking and was like... am I really seeing this?! It felt like you were in a real-life painting. Every which way you looked, the trees looked like they were on fire with color. Seriously, so stunning. I feel so lucky to have seen this sight as it was.

After leaving the scenic lookout (and I really didn't want to leave), we drove for a long time into the mountains. If you want to see different things, you really have to do a lot of driving. From here, we drove maybe 45 minutes to another scenic lookout called Summit Peak. We had to hike maybe a mile to the top of the overlook, but it was also just incredibly beautiful! It's just always slightly creepy being in the U.P., if you've never been. There's hardly anyone around, and you're miles and miles out into the woods with bears, and who knows what else! I always get a little nervous walking down a trail, but at the same time, it's incredibly peaceful.

I have another post coming with our second half of the day exploring the Presque Isle River... such beautiful waterfalls! So I'll be back with that. If you ever have the chance to get up to the U.P., you should really put it on your bucket list. It's truly amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I adore Michigan. It's insane, and there's so much to explore! xo

Outfit details:

Post-Production Finesse Tunic c/o ModCloth
Forever21 Folk Girl Fringed Cardigan (similarsimilarsimilar)
Aeropostale Solid Long Parka (similar)
Old Navy Boots (similar)