January: Photo Recap!

I thought it would be fun to start taking simple photos of my every day life to share! It's fun to look back on those little details that you see on a daily basis in a certain time period in your life! I don't know how often I'll do this - weekly or a couple times a month - whenever I feel like life has changed a bit and something new is happening (which is pretty often lately!) So enjoy - a mini lifestyle photo recap of the silly, simple things that are happening!

Lots and lots of traffic on the way home. I drive 40 minutes to work and 40 minutes back home - and lately it's been a nightmare during rush hour!

Last weekend, I went to East Lansing to visit with my very good friend, Andrea from Blonde Bedhead! We had a sleepover, went shopping, grabbed lunch and sat and chatted over Biggby Coffee. Yummmm. Love that girl!

This week, I've practiced a lot with our band, Circle Maybe! These guys are like family to me. Of course, one of them is actually family - my husband, Brett! And our super great friends, Jeremy and Jesse (the blonde stallion). We went grocery shopping for essentials this week, of course. We have our first show in February (I'll give details soon!)

The view from my workplace. Snow, yuck, cold, ew. I'm so thankful for so many windows at work though - I love looking out constantly at the weather!

I've been highly entertained this week by Jeremy's cat, Buddy, aka Buddy Kitty. He plays with this cat game on Jeremy's iPad that is so funny to watch. I can sit there for such a long time giggling over this.

I bought some new polaroid picture frames from Urban Outfitters for my desk space at work! I love them. I printed out some of my favorite photos that make me super happy - carnival rides, tulips and tons of travel photos from my adventures with Brett. A constant reminder that life is amazing.

Hope you enjoyed! See you tomorrow for an outfit post and new giveaway!