January: Photo recap!

Here are a few photos in a little recap! I'm thinking twice a month, or every other Friday, I'll do this! I really do feel like my life is measured by the month and what it provides.. weather-wise, holiday-wise or whatever. To be honest, although I'm loving life right now, I'm so excited for January to be finishing up this weekend. This month is too long! February is such a short little month, with a super fun little holiday in the middle and the promise of spring soon ahead. I'm super excited!

It has been a huge new year's resolution for me to start tackling those little things I want to do - one of them including reading books more often. Currently, I'm half way into Emily Giffin's Heart of the Matter. It's really good so far and I'm excited to get to the end. I force myself to hop into bed at 11 pm so I can read until 11:30 pm. Ever since I put myself on this schedule, I wake up so easily in the mornings!

This week, our band, took a little field trip over to Guitar Center. I have my heart set on a Telecaster and I'm pretty sure I'm going to soon trade in my acoustic for a tele to play in our band! I really want a mint-green one, but I can't seem to find one! Brett, Jesse and I played in the DJ room for a while - so much fun!

We have had some insanely cold temperatures lately! Brett and I were driving home from a movie last Sunday night and I had never seen my car thermometer get to the negatives before! So insane!

Brett and I had a silly afternoon playing with all of the icicles that are forming around our apartment. We opened up the window and snapped this off and Brett played air guitar with it in our living room. We are also saving an icicle in our freezer right now - so fun to bring those out in summer!

Our cat, Sarge, loves to be outdoors so Brett takes him out whenever he can. Even in the snow, he loves to explore and trudge through it - it's so funny to watch. Our rooftop is buried in snow right now with the biggest icicles ever! I love these two. :)

I've been obsessed with hazelnut creme coffee at work lately. It is so good! Usually I only like coffee in the winter, but I have to load it with cream and no-calorie sweetener. I just can't do black coffee!

And to finish off... a little detail of our elevator at work. I love little historic details in a building. Grand Rapids is full of them and I love that when companies renovate - they keep the charm alive. Have a great weekend, everyone!