Trees of love

For Valentine's Day, Brett and I were walking through this wooded area... and all of a sudden... there were hearts all along the trees! I looked over at him as he swooped me up into his arms and gave me a passionate, romantic kiss. He whispered, "I love you, my wife." and we frolicked off into the forest... and lived happily ever after.

Hahaha, just kidding! I totally had you guys doing, didn't I? Okay, fine... "my wife" didn't sound right to me either. Well anyway, scratch that, and let me give you the real romantic married story. I walked into the kitchen when I got home from work and the kitchen table was missing! Of course, Brett led me to our sun room where the table was set for two with a fondue set and so many yummy items to fondue. We drank soda from wine glasses, fried up veggies and chicken (fake chicken for Brett!) and had so much fun! So for Valentine's Day, we "fondued" it!

I actually had a reader leave me a Facebook message saying she spotted this really cute area on her way home from work that had these hearts attached to the trees! So, of course, anything totally tacky, Brett and I scope out... and it was so cute. I loved it! So thanks to Mari for giving me a totally wonderful idea for an outfit post!

I hope all of you had (or are having!) a wonderful Valentine's Day! I'm stuffed on fondue-goodness and too many cookies from our work cookie potluck! I made fruit pizza... yum! So yummy. Ps; Do you follow me on Twitter? ♥

Outfit details:

BB Dakota dress via Gilt
Forever21 tights
Charlie Cross Body Bag c/o Shop Mamie
Jeffrey Campbell boots