Goodbye, winter!

I am so happy we are finally done with winter. This winter felt like the longest one, ever! I was so burnt out with the awful drives and freezing temperatures. It's always a celebration when winter is done because that means I survived a winter with my Beetle... and this fashion blog! Running a style blog during winter can be such a daunting task sometimes. Now I'm having an especially hard time in this transitional period because I'm bored with my winter stuff... but it's still too cold to bust out my real spring-y stuff. What a tough life I lead.

I actually took these photos before we took our day-trip to see lighthouses, so hey, you get another lighthouse. This is hometown lighthouse, so we see this bad boy everyday. We're spoiled. This was the first day we had truly amazing temperatures. Sixty-three degrees and warm wind. That's all I need in life. I received this darling dress from Dear Beatrice via the Delightful Dozen! She's a designer for Tulle and is sending this beauty around to the girls in the DD! I'm so excited to see how they style it up. It was such a comfortable dress and I love floral sleeved dresses. Of course!

Okay, a few things to catch myself up. 1) You can enter to win these red Naked flats from Blowfish Shoes at my giveaway post. 2) I've been featured as an Inspirational Ohgler on the Ohgle blog! 3) I'm so behind on my email, so if you're waiting to hear back from me... I'm super sorry and will be catching up ASAP. 4) I have the busiest week of my life this week. I have a fashion show tomorrow, meeting up with The Velvet Bird on Wednesday, band practice Thursday, Minus the Bear show on Friday, second-to-last Tall Ships show on Saturday and I might be able to breathe on Sunday. Phew!

Outfit details:

Tulle dress
Urban Outfitters tights
Naked Flats c/o Blowfish Shoes