A simple spring

This outfit is so simple, but something I would definitely wear quite often! I love a little black dress, especially one with sleeves and a scoop neck in the back. Plus, with brown and black mixed, my go-to favorite macrame belt and Dany heels, this outfit just felt classic! Every aspect of my life has been so busy lately, but you should see the trees blooming here. I swoon over every single one. I really need to start working out a better schedule and getting my priorities straight again so that I can start taking photos with all of the ideas and plans I have!

So, my hair is so long and overgrown right now. I went into the salon today (it's an institute and I always get a different student every time). Well last time I went, the girl hacked my bangs and I cried in the car for a half hour before going home! This time, I went in and asked for a 1/8 inch off my bangs and she couldn't figure it out... like her instructor was so impatient and I'm freaking out. So she seriously took like... nothing off and charged me $7 for it. I was too scared to have her go any further! Then she takes me over to the waxing kit for my brows, and it was like lava, boiling in the pot and she's about to apply it and I seriously sat up, ripped off my little gown thing and ran out. I mean, of course, paying, but seriously. I freaked out. Hahaha! So you all get mis-shapen Tieka, today.

My band has a show tomorrow and I'm actually really nervous. I don't know why I get so nervous standing in front of like... 25 kids, but I can blog to over 5,000 people. Makes no sense. If I were to be able to see all of your faces as you cringed at my outfits, I might be a bit more intimidated. Thanks to all of you for your amazing comments lately. I feel so bad about not being able to get back to everyone lately. I read every single comment and they all mean so much to me. ♥

Outfit details:

Two to Tango dress c/o ModCloth
Return of the Mack-Rame belt c/o ModCloth
Jessica Simpson Collection Dany heels
Perched Together Two-Finger Ring c/o Shop Ruche