Termite Bridge

Hehe! I'm so typical. I know you guys are going to start thinking I'm crazy with matching outfits to locations, but I'm on a roll this week! You have to admit it! With my tulip dress and tulip fields yesterday, it only felt natural to wear my bug dress to Termite Bridge. Brett and I had to drive quite a ways through some back country roads to get there tonight, but it was so fun and everything is so pretty right now so it was worth a drive together!

I am a sucker for a unique print. Of course, I'm always buying my beloved floral prints, but a fun print - like bugs?! - I have to go for. This dress is so cute! I'm so excited about the 70 degree temperatures we've been having lately so I can romp around outside with bare legs and arms. It's so uplifting to be in warmth! It's crazy how much energy you can get when warm weather hits. I spent all winter feeling so blah and lazy and now I feel alive and ready to take on so many fun things!

I'm so excited tomorrow is Wednesday! This week is going by so slow. It seems like whenever you do something you dread, time slows down! Like... for example, I stopped drinking pop altogether (so tough!) and it's like time sllooooowwwss down. I don't get it? It's like time knows how bad I want to drink a pop so it's torturing me! Haha!

Have a great Wednesday tomorrow! I have a fun giveaway coming up from Rebecca in the morning! You still have a few more hours to enter the giveaway for An Eye for Vintage, so go hop on over! Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my fields of tulips post! It is definitely my favorite post of the year so far!

Outfit details:

Clotheshorse and Buggy dress c/o ModCloth
Nikita flats c/o Blowfish Shoes
Take Wing Ring c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters black belt