Back road home

I absolutely love driving our scooters along the back country roads to get to the city. There are little historic towns, farm houses, fields, old silos, winding roads, creeks and endless trees. It's just so pretty. If I had more time to commute, I'd take the back roads every single day. Brett and I were riding our scoots home from band practice tonight and stopped off along our way as the sun was setting. (Psst, yes I wear bicycle shorts under my dress as I scoot!)

Brett let the cat out of the bag yesterday and told me about my weekend birthday trip. I'm super excited. I love taking trips. Memories mean more to me than any single thing I own. I won't spill all of the details yet, but we have... a haunted lighthouse, waterfalls, turquoise blue waters and charming small towns to explore! In our hometown, we get to see the sun set every night on the coast, but where we're going, we'll see the sun rise on the coast!

Can anyone else believe it's the last week of July? I can't believe how fast summer is going. It feels like it just started. I have a bucket list of things I have to do before summer 'kicks the bucket'. The list is... go camping, jump off something huge into water (that's brett's contribution, of course), go to Mackinac Island, take an overnight scooter trip, tube on a river, go swimming in an outdoor pool and swim in huge Lake Michigan waves in August. Only a month left really to accomplish it all. Eeps!

I have a new giveaway tomorrow and a video to debut soon! Remember the sneak peek at the drive-in post? Well, I just saw the video and it's super cute. I'm really excited to share soon. We also got our mastered recording back for our band... which means, I will have music to post next week! We are so excited to finally share our music with you guys. I have a fun launch post coming up soon and you can pre-order our EP if you're interested! More details to come!

Outfit details:

Floating Lanterns Print Dress c/o Shop Ruche
Bow Stopper belt c/o Le Mode Accessories
Urban Outfitters flats