The white boardwalk

Did you guys forget about me?!! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I haven't done a real post in so long. That was an unintentional blog break! Long story short, my luna green Beetle is no longer with us! We were on our way to a Tigers game and the engine ceased and it was going to cost over $3,500 to fix. So instead, we're selling it as is and bought myself a new car! I now have a 2011 Nissan Versa! I really love it so far, but it's been stressful getting my old car towed around, inspected by three different places and now trying to sell it. Last week was insanity.

Plus, my old phone kept giving me problem after problem, so I finally traded it in for an iPhone! I'm so excited! I absolutely love it so far. I think I'm most excited for Instagram. If you want, you can follow me! My name is selectivepotential! I haven't taken a photo yet, but plan on using it a ton! If you have any tips, let me know!

I've been trying to squeeze every moment out of summer that I can before it's gone! I've been so busy lately that it's been non-stop. I've only had my new car a week and I already have 600 miles on it. Isn't that nuts? Brett and I were able to head down to the beach the other night though and see the sunset. It was so pretty - the clouds were amazing. This dress from Stitched & Adorned was so fitting. I'd love to wear this to a cute festival!

Well, this week looks just as busy as I plan to leave for New York next Tuesday for fashion week! If you're going, definitely let me know! I'm for sure planning on the ModCloth Swap Party and the picnic in Central Park! Along with the FABB conference and attending a few FNO events! I'm so excited. It's going to be such a busy week but I'm going to love every second! Can't wait to see so many amazing friends again! If you can't make it to NYC this year, I'd definitely recommend signing up for INDIE. Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky and I are pouring ourselves into it again this year and I know it's going to be a ton of fun!

Outfit details:

Candy Land Dress c/o Stitched and Adorned
Garren heels c/o Blowfish Shoes