A Very Stylish Picnic

On our very last day in New York City, there was a picnic in Central Park hosted by a couple of wonderful bloggers! It was the perfect event for our last day in the city - fun and relaxing. I wore my new favorite dress along with my comfortable flats. I felt so wonderful walking through Central Park to meet up with the girls! The weather was perfect, I stopped for a homemade strawberry ice-cream and it was exactly what I needed after a few crazy nonstop days in the city!

All of the girls were so pretty and dressed so romantic! I always try to envision what I'll wear in what type of setting and it appears all of these girls did the same! Picnics must radiate a romanticism feeling! We all sat on blankets, ate desserts and fruit, took tons of pictures and watched as a swim team gave us a dance to raise money for their team. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of that! ;)

(Jasmine and myself)

(Veronika and I)

(Emily and I)

After the picnic in Central Park, a few of us headed out for dinner, which was so much fun. I loved just sitting with Jen and Jasmine giggling over things. It's so sad I only get to see these girls I love so much once a year or so! How amazing would it be to have them so close all the time?! It was the perfect way to say goodbye to so many good friends though - until next time!

(Hope and I)

Outfit details:

Early Reservations dress c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters black flats