Lake Superior

On our last night in the upper peninsula, we stayed close to the hotel by taking a walk down to Lake Superior and grabbing dinner there. It was a low-key, relaxing evening. The wind coming off the lake was insane though and my hair was everywhere! The photos ended up a bit dark, but I thought I'd post anyway because the ones of the water turned out really pretty. It was gorgeous... and you could see the Porcupine Mountains in the distance!

We ate dinner, bought snacks from the vending machine and spent the rest of the night in our hotel room watching movies! I was also in a winter mood (must be because it was so cold!) so I made a huge ModCloth wish list of items I want for winter. Window shopping and movie watching... two of my favorite things to wind down!

I hope you guys enjoyed my posts from our trip to the U.P.! I'm always excited when I get to share some adventure that we do together on the blog. I really need to get some of these photos blown up and framed and make a wall out of them. "Our adventures" or something fun. Maybe it'll be a winter project!

Outfit details:

Urban Outfitters chunky cardigan
Target red plaid
Urban Outfitters gray tank
Do you really want to skirt me in print c/o ModCloth
Betsey Johnson tights
Regal boots c/o Wanted