Jane By Design Style Challenge!

I was so excited when ABC Family contacted me for their Jane by Design style challenge! Jane by Design is a new TV show that premiered tonight and will air every Tuesday at 9 PM! For the challenge, they sent over a huge trunk filled with some crazy items. I had no idea what was in store until the emails started coming from Gray Chandler Murray of Donovan Decker and her assistant, Jane Quimby. It was a really fun challenge and I'm happy I was able to take part!

For the first challenge, we received an email from Gray asking us to take the gift card they sent us... and go shopping! The task was to shoot a video of our shopping haul. I tried to think of the most inspiring place... which, to me, is the newest Anthropologie that just went up in our town! I found the prettiest clips that I thought could be used in different ways to spice up an outfit. Here is my video. You can submit your own videos here if you'd like. Mention my blog name if you do!

For the 2nd challenge, Jane sent us an email asking us to post about our style icons. They gave us a blank white t-shirt and asked us to style it based on something our style icon would wear. Ever since I first started blogging, Betty from Le Blog de Betty has been a huge fashion inspiration to me. I took one of her recent outfits and easily recreated it using items from my own closet. In the challenge, they asked us to alter the shirt in some way... but in my personal opinion, you can never go wrong with a classic white tee.

For the third challenge, Jane asked us to post on our favorite purse and to explain why this purse conveys the essence of who we are. I instantly knew which purse I'd be posting on. I bought this purse two years ago. I saw it in a magazine spread and immediately fell in love. It's classic, structured and practical. It was less than $100, has tons of pockets and zippers to stay organized, a built-in wallet and it can stand up on its own. I wear it with almost every outfit! You can post about your favorite purse here - mention my blog name if you do!

For challenge number four, Jane asked us to take this holiday sweater and turn it from "fashion don't" into a "fashion do". Considering the ever-so-popular, ugly holiday sweater party... I decided to take it a step further and turn this vest into a ugly holiday sweater skirt. By cutting off the top half, pairing it with a top, scarf and chunky belt... you can wear this as a mini-skirt to to the party! And you'd probably be the only one with an ugly holiday skirt. Perfect, right? And right on trend at the party. Did you restyle an ugly holiday sweater? If so, share your styles here and mention my blog name!

For challenge number five, we were asked to style this white shirt in a day to night look. Our lives are so busy that sometimes we need to plan a quick and simple outfit change. For my day look, I paired the white top with a bright skirt, chunky cardigan, subtle jewelry and oxford heels. To switch it up for a nighttime look, I added a short little black dress, a bolder statement necklace and Mary Jane heels. Do you have any fun day-to-night looks? If so, share them here and mention my blog name!

For challenge number six, they gave us three bags of pretzels of all different shapes and sizes and asked us to get creative and make something that would amaze Gray. As most of you know, I'm always inspired by the places I'm going. So keeping this in mind, Brett and I created a cute pretzel necklace. We spray-painted it red, added a touch of glitter and linked it to a chain. I would totally wear this to Nautical Knots this summer. Have you made something fashionable from an unexpected item? If so, share here and mention my blog name if you do!

For our final challenge, we were asked to tune into the premiere of Jane by Design and to pay attention to the outfits worn during the show! Our task was to recreate an outfit we saw and observed... since fashion really is about observing and taking inspiration from what we see. I chose the outfit that Jane wore to her interview at Donovan Decker. She wore a tulle-like layered black skirt, white printed blouse with lips, patent shiny heels, black opaque tights, a bold statement belt and a few arm accessories. I went searching online and recreated the look! Although she had a funky print top... her main statement was in the belt she made. In my outfit I recreated, I chose a stand-out belt, paired with a similar color top and black details. Have any "get the look" tips? Share them here and mention my blog name if you do!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the Jane by Design style challenge! It was a lot of fun... and thanks to ABC Family for having me take part. I absolutely loved the first episode tonight and can't wait to continue watching the series! Be sure to tune in on Tuesday nights at 9 PM on ABC Family! You can also keep up-to-date on what's happening on their Twitter and Facebook.

*I was not compensated to take part in this challenge. The only money gifted was a $50 gift card for challenge number one.