Apple blossoms

When Brett and I saw the apple orchards were blooming, it was almost too good to be true. Like... a Selective Potential heaven. On the south side of the road, the pink trees were blooming. On the north side, the white trees were blooming. So naturally, I planned outfits for both! I've been here before actually, in this very same field picking apples a couple of autumns ago. It's so amazing how different a place can look in each season. So pretty.

I got this dress last autumn in hopes to wear it to the apple orchard. But with it being a peach color, I just could never get myself to wear it when the trees were all orange and red! So with spring apple blossoms, this dress couldn't be more perfect. It's so romantic! Plus, I love the apple print. Of course, I also wore an apple print skirt in this very same field. Am I too predictable or what? At least I'm consistent...?

It was pretty crazy looking at these photos and realizing I'm not a blonde anymore! I know I haven't been for a while, but this is crazy. My stylist cut out the last few blonde pieces a couple of months ago, but my hair looks so dark in these photos. I love having my complete natural color because it's so much more healthy and maintenance-free, but I'm definitely itching to lighten it up for spring. I'm such a chicken though when it comes to hair, so I probably won't do a thing. Haha!

Any plans for the upcoming weekend? We have band practice tomorrow night. We're done writing three new songs... and working on a fourth! I'm super excited and loving the new stuff. Saturday, I'm hoping to head out to Kalamazoo for the day. There's something I've wanted to do there for a long time... and then there's a band playing that night so it kind of works out perfect. I'll share next week, of course!

Outfit details:

Lily Boutique Apple a day dress
Talking Picture flat c/o ModCloth