The pink trees

This year, spring is coming dangerously close to becoming my new autumn. I would compare what we're going through right now to my Peak of Autumn post I did last fall. We're right in the middle of this perfect season. The sunshine, blooming trees, yards filled with pink petals, warm breezes. I'm pretty much in heaven. I love so much dressing to fit my surroundings. I hope I did this setting some justice. It was breathtakingly pretty.

I've had this skirt for a couple of years now. I wore it two springs ago in my post, Lovers Lane. Sometimes I find it so hard to believe I've been blogging for as long as I have. I'm still always so proud of my past posts too and always look to them for inspiration for upcoming seasons. I just planned all of my April posts today and I'm so excited. It's going to be a fun month on the blog filled with spring, April showers and fun spots around Michigan. I also have a bedroom and blog studio tour planned!

I bought this top so long ago now! I do this all the time. I buy items in the wrong season and then hoard them until I find the perfect moment to wear it. Believe me, I'm already hoarding autumn items I know will look perfect against the changing leaves. I'm excited to start wearing more spring/summer clothes though. Throwing on a dress and some flats and hopping on our scooters is pretty much perfection.

After living in the city for about a month now, I'm definitely missing our little beach town. It was just filled with pretty scenery from Lake Michigan, to overgrown fields, forgotten barns and our historic lighthouse. So, I'm really happy this apple orchard is in our new town. I thought living here would give my blog an urban edge, but I'm really just a nature girl at heart. This orchard makes me feel a little bit more at home.

Outfit details:

ModCloth Cousin Clothing Swap top
Making me Blush skirt c/o ModCloth
ModCloth Make the Cutout heel