The tulip rows

Whoa, we're a month ahead of schedule in spring-land here in Michigan! Usually we visit the tulip fields in May for Tulip Time, but I heard a rumor they bloomed early... so we drove out to Holland to see the flowers! We got to Windmill Island and it was closed, so of course we snuck in to grab some photos. It was breathtakingly pretty, especially being there alone with nobody around. This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. You can't be unhappy when you're surrounded by sunlight and tulips, right?

I found this pretty vintage dress at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago! I was so surprised to find such a high-quality dress in this little run down shop. It's in perfect condition! Brett was like, "Are you sure all of this matches?" And I'm like, "I don't care... I'm going to wear every color I'm loving right now!" Orange, mustard, mint, coral. Anything goes in a field of color right?

We came here two years ago (my first spring blogging!) and took photos here for my post, Windmill Island. Last year, I decided to mix it up a bit with my post at Veldheer's Tulip Gardens. I'm going to have a whole collage of outfits in tulip fields eventually. It's a must I come here every spring!

The windmill on the island is 245 years old and is the only authentic, working Dutch windmill in the United States. Pretty awesome, right? The windmill was shipped from the Netherlands to the port of Muskegon, Michigan (my hometown!) and it was set up on this island in 1964!

Well this weekend is totally up in the air right now... we may be heading to NYC and we might not be. I'm waiting to hear back on the billboard and when it's supposed to go up... good thing we're spontaneous! All I know is that I have a ton of plans that are coming up that I'm super excited for. Playing in my band, carnivals, good bands playing in town and the thought of summer coming up. I'm planning on being on my scooter constantly and doing something crazy everyday.

Outfit details:

Vintage dress
Bow Stopper belt c/o Le Mode Accessories
ModCloth Daylight Cravings sunglasses
BC Footwear Scowl wedges