It was all yellow

It was hot this past weekend in Michigan! I was all about cotton dresses. I actually scored this dress at the Texas Style Council Conference clothing swap last March. I lost the tag though, so if you know who owned this dress before I did, let me know! I always love seeing how different bloggers style the same article of clothing. This dress was so easy to wear too. Of course, I love my floral prints, cut-out details and accents of red.

I keep thinking about how my blog is probably going to change a bit this summer and I'm okay with that. I've had such a "Michigan" focus on my blog for so long. I'm guessing I won't be taking as many trips and excursions this summer and I'm actually happy about that. I'm ready to explore this city more, take time off from traveling to and from places for blog posts and ready to get creative in other ways. Not to say I won't be taking a few fun trips this summer though!

Also, my band is playing our last show in Ravenna, Michigan on Saturday, June 2nd if you're in the area! We're playing a show called Fest, Fest and we're playing quite early in the day... 4:35 p.m., I believe? I'm a bit sad to be saying goodbye to Circle Maybe, but it was so much fun while it lasted. I have plans now to continue music with other friends. Hopefully something a bit more folky or acoustic-ish. I will, of course, keep you guys tuned!

Outfit details:

Swapped Forever 21 floral dress
Naked flats c/o Blowfish Shoes