Skincare routine

I've been getting skincare routine requests lately, so I thought I'd give you an updated look since my last post. I've pretty much stuck to the same routine. I'm a huge Clinique gal. To be honest, I've never had major issues with my skin. I mean, I get the occasional blemish, but I'm really lucky to have an overall clear complexion. My biggest problem is dry skin, especially with winters in Michigan. I swear all of the moisture is just sucked out as soon as December hits! But usually, I stick with a pretty basic and easy routine.

Clinique New Clarifying Lotion 2: This is my all-time favorite product. If I use this twice a day - once in the morning and once at night, my skin tone is much more even. It really does help prevent breakouts. Just use with a cotton ball and swipe over face and neck. This product is good for dry combination. There are others you can get for your specific skin type.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Mild): I always use this at night before bed. This specific product is good for all skin types.

Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel: I love this for when I do have a spot that I need to heal quickly. Usually if I put it on, I'll wake up the next morning to something more manageable I can cover with makeup.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover: I absolutely love using this product for when I don't feel like washing my face before bed - ha! It quickly takes off makeup and I've never broken out from using it.

Hope that helps! I'll be posting on my makeup routine soon too!