Winter orchards

Sundays are always my favorite day to catch up from the week, and to prepare for the next. I always save my grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and planning for today. Plus, I usually end up on the couch with Eric watching movies and ordering food in. Glorious! As of right now, my outfit is planned for tomorrow, my lunch is packed and I'm ready for a new week. I'm so excited it's the last weekend of January. I feel like February is much more fun, and usually the last full one of winter. I need to make sure I post all of my final winter ideas... and I have a fun week planned for Valentine's Day! I'm looking forward to all of it.

This dress is so "Tieka" and definitely a closet staple. Of course, I'm in love with florals and sleeved dresses, but this print is especially perfect to me. I felt so excited today when Eric and I were grocery shopping. A girl came up to me and said she loved my entire outfit and asked where I shopped. I'm so glad I had a couple of business cards on me! She totally made my day. After grocery shopping, Eric and I stopped to the orchards to snap a few photos. It wasn't brutally cold today, but the snow is definitely sticking around!

I'll be having two giveaways this week to catch up from last week and some more outfit posting! I need to wrap up all of my January goals. It looks like I'll be heading to NYFW this year thanks to Hanes Hosiery! They are helping me out with travel costs. It will be a very quick trip, but I'm excited to attend a couple of shows + catch up with some lovely ladies! I'm also hoping to do a fun weekend soon with Eric somewhere. I've hit my goal for the month on WW, so I told myself if I did that, we could take a little getaway weekend! Yay! Anyway, I'll be back lots this week! See you soon. ;)

Outfit details:

Charlotte's Garden Party Floral Dress c/o Kintage
Thrifted blazer
Forever21 hat
J. Crew tights
Regal boots c/o Wanted