Lincoln Center

On our last day in NYC, we headed to Lincoln Center so I could see the Lela Rose show! I was thrilled to be invited to attend. It was my first time inside to see a show! We had to quickly get there and back to the hotel because our flight was leaving at 2pm, but I'm really glad I made it out. Eric and I snapped a few quick photos outside, grabbed some breakfast at Starbucks and called it a successful trip to NYC! I went pretty comfortable this whole weekend. At least the sunshine was outside this day and I could wear heels. I decided to try something new with these striped pants from StyleMint. I was so inspired  by how Mary-Kate and Ashley styled them up, so I dressed them up a bit with a dark lip, studded heels and a blazer!

As Eric was snapping my picture, two other guys came up to take some shots and I didn't know what to do! Haha! But one of them was super nice and offered to take my picture with Eric, so we actually got one of the both of us! It was awesome traveling with him. I would have been lost that weekend without him helping with photos, handling our luggage through the subway and navigating everything. Plus he makes every situation 1000x more fun and was a hit with everyone we met. It's so nice having a more social boyfriend because sometimes I'm honestly not that social and he forces me to get out of my box. I love that about him.

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Outfit details:

Tribeca Pant c/o StyleMint
Thrifted blazer
H&M sunglasses
Heels c/o Juicy Couture