Dining room tour

A couple of months ago, I did an entryway tour of my apartment. Today, I'm showing you the room as you come out of the entryway... the dining room! Our apartment has a really open floor plan downstairs. You walk out of the entryway into this room, and you have a perfect view of the kitchen. When you're standing in the kitchen, you have a perfect view of the living room. It's great for cooking, because I can still hang out with Eric if he's watching TV. It'll be nice for entertaining someday when I have guests over. Ha! I've been a slacker in that department lately. I just wanted to get this place somewhat finished before anyone saw the insane mess!

I received these birch tree decals from Urban Walls a few months back. Since we can't paint anything like this on the wall, the decals were a great substitute. They'll peel right off when we move out someday. I actually really liked the way they ended up looking on the mint wall too. They turned out pretty good, but they were really hard to put up. It's like a three-man, ladder type of job. And after they were put up, I spent days (weeks!) rolling over them with a rolling pin to straighten them out. We had to eventually put double-sided tape on the branches that kept falling over. But I'd definitely recommend these to apartment-dwellers that can't paint for a fun decoration! I wouldn't expect these to stay permanently.

A pattern I've noticed with my style in home decor is that I like to mix old things, with new things. I picked up this blue table at a vintage mall about a year ago. I fell in love immediately. It's totally falling apart and is probably painted with lead paint, but it looks so perfect. The blue color is my favorite! I switched out the knob to an Anthropologie one. I try not to store much on the table because even if someone leans on it, I freak out. Haha! The dining table and chairs were a pretty low-cost combination from IKEA. I wanted a big enough table for 8 people to eat at, and it ended up filling up the space really well. 

This is Winny's favorite rug, I swear. She's constantly chewing her toys here and as soon as she comes in from outside, she goes and lays down on it. This was also a really inexpensive purchase from IKEA. I wanted a statement rug, but honestly couldn't afford a ton at the time. I just wanted to fill this place as fast as I could. It was so empty! For the longest time, this room sat empty... and then it was a dumping grounds for old couches, arm chairs and bookshelves. Although we rarely sit and eat at the table (we love watching TV shows and movies while eating!) it'll be a great space to have friends over for a fun dinner party. Hope you enjoyed! I'll be back soon with the living room space, especially our new gallery wall! xo

Apartment details:

Urban Walls Birch Tree Decals
IKEA BJURSTA Expendable Table
IKEA Jars, Placemats, Candles, Flowers
Vintage Milk Jug Vase
Vintage Table
ModCloth Latch Stop Key Tray