March in Instagram

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Goodbye March, hello April! Next week starts a new month and of course, per usual, I'm excited. In March we usually average some type of spring-like weather, oh no. This past month was full-on winter. Yuck! I'm hoping for April showers to bring those May flowers! But no matter what, I'm content. We're SO close! I think the world knew I needed more time before warm weather. Ha! Thanks, world. This past month I've really gotten into some great routines. I've been eating really healthy, gave up nail-biting, and I'm really close to giving up pop. I got back into a great schedule with WW, and I've started Zumba classes 3x a week. I have so much fun in them. I have a permanent smile and it's one of my favorite things to do during the weekdays. We made more progress on our apartment and I'm confident to say I'm "done" until I buy a house someday (hopefully soon)! 

  • I've been doing great with eating healthy! Lots of greens, salads and juicing!
  • I finally filled all of the frames in my apartment that were empty for the past year. This one next to my bed makes me happy.
  • Eric and I pretty much finished our gallery wall. I still want to add a couple of frames. It's one of those never-ending projects.
  • Winny pup is still as crazy as ever. This is one of her rare, calm moments.
  • I've been doing Zumba and running 4-5x a week! (yes, I'm exhausted, ha!)
  • I bought a Weight Watchers cookbook and have been trying my hand at healthy-cooking.
  • I haven't chewed my nails in weeks!
  • Eric made a guest appearance drumming at a country acoustic show we attended for friends.
  • And we got our chalkboard up and living room mostly finished in the apartment. So fun!

In April, I have all of my goals planned out and I'm so excited to kick some serious butt. I can't wait for our first warm spring day so I can totally turn our apartment upside down and scrub it, I want to continue working at my Move Until May challenge, pay off a credit card, schedule a manicure in celebration of one month of not biting my nails, continue Zumba classes and hopefully reach a certain goal weight that I have planned! Let's go April!