Spring Featured Blogger

For my spring featured blogger, I chose Signe of Signeroo. Some of you might have guessed it when I totally copied one of her outfits recently. Ha! I fell in love with Signe this "past" winter (it's still 22 degrees here!), and I've been hooked ever since. Her style is so inspiring. It's simple, feminine, romantic and so well put-together. I'd really love for my style to evolve to something similar, so she's been a huge inspiration! She's the sweetest southern gal from Texas and I love catching up on her life with Chad and Gertie. Be sure to read more below to learn about Signe and check out her amazing blog!

1. When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in October of 2012 (I know, I know. I'm a newbie!) It is something I had wanted to do for so long, but I suppose dragging my feet just seemed easier. And finally, with my husband’s sweet encouragement, I made the swan dive into the blogging world. And I can't say I'm sorry he nudged me (hard) in that direction. I was a fashion merchandising major in college, and after I graduated a few years ago and started a nine to five corporate job, I haven't had a way to quench my “creative outlet” juices. Signeroo has been such a fun way to do just that, while hopefully sharing a little inspiration at the same time.

2. Tell us a little bit about your blog!

Signeroo is a fashion and lifestyle blog. It's full of sarcastic remarks, funny stories, a lot of love for my new husband and our puppy, and of course...fashion. Since we are young newlyweds, we don't have the budget to support a fancy closet. But to be honest, I'm okay with that. I love the special pieces you get from time to time that are expensive and that you know you will treasure. But even more, I love the non expensive pieces that you can pair with lots of outfits, throw into a bag and not feel bad about, toss out after one season...you get the picture. I didn't really mean for my blog to be about "affordable fashion" per se, but more or less just tried to share who I am and what I wear. And I guess I just so happen to be a girl looking for a good deal. No. I honestly just love sharing my outfits with more than my husband and my poor office mate. They are sometimes the only two people who see me all day. And I can't walk around Walmart looking for a "Girrrrl, where'd you get that shirt?!" comment to make my day. So that is how my blog was born.

3. Where do you get inspiration for your (adorable) outfits?

I really like to find my inspiration everywhere. On the streets. In magazines. On Instagram and Pinterest. It just depends where my wandering eye lands and has that "aha" moment. To be honest, I like to stick to my "style", so I really just wear what I find interesting.  I know this is so dorky, but I tend to lie in bed and filter through my closet in my mind to come up with fun, new outfit options. Inspiration begets inspiration, I suppose.

4. Describe your style in five words.

Gosh, these are always the hardest questions. How can I really describe myself? My style has changed as I have aged. I went through a hippie stage in college and now find myself wearing lace, tulle & polka dots. I will say it changes with seasons, as well. More classic and comfy in the winter...turning more bohemian in the spring and summer. Or, okay, fine. I could just answer your question in 5 words:  Effortless, Romantic, Eclectic, Bohemian, Vintage

5. How did you and your husband, Chad, meet?

Oh, how I love this story. Do you have an hour? No? Well, I will shorten this sweet novel into a tiny paragraph. Chad was living in LA and I in Dallas. He was hired by the company I worked for to guide one of the camping trips (which I happened to be guiding as well) up in the smoky mountains of Tennessee. The first time I met him, he towered over me at 6'5'', and was wearing a basketball jersey and swimsuit bottoms. His toned arms were covered in freckles and his hair was definitely in the "red" family. Not exactly love at first sight. But boy, was he handsome.

We crushed on each other and flirted throughout the trip, but it was the love letters and treasures he sent me after that won me over. He flew from LA all the way to Texas a month later to take me out on a date (which turned into a week long road trip from Texas to Arkansas to meet each other’s parents). I flew to LA for romantic getaways. And the love letters kept coming. And finally? He moved to Texas. And he sealed the deal with a sparkly ring Christmas of 2012.

6. Tell us about Gertie!

Oh, Gertie girl. What a girl she is. Where do I begin? She is a Hungarian Vizsla, and is about 5 months old.  She was the runt of the litter, so we thought we would be getting the "docile" one...but lo and behold, she is one spunky ginger! They call Vizsla's a velcro dog, because they love to be next to their masters. And they do! She has to be near Chad and I every single second of the day. She loves to run and play. Chew anything. And everything. And get into as much trouble as humanly possible. And even though sometimes we don't like to admit it, (like when she chews a favorite pair of shoes) we love her to pieces.

7. What do you love most about your small town in Texas?

If you've ever been to a small town in Texas, you'll know what I’m talking about. There is nothing like it. From our little bungalow, we can walk down to the square and eat a steaming homemade breakfast. Window shop at the antique stores or trendy boutiques (Fun fact. Bloom, owned by Kendi from Kendi Everyday is on our square. And yes, she's just as pretty in person.) On Saturdays, we can walk over to the farmers market for fresh fruit, honey, bread and veggies. There is a local feed store owned by a few good ol boys in their ten-gallon hats that we like to visit in the spring when the baby chicks make their first appearance. And just a short drive away, are the backcountry roads of Texas. And there is nothing like a Texas sunset in the big open sky, on a Texas back road. Trust me on that, y'all. As my father in law would say, life in small town Texas is just honeysuckle sweet.

8. What would your perfect day look like?

The perfect day. I would say the perfect day would be a warm summer day in Texas. All of the flowers have bloomed, and a slight breeze is in the air. The morning would start with a nice long walk around the neighborhood with the husband and Gertie. Breakfast down on the square {on a perfect day that means a calorie free giant cinnamon roll with homemade cream cheese frosting. But if it comes with calories, I’ll eat it anyway}. After breakfast, I'd like to get lost in a book on a hammock in the backyard and slowly drift into a deep sleep. When I wake up, I want it to be to the smell of hamburgers cooking in the backyard and the laughter of my family. Followed up by a summer bbq, and ending with a banana popsicle on the front porch swing while the sun goes down. Can I get an Amen?

9. Favorite food?

My favorite food is honestly anything with sugar in it. I have such a sweet tooth! I can't lie! I have to answer truthfully here and say skittles. I wish I could say something cool like "ratatouille" or "sushi" or something. Nope. Skittles. Time to grow up?

10. Any tips for new bloggers starting out?

This is going to sound cliché, but just be you! Sometimes the blog world is overwhelming because you see all of these amazing blogs or creative ideas or whatever it may be that makes you feel a little smaller in the already giant world of blogging. But honestly, your voice is the only one that should matter to you. I think sometimes people lose themselves, and that's when their blogs become a little confusing. Just be true to who you are! I'm going to go nerdy here and quote one of my favorites from Alice In Wonderland. Daisy: “What kind of garden do you come from?” Alice: “Oh, I don’t come from any garden.” Daisy: “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?”  I love this quote, and like to think of myself as a wildflower in a sea of generic flowers.  Isn’t it more fun to be a wildflower? Set apart from everyone else? Yeah, I thought so. Be consistent. And be you. Don't be a cookie cutter. That’s what makes you interesting!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Signe a little bit more. Be sure to head over to her blog and follow along! You can also keep up with her on Twitter and Facebook.