Longest winter ever

So while we're going for the "longest winter ever" record, I might as well go for the "shortest post ever" record. I'm starting to feel like I can't remember my life before winter. That's how sad this is. I'm so burnt out on this season. While tomorrow we "welcome" a new one, we'll get another dumping of snow here in Michigan. Anyway, I'm going to make this really short. I feel like all I do anymore is go to work, diet, cook, exercise, paint my nails, do my skincare routine, and go to bed exhausted. I've been cooking insanely healthy meals lately and juicing during lunches to get back into the WW routine. I'm also doing a #MoveUntilMay challenge that is killing me already, but I'm so excited to see results. I paint my nails almost every day and I haven't chewed them off in weeks. I'm so excited. Those are the biggest goals/things going on right now. Everything else is normal - and good! I'm just ready for spring.

Outfit details:

Alexa Flora Jeans c/o Onze Boutique
Ruche Nicola Chiffon blouse
Urban Outfitters belt
Ruche Loxley Mary Jane wedges