April showers

Happy April showers! To be honest, I'm totally loving the rain. It can rain all month long for all I care, as long as it brings May flowers. I love sitting at work and the whole office gets so dark (we have tons of large windows overlooking the city) and you see crazy lightning and rain outside. I'm all about seasons (even winter) as long as they stay in their respective months. You never know with Michigan though! This time last year I was standing in a giant field of tulips taking photos. So nuts!

I'm really excited for some changes around here soon! I saw a peek at my new blog design today and I'm looking forward to a big change. I've decided that while I do love my current layout, it's my early '20s layout. Now I'm heading to 27 (eep!) in July and I just need my overall brand to "grow up" a little bit. I'll still be posting on primarily the same stuff (corny, cutesy crap) but I'm excited to move forward. I signed up for a photography lighting course, and am ordering a new lens soon. I really want to dive more into photography. And not only with equipment and camera gear/knowledge, but with composition and different types of photos. I'm just ready for a new and improved SP!

I got this jacket from ModCloth last fall and I love the way it looks. But I hate hate hate this zipper. It gave me problems all last fall with getting stuck. I would literally get stuck in the jacket and had to cut myself out of it with scissors a couple of times. Ha! Now the zipper is permanently stuck, and the only way I can take this jacket on/off is by pulling it over my head. I look pretty ridiculous, but I like how it looks nevertheless. The material is perfect for this drizzly type of weather. Plus, for the rain, I'm able to bust out my new rain boots from Lalamagic! Aren't these too cute? Even the bow is plastic, so I can splash in whatever puddle I want and my feet stay perfectly dry.

Outfit details:

A Walk in the Parka coat c/o ModCloth
T.J. Maxx tights
Beauty in the Rain rainboots c/o Lalamagic