On Easter, Eric and I headed over to his parent's house for brunch with his family. I really wanted to wear this dress with no tights, but our weather just isn't there yet. We had french toast sandwiches, green bean casserole, quiche and the best carrot cake. I tried super hard to moderate portions and stay away from the giant Easter basket we received. Eric was pretty bummed he had to share, but thankfully for him I'm on a pretty strict diet. Ha! After our afternoon there, we went to a show and got the scooter started up! It's way too cold to ride it leisurely yet though.

I loved the colors of this outfit, but next time I'd either go for a chunkier belt or at least pull this belt down to match the line in the dress. Haha! This dress is so comfortable and pretty though. It also has a low-swoop back. I have another idea of when to wear it and I can't wait! This is the second piece of jewelry I'm styling up for iSanctuary. Be sure to head over to their website and read about their cause!

I'm almost to a month of not biting my nails! I don't remember the exact date, but on March 4th I was talking about how I was trying to paint my nails to avoid biting. So if I can hit April 4th (so easy, we're almost there!) I'm scheduling an appointment to get a manicure. I'm really excited to finally go and have someone work on real nails. Ha! I always feel like a dummy getting a manicure when they are chewed completely down. I can't believe I made it a month... and I honestly can't imagine going back to biting. I'm going to do a post soon on all of the tips and tricks I've learned this past month.

Outfit details:

Birthday Party Lavender Lace Dress c/o LuLu*s party
Mustard cardigan c/o AGAR
iSanctuary Aegean Gold Amber Necklace
Target tights
Shoes gift from Tick Tock Vintage